Scott Israel Running Again For Sheriff


Scott Israel is running for sheriff again.

Scott Israel

Israel sent supporters an e-mail announcing his candidacy and said he will start a website scottisraelforhseriff2012 soon.

Israel won a tough Democratic primary in 2008.  He was beaten in the general by Sheriff Al Lamberti.

A lot is working against Lamberti.

Some believe Lamberti lost his biggest campaign supporter when scamster Scott Rothstein went to jail.  Rothstein poured thousands into the Lamberti campaign. Campaign guru Roger Stone, who had an office in Rothstein’s law firm, helped Lamberti from the shadows.

The campaign help was totally legal at the time because Rothstein was running a legitimate law firm.  His Ponzi scheme was not known yet.  Still, watch for any Democratic candidate including Israel to smear Lamberti due to the Rothstein connection.

Lamberti will also be running –if he runs and that’s a big “if” — as a Republican in a heavily Democratic county.  He will be running in a year when the Democratic turnout will be pumped up by Barack Obama’s grass roots organization.

Working for Lamberti is his ability to get free media attention at any time.  He also has an image as a tireless, professional police administrator who is largely non-political.

On the other hand, support for Israel is lukewarm at best.  Democratic activists would love a new, fresh face for sheriff.  None has surfaced yet.

Here is my personal tip to Scott:  Lose your entourage of muscle-bound cops who surround you at campaign appearances.  It makes you look like a Mafia Don with his bodyguards.

Here is the e-mail:

— Forwarded Message —–
Sent: Thu, 05 May 2011 20:06:48 -0000 (UTC)
Subject: Exciting announcement!

Dear Friends:

Thanks to the encouragement and support of so many of you, I’m excited to announce that today I filed the paperwork to become a Democratic candidate for Broward County Sheriff.  As you know, in 2008 we came extremely close to achieving this goal.  This time, we will make it happen.  There is too much at stake for our community.

Broward County is at a crossroads.  Corruption is on the front page of our papers every day.  We need a new direction.  I have the integrity, law enforcement command experience and administrative skills to lead one of the largest law enforcement and public safety agencies in our nation.

But I can’t do it without you.  In the coming months we’ll be asking you for your assistance and ultimately your votes.  I hope you’ll choose to be a part of our team to help create a better direction for Broward County .

Our campaign website will be up and running very shortly, however in the meantime you can find me on facebook at  As always, you can call me anytime at 954-682-2266 or email me at



35 Responses to “Scott Israel Running Again For Sheriff”

  1. Ann says:

    I really don’t ask for a voter ID card when I call law enforcement.

    Sheriff Lamberti has done a great job of restoring integrity to the BSO.

  2. DeathFrog3 says:

    Scott couldn’t win an election when a record number of Dems turned out for Obama. This was before the Tea Party has taken hold. Since then a Rep has won a county commission seat and the US Rep seat.

    The other part of the story is Scott Rothstein gave money to Israel also.

    I do think we need a different Sheriff but Israel isn’t it.

    I hope a judge will throw his name into the ring. Charlie Greene, Elijah Williams, hell even Ilona Holmes. I would also consider a former city manager / strong mayor. Someone who can deal with the politics of the job as well as the different areas of responsibility.

    BSO is NOT a police department. It’s a police department, jail, fire department, dcf investigators, and probation departments. This needs someone who can identify talent to run each of these areas of responsibility. Someone who can have a good relationship with the county commission and has the respect of the contract cities.


    Good points throughout.

    A retired judge, but not too old, would make a great candidate. However, never forget that being sheriff is mostly an administrative job. A city manager might have better experience or a retired federal administrator.

  3. Broward Beat Editor says:

    Buddy, Israel was beaten in the general by Lamberti. Small editing error.


    Right you are. Thanks a lot. You are the kind of editor I can live with.

    Now let me tell you about some at the Sun-Sentinel….

  4. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    What is this that Sherif Lamberti has done a great job. Are you kidding me, Yosemite Sam could beat him in the next election. from taking his kid to the Super-Bowl, then to tring like hell to down playin it. to disrespecting his rank and file(what do you care if they have exposed tatoos). And then the steriod cover-up. and lastly to him and his administration being cozy w/ the scammer, snitch, Rothstein. Anybody, anyone can and will beat Lamberti. So what if the Gov.Goober endorses him.Run Mr.Israel, run.

  5. why would anyone want it says:

    First of all besides Butterworth, name one person that has held that office that their career was advanced by being Sheriff?

    Why would someone of the wealth of Judge Greene even risk resigning to run. Holmes or Elijah? Again, no judge is going to risk their almost guaranteed current position for the risk of losing an election and their Judgeship having to resign to run.

    Secondly, an ex Judge or Lawyer or even a business person (you know, to run it like a business) is never going to receive level of respect and loyalty from LEO’s. Cops stick with cops and everyone else is an outsider. Many of Jenne’s problems came because he trusted the hierarchy of LEO’s he put in place aka the Irish mafia, that did whatever they felt like, covered things up and then yessed him to death.

    Thirdly, BSO is really to large to be run by only one person. Back to my second point a Sheriff ends up being way to reliant on those as history has shown us at BSO, that are quick to take what they can out of that office, the office be dammed.

    Fourthly, the job is quicksand, as soon as you win everyone is out there to pull you down and if they cant get you, at BSO its usually even money they can get someone on the payroll.

    I will take Israel of Granteed any day of the week. I hear this guys IA file at Hollywood PD looks like the New York City phonebook.

    Its unfortunate there is not an ASA or AUSA out there with credibility with LEO’s and the ability to play politics that could run.

  6. Small Potatoes says:

    Buddy, what is truly wrong with Israel surrounding himself with in-shape cops? He’s a fitness person too. Why shouldn’t he surround himself with warriors, not the pansies that Lamberti surrounds himself with.


    Politics is the art of perception. The perception of average people I’ve talked to is that his entourage looks scary. What works in the gym or the police headquarters doesn’t necessarily work when trolling for votes.

  7. Small Potatoes says:

    Deathfrog, what the reality is with BSO is we sorely need a law enforcement professional to run this place. Jenne built BSO for himself. I say we need to jetison the fire department, DCF, probation, etc. and get back to our roots of being a sheriff’s department. Period! Israel is the best person for the job. Have you met and talked to him face to face? Let me know if you want to meet him. I’d love to introduce you and you can ask him the tough questions you like. I’m awaiting a response from you.


    Just playing the devil’s advocate, but isn’t Lamberti “a law enforcement professional?”

  8. S.O.B. says:

    Again, over and over there is a mixup in the job & duties of Sheriff. Looks like the major duty is that of a MANAGER of a large diverse (political) operation. Most lawyers are not versed in distributed management. Same for a judge, what budget did they make? what hiring did they do? Oh yeah forgot gardener & pool guy at home… it is not the job for a certified LEO, in most cases. look at the largest departments they have a civilian Police Commissioner. But good luck to all of the candidates, more choices, more discussion, better BSO leaaer.

  9. DeathFrog3 says:

    I know Scott. He is not the answer for BSO. I am not going to turn this into political debate for all of the reasons he is not the answer.

    I provide my opinion without political motivation.

    There are many people who comment and Astro Turf. Those who pretend to be disinterested when they really have a dog in the fight.

    The comment about Granteed’s IA file is obviously someone from Granteed’s campaign. I don’t know Granteed but Scarberry who is Israel’s partner should provide some insight into Granteed.

  10. Dancing at Wynmoor says:

    Perhaps that Lamberti can be beat, but when I read that Israel was at it again I rolled on the floor laughing for 15 minutes.
    Rodger Stone filleted him last go around. This time it will be a matter of photocopying Stone’s notes from the last election.
    The Obama factor is a mirage. It should be called the under vote factor. Do you know how many people walked in the booth, stroked Obama and walked out? Tons.
    Well, perhaps Israel’s team will give me another Israeli flag at the Wynmoor poling location this time (Oy Vey!).
    No harm in pandering, but the vast majority of indies who will control the next election aren’t voting for Israel or Obama.
    It will be Lamberti’s to lose.

  11. Entourage says:

    The only member of Israel’s entourage that turned people off was just stern. Ask wiaher, Castillo and the other of her losing candidates since 2008 how the albatross of Judy stern sunk them.

  12. No to Israel Again says:

    Israel has his chance and couldn’t win. He is not qualified, he is full of himself and has a horrid reputation. Granteed is highly qualified and clearly has huge support in the BSO and community. I hear he will be officially out soon and has a terrific Campaign Manager. I heard him speak and he is a strong candidate with must more creditability than Israel.

  13. Froggy Response says:

    It would be nice is political candidates could run on their own records and stop with the personal attacks. This Israel is always attacking Sheriff Lamberti and Hollywood Chief Granteed. It just shows a persons lack of leadership, ethics and character. I think Lamberti has big problems and Hollywood Granteed seems to be very astute and has excellent credentials. Everyone I talk to says Granteed is the new face and has the support to win. He is very positive and never talks negative about anyone. It is refreshing for a Candidate to display the right qualities for a change. Best of luck. I will be supporting Chief Granteed.

  14. Left Hold'n the Bag says:

    The over/under is 27 for the next Israel campaign. This number is based on the number of local attorneys which were told by an Israel sidekick that if they held a fund raiser and collected loads of cash they would get the General Counsel gig. The sidekick did not foresee that eventually the attorneys would end up in the same room speaking about the business there were each going to get from Israel as sheriff. Oops!

  15. Whats in the bag says:

    could it be chicken?

  16. Ralph Behr says:

    Is there any support for Ilona Holmes, a circuit court judge here in the 17th, to run for Sheriff?

  17. Barry Sacharow says:

    Among those who will be running for te job is Hollywood’s Assistant Chief of Police, Louie Granteed who is well qualified, honest and may be the best Democratic Candidate in many years. Louie is also very popular among police, one of their own, if you will. This year the Sherrif’s position in Broward County will be a hard fought race and if you are handicapping, Louie Granteed is well worth betting on!

  18. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Israel is not a good person. He mislead people into thinking he was Jewish when he wasn’t. He had a horrible past history of questionable behavior in his past police departments. He showed he would do anything to win, a bad mentality for public office is a privilege and campaigns shouldn’t be run with such a reckless abandon.

    Commish Castillo, you’re the best, but Stone Cold is beggin’ you to stay away from this guy this time. You’re much better and higher class than Scott Israel.

  19. I'm a blue bird says:

    Granted has been fishing for ages already. It’s time for him to shit or get off the pot already!

  20. Howie says:

    Has anybody considered John Gillies, SAC of the FBI Miami. I believe he is old enough to retire and he has administrative and law enforcement experience that can not be matched.

  21. Nucky Thompson says:

    Has anyone considered veteran comedian Jackie Mason ? Since the BSO is a laughing stock anyway we might as well have a professional in charge.

  22. ontheequator says:

    A retired judge? How about Larry Seidlin …. oops! I’m laughing so hard I can’t finish this message!!!!

  23. Anonomyte says:

    Very good Nucky!

  24. Froggy Response says:

    It is clear Hollywood Chief Granteed is very smart as far as the political process. He definitely is a highly qualified candidate with enormous support. It’s not “shit or get off the pot”, it’s called being an excelent strategist. He may not be a politician, but your remarks only highlight that he knows the political side of winning an election. He has worked with the PBA for years on campaigns. I don’t think Israel can beat him. It’s a different time and he is a new face candidate that creates interest and excitement, which is something needed in Broward. I did support Israel last time, but I truly believe Chief Granteed has what it takes this time and will win. He will get my vote. Plus,during and after the last election Israel and his poll workers were very rude and tried to intimidate voters. This is America…. people vote for who they want and nobody appreciated the arrogance and muscle head enforcers…

  25. Wayne Arnold says:

    “Why would anyone want to say.”
    Ask the question, other then Bob Butterworth who has advanced in their career from the office of Sheriff? One other Sheriff Ed Stack from 1969-1979. He was elected to Congress in 1978 as a Democrat and was defeated in his bid for a second term. After Sheriff Stack was elected to Congress Governor Bob Graham appointed Judge Bob Butterworth to fill the unexpired term.

  26. Granteed Not Running says:

    If Granteed was really running he would have filed by now. I don’t believe he is running because he knows he has no chance. This will be a rematch between Scott Israel and Al Lamberti and given the narrow outcome last time nobody should play favorites. Lamberti has not been that impressive.

  27. i think says:


    I think the point was that the Office is not a stepping stone to higher office anymore, not to disrespect Ed Stack or even George Brescher. Outside the 70s and early 80s the ability to use the spot to move on to a Statewide position is nonexistant

  28. Jeff says:

    You must be dreaming to think Granteed won’t file. You can hope and pray that he doesn’t, but you are just kidding yourself. There will not be another Lamberti Israel election. This Granteed will beat Israel and Lamberti in the general. You can make yourself feel better by saying Israel will win, but in reality you know deep down that once Granteed announces it’s a big problem for Israel and Lamberti. He sure has you all worried. The word is he has been putting together a powerhouse political team. He is smart enough to stay away from all the problem people, which shows he knows what he is doing and is smart.

    I give Granteed a lot of credit for keeping quiet and doing his thing. It’s working and people believe in him. He is highly qualified and is the sharpest political newcomer in Broward in a long time. He has created excitement and enthusiasm. We are all excited about his filing and will be supporting him all the way into office. Run Granteed Run!!! Keep doing whatever you are doing, it’s working. Make your announcement when you are ready!!!

  29. I'm a blue bird says:

    Granteed is putting together some ace team and parading himself at Democratic clubs and speaking when candidates speak. Yet he is not a candidate. I have a big problem with him trying to skirt the issue. While it may be legal, is it ethical and moral?

  30. A stern warning says:

    …..Granteed staying away from the “problem people”??

    If memory serves, wasn’t there a a s story about him and Problem Person Judy Stern getting all warm and cozy at the judicial robing earlier this year?

    If that’s his idea of staying away from the “problem people”, I’ll be staying away from Granteed.

  31. RDP says:

    What i think is unethical and immoral is a Democrat who sold their soul for the almighty dollar and is now working for a Republican candidate. If you’re going to prostitute yourself, commit all the way and stop attending the Democratic meetings!

    Judy Stern & Scott Israel 2012!

  32. Billy says:

    In Broward, the Democrats are with the Republicans and the Republicans are with the Democrats.

    No Big Deal.

  33. Sterning Up The Pot! says:

    You obvioussly were not at the Judge’s Robing and didn’t read all the posts. Those of us in attendance all know Granteed was not doing anything with Judy Stern.

    I am not a person friend of Granteed’s, but have met him time and time again and like everything about him. Many feel strongly he will be the next Sheriff.

    It is no illegal or unethical to go around and talk to the community before a candidate files. This is not a muniipal election, it’s a county wide election. Of course a candidate will go around. What’s teh big deal, except he make you mad and nervous. Scott Israel was going around and telling everyone he was running before he filed, you didn’t hear anyone whinning about that bullshit.

    Your friend Scott was the one aligned with Judy and then screwed her over royally. Scott is a terrible money manager and after losing the last election, he refused to pay his campaign bills to a mail person.

    Judy tried to make it right, but Scott’s unethical and untruthful behavior got them sued in Broward Court. Check the records.

    Lamberti goes around on taxpayer time to campaign in his uniform and hasn’t declared yet… No problem with that???

    Scott Israel has no leadership, has no ethics, has no integrity, has no genuine compassion for people he is a user, but does have an arrogant hostile attitude that includes arresting my neighbor from Wilton Manors and beating the crap out of him and then lying about the facts. This is the real Scott Israel…

    You keep Sterning up the pot and you Israel people will keep getting burned.

    I would never vote for Israel and will take the Hollywood Granteed over him anyday of the week. Israel should just go away.

    Everyone that used Judy Stern for their campaigns in Broward County should launch a boycott against Israel and not be two faced. She did get you in office.

    Start with the Pines Commissioner Castillo, who is making a bad decision to help Israel. We in Pines that like Judy are not taking this lightly. We will not support you Angelo is you do this to Judy.. After all, Scott Israel did a big splash about supporting Sylvia Portier in Deerfield and where is she now….

  34. Truthiness says:

    My understanding is that Judy Stern is backing Lamberti this time. Stern and Lamberti met secretly together to discuss the race maybe 2-3 months ago.

  35. Flee Scott Flee says:

    O Scotty…. you hang outside the BSO jail and wait for a special someone. When a certain Female Corrections Deputy exits you walk her to her car. How interesting it was when you saw BSO Deputies closing in to arrest the Corrections Deputy and you ran to your car looking back and fled in your car….. But everyone knows it’s was you… Not good…. More to come!!!! It was videoed????