Scott Israel Re-Enters Broward Politics


Scott Israel is back.

Six months after losing a contentious race for sheriff, Israel is on the 13-member host committee for a fund raiser next week for County Commissioner Ken Keechl.

“I’d like to stay active in Democratic politics in Broward County, Israel says.

That’s good news.  Israel, a life-long cop, has a lot to offer.  He should stay involved.

Others on the Keechl host committee with Israel include bail bonds king Wayne Spath.  Keechl was a key vote in allowing bail bonds firms more chance to get business from anyone arrested in Broward.

Lobbyist John Milledge, who is part of Property Appraiser Lori Parrish’s political circle, also is a host. 

Although he isn’t on the host committee, Parrish’s enforcement chief Ron Cacciatore was a key Israel supporter and has a role in the Keechl fund raiser, too.

Two other host committee members: former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis and William Scherer Jr., son of powerbroker and lawyer Bill Scherer

The invitation came from Kopelowitz Ostrow, the downtown Fort Lauderdale law firm where Keechl is a partner. The event is May 27 at 5:30 p.m. at Smith & Jones on E. Las Olas Blvd.  

7 Responses to “Scott Israel Re-Enters Broward Politics”

  1. Scott's Problem says:

    You are being too kind to Scotty. He lost a race that should have been an easy victory. Why don’t you mention that.

  2. Really says:

    Good to see Scott back. We always knew he’d come back to the game after a few months off.

    The real question is whether his hair plugs are returning to politics as well?

    Oooh…and what about the bedazzled wife and her shiny jackets?

  3. Totally says:

    I suppose this means we will see Ron Cacciatore around, too?

  4. In the know really says:

    Keechl is unbelievable. I have been around for awhile. This guy has picked up the game fast. We will see him in Tally or Washingtn soon. Never thought Id see a gay guy do so well so quickly.

  5. Scott's Prize says:

    The sad thing for Scott Israel is that he didn’t get elected Sheriff. But as it turns out, not getting elected Sheriff was also a blessing for Scott Why?

    He didn’t have to sell his soul to the Police Union and promise them 5% raises with money he didn’t have in order to get elected, only now to have to lay off what will inevitably be hundreds if not thousands from BSO just to make his budget balance. That’s Lamberti’s predicament, not Scott’s.

    He also didn’t have to go through the disgrace of making a fellow good cop look like a bad cop, when it’s completely untrue, just to get elected. Scott lost his race but he ran an honorable one. So of course he’s back in politics, why not. He’s qualified in law enforcement and people like him. It’s a long road in elected politics and Scott Israel is only getting started.

  6. JAABlog says:

    Ron Cacciatore should be saluted for his honesty and backbone for coming forward like he did against Ana Gardiner

  7. alert says:

    Although I thought Scott was better qualified,and would have been a better Sheriff which people will find out,but lets not forget Scott is now in the private sector he and Rick Lemack also a Democratic candidate for Sheriff,opened up a private security firm,helping a well polished politican and with ciaciatores connects it would not hurt his business since Kechell is a lawyer.
    in reality Israel is doing this for business although I wish him all the luck in the world