Scott Israel Blasts Sheriff For Batman Fund Raiser



Click on Scott Israel’s latest news release to make it more readable.  It is self-explanatory:





18 Responses to “Scott Israel Blasts Sheriff For Batman Fund Raiser”

  1. Alex B. says:

    Israel is Full of Shiznit! Lamberti did a good thing and Israel is a jealous sore loser. Israel accepted more money from Rothstein then Lamberti did, so who the heck is he to say anything? Scott, crawl back under your rock and go back to campaigning to pay your gas and lunch bill, because you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the election. Go Sheriff Al!

  2. Grams says:

    Poor judgement. No taste. At least make sure no children are present. R-RATED MOVIE, AL !!!!!

  3. Whack-a-mole says:

    And if the fund-raiser had been cancelled, Israel would have slammed Lamberti for “letting the terrorists win!”

    Desperate political situations call for desperate political statements. Nobody will remember Israel after the election, unless and until he decides to try again in four years.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    If I ever run for Sheriff, I’d take the masses to a movie with of substance, something with class, a flick that appeals to the mass(es).

    Choose any two of the following:

    1. “Caligula.” This 1979 big-budget film tops the lists. Say goodbye to tacky acting because you’ll be dealing with real Hollywood stars in this porn. It’s a blast to the past in the hardcore orgies of the Roman Empire.

    2. “The Texas Vibrator Massacre.” Check this porn out if you’re into sex and horror. You’ll have wet nightmares about the psychopath in this movie who carries a vibrator instead of a chainsaw.

    3. “Love for the First Time.” If you were left blue-balled watching “40-Year-Old Virgin,” satisfy yourself with this parody of the Hollywood flick. It has all the sex you were imagining as you witness Carmen Hart’s first time.

    4. “Operation Desert Stormy.” What’s more exciting than the suspense of a spy movie with all the dirty sex scenes you’ve always imagined with the featured hot chick? This porn will remind you of James Bond, but with a far sexier edge.

    5. “Pirates.” Many of the most famous porn stars came together for this hit and it easily became one of the most talked about in the world of pornography. If you can’t get enough, be sure to also rent the sequel: “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge.”

    6. “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann.” This high quality porn classic was the first to prove that adult films could be at par with Hollywood. With a professional soundtrack, the elegant sex scenes in this film will have you hard all night.

    7. “Tailgunners.” Austyn Moore and Carmen Luvana star in this World War II comedy. Even if you’re a history buff, you’ll be more impressed by the steamy hot sex scenes than the special effects.

    8. “Taboo I.” The incest and taboo sex in this movie will be enough to get you doubly hard. What else is a lonely mother to do when she has a steamy hot son?

    9. “The Visitors.” Lose yourself in sci-fi sexuality when Kimberly Kane plays a girl who learns that her friends may be aliens. You’ll be aroused during the entire supernatural porn adventure.

    10. “Manhunters.” This hit was one of Wicked Pictures’ most memorable productions. It won various AVN awards and was nominated for even more. Watch out because the leading beauties are on the lookout for bad guys.

  5. Watching the race says:

    Ok while it was in poor taste for Lamberti to go ahead with the fundraiser. Israel has no room to talk about Rothstein money. He benefited nearly 170k from Rothstein money.

    I also take issue with the technical writing of this “news release” Israel “BLAST’s” Lamberti? That hardly sounds like a professional term from a professional candidate.

    The term blast in my mind is associated with what the psychopath in Aurora did.

    How about avoiding cop slang and using a professional vocabulary, condemn, castigate, or even lambaste are more appropriate terms.

    Even in language, no need to sound like a thug.

  6. Clarion is a Hoax says:

    Scott Israel is such a joke! He claims an endorsement from the Florida Clarion. For God’s sake, the Florida Clarion was created by his campaign consultants! LOL It’s main purpose is to publish attack stories on Granteed and Lamberti. They sprinkle in cut and paste articles of current events to make it appear legitimate.

    Scott Israel lacks ethics.

  7. Sam The Sham says:

    It was a great movie and all the attendees really liked it. I heard no complaints at all about it being in poor taste.

    Collections were taken up for the Aurora victims and Lamberti made a filmed plea before the opening for donations to the victims and their families. My guess, he is the only Sheriff candidate to send a check to Colorado.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Scott Israel put the petal to th e metal if you really want to defeat this Sheriff. Bring up th e fact that his rank and file hate him. Bring up the fact that the County despises him. Bring up th e fact that BSO under his watch, we have seen nothing but one crooked, deputy after another. Bring up the fact that BSO has had lawsuit, after lawsuit w/ his top brass. Bring up the fact to Kernel(joke) Benjamin, Wheeler(Scott Rothstein crew)where’s the duffle bag full of loot that Rothstein brought w/ him to Morrocco(comes back w/out it you feds what don’t care?).This is a good start. Now get out there Scott and beat Big al Lamberti arse..


    Very poor taste. But that’s what I expect from Al.

    I expect the same from you Sam. The piece of crap you are that defends Deputies who are accused of domestic violence. Anything for a buck!!

  10. Norm Price says:

    To make such a statement from Scott Israel shows what a total jerk he is. I am proud to say Iwas a police officer for 17 years and had the pleasure of working for B.S.O.and met Al lambertin when Nick Navarrowas the Sheriff and he was and will always be a classact and unfortunately I also worked with scumbags that were police officers and I am sure I would add Scott Israel to that list. You have absolutely no class

  11. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Go Scott. Oh by the way…Lamberti is garbage.

  12. Just Sayin' says:

    For the first time ever, I agree with gadfly Walsh. Scott Israel is slamming Lamberti (and appropriately so) for being a Scott Rothstein tool.

  13. exxon says:

    actually Israel drove to colorado to help the victims and then billed the gas to the campaign

  14. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    And Granteed? [IMPORTANT: Granteed answers the allegations in this post here]. Well, he’s sort of the eminence grise of the department. A weaseley fellow who climbed the ranks, Granteed told Holland of the recent scandal and his buddy Companion: “I had no idea they were doing anything like this and wouldn’t put up with it. Kevin is a friend, but I’ve come this far in my career by being honest and having the trust of the chief and my fellow officers.”

    Oh yeah, Kevin Companion and Louis Granteed are real close, with a tight friendship dating back to 1994. That was when a female cop accused them both of sexually harrassing her on the job. Companion threw her down on a couch and tried to kiss her, according to the lawsuit. Granteed opened the garage door of her home and walked inside without permission. This was in between all kinds of sexual innuendo and leg-grabbing. The officer explained that she put up with it because in the Hollywood PD “atmosphere” it was impossible to “complain.”

    “It was somewhat like a brotherhood, you had to fit in,” she said.

    But this was one bad frat and Granteed has been its unofficial president for years. And he has always been tied to the political higher-ups on the dais. Granteed broke departmental rules in 1996 by trying to get two Hollywood commissioners to help him get a promotion. A year after that, a Sentinel report found that he’d worked lucrative off-duty details while he was supposed to be on patrol (the department later claimed Granteed did nothing wrong, that it was all caused by clerical errors).

    Yeah, Granteed is not to be trusted and several of my sources say he’s the leading candidate as the leaker, namely because it’s known that Scarberry told him about the FBI sting and his known ties into the sleazy subculture in the department, including being tied by marriage to the notorious Jeff Marano, a Hollywood cop who has been tied to so many misdeeds that it’s a modern-day miracle that he’s still got a badge (man, New Times has been drumming up strong reports — here’s a bunch from Trevor Aaronson — on the Hollywood PD for a long time).

    – New Times

  15. Jeff Marano says:

    Israel is a total scum bag and is a compulsive liar and everyone knows it. Granteed is kicking Isrqael’s ass and finally Israel’s political career is over… Thank God. This bull shit press release was written by Israel who is a non issue in the primary and general election. He got the advice from Jenne to do the release. Israel’s campaign is in serious trpuble with no money and no support. Granteed is a class act and people are voting to crusg Israel once and for all. ISRAEL through the Common Sense Coalition took $190,000.00 from Rothstein and he has the stupidity to talk about Lamberti who was no better. Israel would be the worst Sheriff in history and is a disgrace to police work as a thief, arrestee, child abuser, cheater on his wife, court ordered dead beat dad and a ton more. Screw you Israel, you are the biggest lying asshole I have ever met…..

    Hey Chaz, you are another jerk off. Go climb under a huge rock…

  16. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Why the hate? Really?

    And by huge rock, do you mean your wife’s ass?

  17. MitchSnyer says:

    Granteed has proven to be very shady, even in the midst of trying to present himself as a potential candidate for Sheriff, he’s caught at noon at the Cheetah strip club on opening day. The Cheetah Club has an ugly past and if I were Granteed, I would have been out shaking hands and kissing babies rather than checking out the fresh meat at a low down strip club on my lunch hour.

    Lamberti has proven to be a lightweight who can’t manage people, can’t even fire his friends who are caught red-handed with the biggest Ponzi crook in Broward County history. Lamberti seems like a nice enough guy, he’s just not a leader of any kind.

    Scott Israel needs an opportunity. We know what we have with Lamberti. We know that unless Israel gets elected, all of those Lamberti cronies keep their jobs at taxpayer’s expense because no one is going to clean it up. (Israel should theme his campaign: ELECT SCOTT ISRAEL, NO MORE BENJAMINS) – And Granteed is scary now, so imagine what would happen if he got any Real Power.

  18. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Keep this up, and you’ll have to crawl under Jeff’s wife’s ass this here giant rock with me.