Scott Israel Blasts PBA Endorsement Process



Scott Israel, the Democratic candidate for Sheriff, knows a stacked deck when he sees one.

Israel is complaining loud and hard about the Police Benevolent Association endorsement process in the sheriff’s race.  He fears it has been rigged to help Sheriff Al Lamberti, a Republican.

The PBA higher-ups will now decide whom the group endorses rather than allow a vote of the Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, according to Israel.

Israel sees the hand of Lamberti, who is currently negotiating with the PBA on a contract.

“I was told that Lamberti demanded no surveys (votes) go out if they wanted a contract,” Israel said.   “I’m disappointed that the union reps would not want to  know the opinion of the membership in this process.”

There is a history of Lamberti and the PBA mixing contract negotiations and an endorsement. Four years ago, the PBA suddenly won a contract offer from Lamberti at the same time the endorsement was awarded to him.

“Lamberti walked into the endorsement meeting and gave them a contract,” said Israel, who was the sheriff’s opponent in 2008, too.

Interestingly enough, the PBA awarded Israel the primary endorsement.

Since the PBA has been negotiating with Lamberti,  it look to me like the endorsement is being used as part of the bargaining agreement.

My question is whether the taxpayers will end up paying for this endorsement?

Here is Israel’s news release:


Contact: Scott Israel                                                         

Phone: 954-682-2266                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE




“It’s like the old Soviet Union”


Democratic Candidate for Sheriff Scott Israel today blasted last-minute surprise changes in the Broward County Police Benevolent Association candidate endorsement process.  Democratic Candidate Israel was told numerous times by various PBA representatives that immediately upon conclusion of the screening process, surveys would be mailed out to all PBA members.  Instead, the process is now controlled by a vote of just a few BSO bargaining unit representatives.  “The process is no longer democratic,” said Israel.  “It is being rigged so Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti can buy the PBA endorsement at the bargaining table with our tax dollars.”  Israel was also shocked to learn that an overwhelming majority of the PBA representatives who voted to give him the endorsement in the Democratic Primary just eight short weeks ago were barred from participating in the endorsement process. 

“I have no doubt that the vast majority of the rank-and-file membership of the PBA would vote to endorse me,” said Israel. “I’ve been told that Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti demanded the surveys that were due to be mailed be scrapped because he knew he would handily lose a vote open to all members.  Instead, Lamberti made clear that if the PBA wants a new contract, they needed to kill the vote of the entire membership.  The endorsement decision — never before used by the Broward PBA — is now entirely in the undemocratic hands of just a few BSO reps closely aligned with Lamberti,” said Israel. “This is how elections were run in the Soviet Union.  What are the PBA reps afraid of?  They need to represent their members, not themselves.  This undemocratic hijacking of the process needs to stop.”
“The hard working BSO officers who I admire greatly, are well aware of the political favoritism, mismanagement and inefficiency of the Sheriff’s office under Republican Al Lamberti,” said Israel.  “While I would welcome the endorsement of the PBA in the General Election, as I received it in the Democratic Primary — because I respect the rank-and-file men and women of the PBA, even if their leadership is betraying them — I can only win that endorsement with a full, complete and universal vote of all members,” said Israel.  “Any endorsement that is short of that will merely be the result of a rigged process and the purchase of the PBA endorsement at the bargaining table by Republican Sheriff Lamberti.”






18 Responses to “Scott Israel Blasts PBA Endorsement Process”

  1. disenchanted says:

    show me the money, screw the job, the taxpayers just show me the money honey

  2. Sam The Sham says:

    Unions like the PBA have been in bed with Democrats for years, doing sweetheart deals that benefited them both and nobody said squat about it. Now, Lamberti is eating Israel’s Democrat lunch and we are supposed to be concerned about it.

  3. The Pendulum Swings says:

    Lamberti is pure trash!! He put crooks in charge of his campaign like Bill Lewis and no one in his camp did a backround check. Typical Lamberti fashion.

  4. Cheat to Win says:

    So Lamberti starts putting his name on billboards near the Florida Career College saying “Sheriff Al Lamberti wants to hire YOU as a detention deputy” featuring a young black woman in uniform. Taxpayer dollars going to campaign ads.

    Then he pays Unishred to put his ugly mug on all of their fleet to “advocate safe handling of sensitive documents” as if that’s not just another form of campaign ad.

    Then he makes on duty deputies hand out “Al Lamberti’s public safety tips” at public festivals, which completely violates the spirit of the law concerning public employees campaigning for their employers.

    Then he tries to buy off more Democratic activists in the gay community by promising to keep them cut in on any car contracts that get rigged for their employers.

    Now he’s trying to hand pick the nominating committee at the union that represents all the Law Enforcement Officers in Broward County? Honestly, why doesn’t he just change the BSO credo “Pride in Service with Integrity” to Lie, Cheat and Steal.

  5. Not so fast says:

    Dont assume the fix is in this time. Those in the know are aware that last time Lamberti gave up way to much in the contract to get that endorsement and kicked and screamed about it for 4 years. The Sheriff is so popular this year and unions are so hated do not be surprised if Lamberti tells them to shove off.

    Personally, I dont care who wins the race, I just know this time its no lock Lamberti bends over for the endorsement.

  6. Whinny Loser says:

    Everything written is from Scott Israel. What goes around cones around. Scott Israel scammed the primary endorsement and is now mad he got screwed right back. Are you kidding me, Israel is not qualified nor does he have the experience. Israel ruined our chance to have a good Sheriff get elected “Granteed from Hollywood”. Everyone feels Granteed had the best chance to beat Lamberti not Israel. Scott Israel is a liar and can’t be trusted. The PBA endorsed him in the primary and not he attacks them. A typical user who has already turned on a group that helped him. This is 2008 all over again.

  7. Just Sayin' says:

    How appropriate for a Granteed supporter to use the blog handle of “Whiny Loser.” Granteed was a deeply flawed candidate whom the Democrats wisely rejected by a nearly 70-30 margin.

  8. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti is a scumbag. PERIOD. He is a fraud and a liar. He has surrounded himself with self serving morons and thieves. I wonder how medicated Lamberti must be everyday to actually walk around knowing how much people despise him. There is NOTHING good or honorable about Lamberti. Why is Werder, Frey, and Carroll still on the BSO payroll? BSO has become a for profit outfit for Lamberti, Wheeler, Cavallo, and yes BAGS BENJAMIN. None of those incompetents would ever be employed at an ethical agency. God I hope the voters get it right this time, unless the Feds do first.

  9. Lamberti is garbage says:

    I don’t think the Feds will get it since Lamberti is spending millions of tax dollars on private lawyers behind the scenes to muddy up the investigation. It is just disgusting.

  10. donny says:

    Granteed lost more than 2 to 1. Get over it already. He couldn’t beat Israel, he couldn’t beat Lamberti. It’s over!

  11. Johnny B says:

    Scott Israel can’t even spell “Sheriff.” He is out of his league again and still hasn’t gotten the memo. A washed out former Chief from a town the size of one shift from one BSO district does NOT make him Sheriff material. Scott has never worked a day in a Sheriff’s Office. Why would we want him to now as an elected official. Go away Scott Israel, your rock awaits your return and is getting cold!

  12. voter says:

    i am voting for israel. He may be better, he may be worse, but its time for change. lamberti was elevated after the fall of Jenne.
    Time for a change and Israel don’t screw this up.
    S-S trying to catch up but its good to get the word out.

  13. Tamarac Guy says:

    Last time I checked this was still a representative democracy… Is that not what the union has done, elect people democratically to represent them on these issues. If sheriff Israel ever becomes a reality, does he want all of broward to vote on all of his decisions???

  14. need to know says:

    So are the Lou Granteed supporters going to vote for Lamberti, or just not vote?

  15. Oh boy says:

    Granteed people-you’re all a bunch of morons. First of all, are you trying to be a “whiney” loser? You had idiots like the nasty woman from Coconut Creek doing his campaign. Anything she touches turns to crap, just like Joy Cooper’s campaign will. I worked the polls, and the guy working for Granteed was accosting voters. He lost that location big. Now Lamberti is trying to harass PBA members. Bye bye Lamberti. And if Granteed peeps vote for Lamberti…well, then Granteed did the job he was put in the race to do after all.

  16. Mia says:

    @oh boy… Coconut Creek? Who are you talking about?

  17. Watcher says:

    This is typical Israel and Israel people to live in the past. You Israel idiots and morons are still trying to take cheap shots at Granteed and his people becausre yo ustill have nothing new from 2008 to talk about. Same old same old Israel and his loser friends. Granteed was a good candidate. can you believe Israel had one Commissioner Angelo Castillo endorsing him, one PBA Union he has now lost to Lamberti and a womens group that caught Beth Lerner lying about the Israel endorsement. Not a group I would want in the Sheriff”s Office. I am votin for Lamberti and would never vote for Israel. If Israel isn’t getting support, it’s not because of anyone but him and his friends. All you Israelities need to get a life and look at your scamming asses in the mirror. Israel has no chance to beat Lamberti…

  18. Mia says:

    Now I’m really confused! What does Creek have to do with this???