Scott Bans Democrats From Budget Signing


Rick Scott showed his true colors today by banning Democrats from a state event — the signing the state budget.

The Republican Party of Florida apparently rented a section of The Villages, a GOP-heavy retirement community in Central Florida.  Then they had sheriff’s deputies kick out members of the Democratic club.

In addition, “other staffers and Republican operatives scoured the crowd and had sheriffs deputies remove those who wore liberal-looking badges,” according to The Miami Herald.

Read here and here.

Apparently the big, bad, bald billionaire is scared of facing the least possible criticism.

Apparently Scott doesn’t care that this state has Republicans, independents and Democrats.  We all pay taxes and this is a state budget, not a budget for Republicans only.

Apparently Scott doesn’t care that there are more registered Democrats in this state than Republicans.

Apparently Scott – who gutted our state’s education, health care and safety nets for the poor in less than six months – just doesn’t care.

11 Responses to “Scott Bans Democrats From Budget Signing”

  1. Electric Jack says:

    Dont like having a dose of your own medicine do you liberals? I love my Governor an stop your lies……

    Thanks for your comments.

    Can you tell me one time that Republicans were banned from a bill signing of any type in Florida under a Democratic governor? So what do you mean by “a dose of your own medicine?”

  2. watcher says:

    been to the Villages…everything is perfect…beautiful homes, great faciliies, plenty of golf courses and everyone is white and few care to educate anyone else’s kids…perfect place for Scott and his ilk

  3. Please Clarify says:

    I am not sure about the facts and hope that you will clarify.
    Are you saying that ALL Democrats were excluded? If they were, how did the Governor’s staff determine who was a Democrat and who was a Republican? Were voting cards checked? How did the staffers know who was in the Democratic Club?
    My take on your article is that the Governor’s staff did a preemptive strike on those Democrats who they thought were troublemakers, not all Democrats. Of course, we know that no one and I mean NO ONE from a local Democratic club would even think of starting trouble. No way ;<].

  4. Yeah, so? says:

    What does Scott care? He doesnt get reelected he hops in his G5 back to Naples to count his money.

    The real question is what are the Dems going to do about it. Lets guess over 60 Rod Smith and over 60 Butterworth are going to come out and shake their fingers like old men and say Rick Scott is a bad man.

    Until the Democrats get a real message other than “Scott Sucks” and the faces of the party look less like a grandfather then its the same old crap.

    When the Dems can win then they will be treated like they matter.

  5. native Floridian says:

    Hey, Please Clarify, read this:

    MAY 26, 2011, St. Peterburg Times

    Scott blocking taxpayers from watching him sign state budget

    Gov. Rick Scott said this morning that he was going to The Villages to sign the state budget to give people a chance to “answer their questions.” But Aaron Sharockman reports from Sumter County that some people aren’t allowed into the event.

    A group from The Villages Democratic Club was kicked across the street, told by Scott staffer Russ Adams that the event was private. The event space was leased by the Florida Republican Party and sheriff’s deputies are escorting from the property people with Democratic-leaning signs.

    The move raises questions about whether taxpayer money was used for the private event and why Scott would sign a budget that affects all Floridians at a private event.

    “We came here to say what we support,” said club president Lawrence Shipley, 68. “We support the police. We support public education.”

    The club claims 275 members and about 20 came to Scott’s event.

    “Signs that support the governor are allowed to stay, signs that don’t are told to leave?” said Bud Webber, 73, of Orlando, who watched the event unfold. “Come on. That’s ridiculous.”

  6. Scott is a Crook says:

    Rick SCott refused to use email because he doesn’t want to leave a paper trail of his actions.
    Rick Scott encourages his employees to use their personal email for sensitive subjects, which is against state law.
    Rick Scott frequently holds closed door meetings on official business OUT OF THE SUNSHINE, which is against state law.
    Rick Scott has ordered all Executive staff to not talk to the media without permission.
    Rick Scott has put a stranglehold on media so that he does not have to answer for his actions.
    Rick Scott cut every offices budget except his own which he doubled.
    Rick Scott is paying millions of taxpayer $ to a PR firm to cleanse his image and actions.
    Rick Scott has barely lived in Florida long enough to give a Sh*t about anyone but himself.
    Rick Scott is a Crook with no moral or ethical compass.
    Throw the bastard out.

  7. Rick Scott is says:

    Governor. Interestingly enough probably 2/3 of those who voted for him now have amnesia about it. Scott’s election shows how inept the Florida/Broward Dem Party is and what a loser Sink was as a candidate.

  8. I'm Just Beachy says:

    Is the USA still in existence.??? …seems like we are losing our freedoms and rights – left and right! And talk about accountability to the people and transparency in government – Not with our Blueman-Conehead Gov!! Hate to use the tern “our”…

  9. Please Clarify says:

    #5> Native Floridian
    Thanks. You made my point.
    Aside from the wisdom (or lack there of) used in excluding people from the event, I had a feeling that Dems weren’t excluded. Rather, Dems holding signs. I have been to plenty of these types of events (both Dems and Repubs). I have found that staffers tend to be young, motivated, egotistical and on their own power trips. I am sure that they weren’t kicking all Dems out, but instead those holding signs and looking to be disruptive.

  10. Floridan says:

    “looking to be disruptive” . . . an interesting concept, but how do you determine that? People who don’t agree with your position, or just people that will might tarnish the image you are trying to create for the evening news.

    And here I thought that the governor of Florida had, as his constituency, all the people of the state. How old school of me.

  11. Very True says:

    Well said “please clarify”. They were just removing the undesirables from the event, just as they wish to remove undesirables from this State.

    I remember another government that did similar things, starting with removing people who were just going to be disruptive.

    Then they removed the trade unionists, and many said nothing because they weren’t trade unionists.

    And then it was homosexuals, and communists, and so and so.

    It doesn’t matter which side’s fanatical extremists are in power, eventually they go too far.

    You can decide whether this was the first step of his solution.