Update: “Let’s Get To Work” At A Convenience Store



This is what Florida has become?

Gov Rick Scott is scheduled to attend the grand opening of Wawa Stores Florida in Orlando on Wednesday.

Wawa are a chain of convenience stores,  a competitor of 7-Eleven. They are new to the state.

Each Wawa store can employ up to 35. About a dozen stores are planned for the Orlando and Tampa area. That’s quite a lot of jobs. I get it.

Any job is okay with me.  It’s better than welfare.

However, I doubt working in a convenience store what Floridians expected when they voted Scott into office on his “Let’s Get to Work” platform.

Scott needs to realize that he wasn’t elected to build Florida’s future on low wage, low-or-no benefits jobs like those in Wawa Stores.


JULY 18, 2012


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Orlando, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott welcomed Wawa convenience stores to Orlando today at the grand opening of their first store in the state of Florida. The store is the first of five stores opening in the greater Orlando area by mid-August, with 100 Florida stores planned during the next five years. These stores represent the company’s first outside of the Mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.


“Florida is proud Wawa has chosen to expand their company here in our great state,” Governor Scott said. “Today’s grand opening is evidence that more companies want to grow and expand here in Florida because of all we are doing to make our state the best place for business.”


Wawa also plans to open stores in Tampa in 2013.  The new stores will each provide 35 full-time and part-time jobs, meaning the 100 planned stores will bring about 3,500 jobs to Floridians during the next five years.


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8 Responses to “Update: “Let’s Get To Work” At A Convenience Store”

  1. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Wawa is not new. It has been around for over twenty years. 2600 NW 21 Ave. oakland park.

    Tell the governor.

  2. bob wawa says:

    i am somewhat familiar with the WAWA stores. i travel alot in the northeast and i welcome WAWA to FL. after reading your post i want to impress on you that i have more respect for the people working there then for a washed up whatever you call yourself. i am very sorry that we are not all Phds like you in demand of a 6 figure income. some of us are just po folks only good for picking coffee. have you ever visited a WAWA store? SCHMUCK that U R


    Didn’t I write that the jobs were appreciated. Every job is a good one. I get it.

    But these kind of jobs are low paid and have no future. They are not the kind of economic development that should be celebrated. And just what did the governor have to do with drawing this chain to Florida? I would bet that the firm’s marketing studies played more of a role than any politician.

  3. Floridan says:

    Welcome to the new era of the Servant Economy.

  4. tom lubart says:

    buddy, you have a phd? gee, i didn’t know that. as for demanding a 6 figure income, hell, i’ve often demanded it … never got it, just demanded it!

    No comment.

  5. B says:

    Bring them to Broward. The real WAWA and Turkey Hill ice cream!

  6. Plain Language says:

    WAWA is not economic development. Period.

  7. s only says:

    Buddy—I’d like to see the statistics on just how many jobs have been created since Scott took office. How many jobs did he say he was gonna get? How many jobs have been deleted by state gov’t since he took office? How bout doin some research for your 6 figure income. just say’n

  8. Barack Obama says:

    Is this really going to bring jobs that aren’t/wouldn’t already there for other convenience stores?

    Does a wawa bring anything that a mobil store doesn’t?