Atty: Schools Violated State Ethics Laws By Handing Contract To Insiders





The Broward schools violated state ethics laws by giving a consulting contract to two insiders.

The contract was paid through a federal grant.

The two insiders were Diversity Committee members  Jeanne Jusevic and Jessica Herthel, who snared a contract for the “development and rollout” of the School Board’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual “critical support guide and HIV/AIDS prevention initiative.”

State law prohibits advisory board members from doing business with the School Board.

Once notified they were violating state law, the school system discontinued “the practice of using committee members as consultants,” according to a memo from the school’s Office of General Counsel obtained by

The memo from Deputy General Counsel Robert Paul Vignola states:

“The Diversity, Cultural Outreach & Prevention Department (DCO&P) approached Diversity Committee Members Jenne Jusevic and Jessica Herthel and one non-committee member” to work as consultants.

The wording of the memo appears to indicate no other consultants were considered.

A consultant agreement was signed with Herthel and with M &  J. Enterprises, whose managing partner is Jusevic.

The DCO&P realized sometime after the agreement was concluded that they couldn’t pay advisory board members.

No time frame is mentioned in the memo, which is dated September 20.

The memo warns that by hiring advisory board members the school system was violated state ethics law 112.313 (3) and (7). The law prohibits advisory board members from doing business with the school system unless the School Board votes to allow it.

“No further compensated services should be requested of advisory committee members by your Department,” Vignola cautioned the DCO&P. “The members of the Diversity Committee should be reminded that, absent a prior waiver by a vote by The School Board, they are unable to conduct any business with the school district.”


I would think anybody would realize such inside dealing on consulting contracts was wrong. But then again, this is the school system we are talking about.

No mention in the memo if Jusevic and Herthel’s contract was cancelled and if they got the grant money. A School Board member told that the two women did get paid at the rate of $40-per-hour.


16 Responses to “Atty: Schools Violated State Ethics Laws By Handing Contract To Insiders”

  1. Really Mad Taxpayer says:

    The Diversity, Cultural Outreach & Prevention Department (DCO&P) signs a contract for the “development and rollout” of the School Board’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual “critical support guide and HIV/AIDS prevention initiative.”

    How dare they say they need more money.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Sounds like the accounts payable department detected the state law violation during their normal payment processing and then notified the legal department accordingly. Seems unlikely that any payments were ever made.

    In the corporate world, this type of activity (handing consulting contracts to insiders) goes on all the time. The ethics rules applied here go far above and beyond what the private sector practice is. Such ethics rules and their enforcement are positive benefits of public oversight.

  3. Mia says:

    Can someone explain to me how this happened?

  4. Tally says:

    No wonder Michael Rajner has been such a bully. Who do you think the M is in JJ’s company?

  5. Hey tally says:

    Just because both women involved are straight, one a Mormon, why would you expect that a gay man is needed to help produce a lgbt program, lol.

  6. Patti Lynn says:

    Tally, are you just blowing smoke or do you know something??? I do not see Michael Rajner’s name on any corporate documents. Do you actually HAVE some information???

  7. Broward Voter says:

    If Michael Rajner is making money while collecting federal benefits intended for low income persons then he should be investigated. That would be outrageous.

  8. Ellen says:

    This is what is known in some circles as “The tip of the Iceberg”. In other circles it is known as “scapegoating”.

  9. Give Me a Break says:

    If Raijner is guily because his name has a “M” in it,is he, also
    the M in JM Enterprises also since the evidence is your first initial

  10. Oh Ron! says:

    GUNZBUGER, needs to get back to work and stop blogging on Buddy’s blog

  11. LMAO Says says:

    Love how all of you attack Michael Rajnor when he has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of it. I guess as the saying goes…if they aren’t talking about you, you aren’t doing your job!

    As far as Ms. Jusevic, that gal is as honest as the day is long. There is no story here. It’s sad when people who work hard to improve their communities get treated like this. It’s the main reason so many talented people stay away from public service. I mean, why bother giving of yourself just to be abused??

    I commend these people for what they do everyday to uplift those who are less fortunate. All of you making nasty comments on here could learn a thing or two from them.

  12. Pro Rainer says:

    Thou protest too much

  13. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack to LMAO. Karnack says honest as the day is long. Karnack says now I LMAO. Karnack says read the grand jury documents. Karnack says remember the on line extortion attempt by broward conscience, George Bagrakos? Karnack says remember Bagrakos thought broward clean sweep was that well know goody two shoes mike marchetti. Karnack says remember Bagrakos threatened the marchetti’s with their jobs if they didn’t stop saying bad things about the wonderfully honest school board. Karnack says remember Bagrakos the brilliantly skilled political operative for the board member who likes contractors in Palm Beach County. Karnack says you know the one who doesn’t like to sit in the n word heaven at dolphins games. Karnack says do you know why Bagrakos thought marchetti was broward clean sweep. Karnack says read the grand jury report. Karnack says under oath Bagrakos gave up none other than honest as the day is long Jusevik. Karnack says Bagrakos went on to say that he thought Jusevic got her information from the Big Cheese Lady. Karnack says now you got a quartet of honest people who are only interested in the children. Karnack says rigggtttttt. Karnack says who knew you can’t volunteer and at the same time enrich yourself? Karnack foretold that RunDMC is surrounded by alligators. Karnack foretold that RunDMC needs to make a clean sweep. Karnack says oopps he made a funny. Karnack says the same old gang of so called do gooders has once again drawn the attention of the initials. Karnack says the train is still circling. Karnack says the train goes clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.

  14. too funny but so true says:

    like I said – the sbbc wants a bond? on 2014 ballot? for how much? $100 million dollars?
    no $1 billion dollars?

    yeah, right. just watch.

  15. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    All governmental bodies at every level and the non profits that are supported by tax payer moneys should have a contracting processthat is OPEN, PUBLIC, and provide for COMPETITION. Education has too many NON EDUCATIONAL EXPENSES tied to this or that PRESSURE GROUP which “sneak in” unnecessary and usually useless and unprofessional consultancies and other schemes to make money off reasonable problems. Diversity like multiculturalism have become watch words NOT FOR ADVANCING HUMAN RIGHTS or ELEVATING EDUCATION but a corrupt pot of Political nepotism and cronyism at the cost of real education.

  16. bottoms up says:

    As long as Karnac runs those trains , and info flows to keep us informed the resut of voters choices at the polls can hope to be affectdx in ways to clear the clogged tracks.