School Superintendent Runcie’s Job Evaluations: Bloom Is Off The Rose






Clearly the bloom is off the rose when it comes to Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie.

The School Board’s satisfaction with Runcie’s job performance has significantly deteriorated, according to Board member’s annual evaluations released this week.

Runcie received eight “highly effective” and one “effective” evaluations in 2013.

He received three “highly effective,” five “effective” and one “needs improvement” evaluations in the 2014 job performance assessments  by the Board just released.

Runcie was roundly criticized for failing to rehabilitate the image of the school system and by inference, the Board.

Board members less satisfied about his job performance included some of his previously strongest supporters:

Robin Bartleman, who said Runcie failed to address numerous management shortcomings,  dropped her overall score of the superintendent from 3.6 to 3.0 from last year to this year. Bartleman gave Runcie “highly effective” ratings for leadership/management and continuous improvement in 2013. She found that he was not “highly effective” in any category this year.

 Laurie Rich Levinson dropped her overall score from 3.45 to 3.01. She slammed him for student performance, which has “stayed the same.” She also said he was not an effective communicator and had not secured “more positive media coverage for all the wonderful things happening” in the schools.

* Roseland Osgood’s rating of Runcie dropped from 3.6 to 3.25 over the past year. She criticized him for communications with the public.

Runcie had his supporters. Member Abby Freedman was absolutely giddy about him, calling him “highly effective” in three out of four categories. She praised him because “the district has improved its overall performance..”

Not really, Abby.

Maybe on Planet Abby the overall performance of the district has improved, but not here on Planet Earth.  At most, its a mixed bag.

This from the Sun-Sentinel on July 12:

“Broward County ‘s elementary and middle schools earned more A grades but also more F’s on the state’s accountability report that helps evaluate public schools… .The number of F schools nearly doubled, with 24 receiving the lowest grade, compared to 13 last year. Nearly all were low-income and five were charter schools ….This year, 15 Broward schools benefited from a state rule that allows schools only to drop one letter grade each year.”

High schools did better with no “F” schools for the first time when the rating was released in December, 2013.

But graduation rates continued to lag. The rate was 75.3 percent, below the 81 percent goal of the system.  The Broward score is two points behind Miami-Dade schools and one point behind Palm Beach County schools.


My take: I can’t understand why he got as good grades as he did.


19 Responses to “School Superintendent Runcie’s Job Evaluations: Bloom Is Off The Rose”

  1. Draft Buddy says:

    Down with Runcie up with Nevins for Superintendent of Schools!

    Sadly, Buddy is to smart to take the job.

  2. just wondering says:

    sorry to read this but does it mattter now that the same board members extended his contract till 2019?
    eveen if firred doeessnn’t he get a big exit package?


    I believe a new state law limits the severance to 20 weeks.

  3. Meredith says:

    Isn’t it funny how the outright lies continue?! Abby knocked on my door one day ( when she was campaigning ) and when I questioned her about her last evaluation of Runcie (amongst many other issues) she stated that “this year will be very different. It will not be a good evaluation ” – HAHAHAHAHA. Well anyway- I didn’t believe her then either!

  4. Juliet Hibbs says:

    It is about DAMNED time…I and others have been speaking out for more than 2 years now. I loaded the video PROVING DBHS administration is ugly and abusive..criminals but nothing is STILL done…four girls RAPPED at DBHS in 2012 but Mr. Runcie covers the criminals and has the innocent HUNTED by SIU and example of this is ME….but that is a different story!
    I wonder if Robert Runcie would have made it through his OWN process Remember that the board can just LET you go (not continue employment) if you are only effective!

    So I FIRE mr runcie…I think it is just the ending of his contract! so he has NO right to ANY due process or rights…LIKE ALL OF HIS EMPLOYEES….He is lying SCUM!!! the BOARD is scum! they REFUSE to protect students!!…here is the video that PROVES I have been telling the truth

    took me 2 years to get the video..I and others from DBHS outted this June 2012 and Mr. Runcie says he has investigated and found NOTHING..check out Hibbsforchange on Youtube or wordpress to see differenly…so now what about the 4 RAPES I reported.*under florida law all that covered this up should be arrested on THOSE charges….what about students being sabotaged (by Jon Marlow) to ruin an INNOCENT educator (ME)?? Mr Runice wants to do nothing and get celebrated….oh I am sorry, and I am VERY wrong….Runcie is doing a job….RUINING Broward schools for GENERATIONS because he is INCOMPETENCE to do this job! TRASH….like let us look at Dr. Osgood, who wants to compare her FELONY to MY charges which are impossible and she still says she is NEW?????? SMH what a waste of almost 100K if she does not understand the job after ALMOST 3 years….they only care about themselves and the position (and power) that come with those seats!!!! ‘

    We NEED people that CARE and are truthful…upper leadership LIES every meeting and they applaud Will load THOSE videos if you need that proof too!

  5. Mia says:

    Please do not loop all board members together. Mrs. Rupert is the only one that has our backs.

  6. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Mrs. Rupert has DONE nothing since the day she THANKED me for my courage in coming forward in June 19, 2012…it is HER job and the BOARD jobs to MAKE Runcie do HIS….innocent fired and hunted and what about Ann Murray and her lack of care or regard…People from transportation (her old department) have been coming forward and BEGGING for her help for 3 years…NOTHING and she can use the “N” word and survive! Upper level leadership are Jack Boot thugs and the Board sits and thank then for their lies! What a SHAMEFUL example the “First Ladies of Broward” (what they like to call themselves) are to the young people of this county.

  7. carolina says:

    Nora Rupert is GENUINE! WE NEED HER! She is honest, truthful, & the only board member who will question the shortcomings of this administration & there are many!
    Her actions speak for her credibility -her love for our kids, our teachers, & our schools. We need Nora. She is our lifesaver!

  8. Juliet Hibbs says:

    So just WHO’S life has she saved…was it the boy beaten up by an assistant principal…or maybe the 4 rapes that got covered up where the victims were again victimized by people that were supposed to protect them.

    Oh maybe you mean when she took ACTION to protect the ESE students being used as janitorial staff at DBHS for hours a day. Maybe you mean Mrs. Rupert has done something for the employees….

    oh no…that is right…she has not done ONE thing to even REQUEST a copy of Mr. Runcie’s “investigation” of all these things.

    Perhaps you mean that took a stand about SIU (Broward school Police) and the OUTRIGHT lies that are told…or the innocent staff being HUNTED and forced of their jobs because of LIES even from Broward Schools Police! Nope, she did NOTHING then either. Buddy, not sure, do you know how many cases were over turned by the court. Another one on Tuesday

    So…no I see this entire board as a complete waste of time and money. They write policies no one will follow! They praise themselves and Mr. Runcie all the time…if they spent HALF the time doing the REAL job and NOT all the grand standing…the children would be better off.
    Those women need to grow a pair and FIGHT for the staff and students!

  9. What? says:

    Juliett, don’t you have bigger things to be ranting about….like being the big hearted person you really are. Why don’t you vow to accomplish something positive like helping the homeless? Use a softer voice and a big heart you might be surprised at the positive CHANGE you can make. Just sayin.. I’ll pray for you.

  10. ShelleyMayhem says:

    I wonder why the same old/same old personnel are in place (Moquin, Meloni, Bays, Shim, Leon, etc.) if not to loot the 800 million from the bond if some forsaken reason it passes.

    Some new faces (Runcie and company), but you could save a lot of time by just substituting names in the next Grand Jury Report.

    Fill in the blanks, LOL!!!

  11. Juliet Hibbs says:

    So I should help the homeless….oh I did that …homeless students…but I fight for students….but I should go the route that is EASY and leave the students and staff to fend for themselves….dont pray for me..Pray for every student and staff member in Broward schools! They are freely allowed to be used and abused
    Go work with the homeless

    EVERYTHING I say if TRUTH….sorry you dont like it. I will NOT give up I will continue to fight for those that CAN NOT have a voice without being retaliated against. You pray and I will fight

    and What? how about courage enough to put your NAME

    I guess rapes are nothing to talk about…students raped or beaten up? I need something better

    thank you Nora or whoever the Board member or upper level leadership member you ARE! so no one should speak against CRIMES against children in Broward schools

  12. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Dear miss hibbs, .no wealthy person sends there children to public school where poor, non english speaking, immigrant or non white children are either in very liberal areas like the upper west side of manhattan or ultra conservative parts of texas. You are concerned about rapes?. No decent middle class parent would let their child go to a school where a rape took place. The broward schools are a mess but people with influence could care less because it isnt involving their children or grandchildren. Why do you think both presidents bush and obama n their children well before they entered politics went to private schools?

  13. Juliet Hibbs says:

    I agree with that, but I will FIGHT to make those schools safe for EVERYONE to my last breathe

    This can happen when people that know better sit by and do nothing

  14. Mike seltz says:

    @juluette Hibbs,
    Fighting for what? Are you teaching? Mentoring? Tutoring? Now, not before? Such anger comes from misdirected passion. You need to find a better hobby, something that makes you happy.

  15. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Mile seltz, when you’ve been falsely accused, lost your career and God know what else Juliet Hibbs went through, maybe then you’ll regret that you patronized her with your “advice.”

    Righting injustice isn’t a hobby, it’s a mission, one that you obviously, sadly don’t know much about.

  16. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    And you as well, “What?”

  17. Juliet Hibbs says:

    I fight to expose the abuses against staff and students in Broward County Public Schools! I speak on behalf of the MANY employees that THANK ME for speaking about what they can not!
    Now, as for the anger! You are correct! I am angry and passionate about safety. If the staff can be HUNTED and RUINED then the students WILL be abused and bullied by the adults that are supposed to PROTECT them. I am angry that the upper level leadership and the Board COVER up CRIMES against children and staff!

    This is MY hobby NOW! They showed me that it was necessary. I ONLY want the LAW to be followed and the staff and students SAFE! I have PLENTY that makes me happy in my personal life! This passion comes from the knowledge of ALL that has happened and been COVERED up by these CRIMINALS

    I will stop when they are in orange jump suits for the crimes they work to cover up against staff and students and everyone is treated with equity!

  18. Juliet Hibbs says:

    I NEVER came forward with MY story until STUDENT safety was and issue I began to write the Board and Mr. Runcie April 2012 and warned them that something REALLY bad was coming. Four girls were sexually assaulted by the same boy and THE BOY WAS PROTECTED. I USED my story to draw attention My case had been over for a year. These people have NO intention of even following LAW

  19. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Mike Seltz;

    Like Charlotte, Fane Lozman, and a select handful of others, what we do, this “hobby” of ours, it’s a weird calling, one not for the faint of heart or those lacking courage.

    As for me, because of my militant activism, I’ve had my life threatened several occasions, the dog poisoned, found “random” bullet holes in my car.

    I’ve been told my head would be chopped off and handed to a family member on a silver platter, my eyes blinded by a soldering iron, and I’d be buried alive.

    I’ve had BSO station a cruiser outside my house 24/7, because they had “actionable intel” harm was coming my way.

    I’ve been sued, threatened to be sued, countless bluffs, cease and desist letters, emails to my legal team. I’ve got some jackass from Hallandale, pretending they’re a lawyer, currently trying to tortuously interfere with my business.

    A legion of Internet Tough Guys and Anonymous Commenters have slandered, libeled, defamed, and farted in my general direction.

    I’ve spent thousands of hours and considerable personal treasure in this hobby of mine. I’ve never made a single penny of profit.

    Let’s compare that to your effort, shall we? All said, seems your work product consists of one stupid fucking comment on Buddy’s blog.

    Glad to see you’re making such a difference in our community.

    You should get on your knees and kiss the ass of every activist who’s trying to make a difference. At least someone is trying to make up for the disappearing 4th Estate.

    In the end, if not me, then who? Certainly not you. Then who else? Anyone want to take over MAOS? I’ll gladly hand it over (and a case of cold beer).

    So in the mean time, you can eat me.