School Superintendent Robert Runcie Gets Support From Pols, Business And Church Leaders





Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, who is running for Congress, could be accused of having political motives for supporting Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie.

The same could be said for state Sen. Perry Thurston, who is one of Holness’ opponents for the congressional seat of the late U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings.

Holness and Thurston are running in a heavily black congressional district. Runcie, who was charged with perjury earlier this week, is one of the county’s most visible black officials.

But the rest of this bunch, who won’t even see the evidence against Runcie until his May 12 arraignment?

The arraignment is when prosecutors say they will release the evidence that led them to charge Runcie.

Is this group jumping the gun by publicly embracing Runcie before knowing the details of the case?


You can decide.


10 Responses to “School Superintendent Robert Runcie Gets Support From Pols, Business And Church Leaders”

  1. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    . They know none of the facts but they’re going to jump all over it. What damage things like this do to a community!

  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    This display of adoration for Mr.Runcie will have absolutely no bearing whatever w/ the Court.None…

  3. Politics is a dirty business says:

    Many of the group that showed support for Runcie today are members of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance. One gentleman who spoke on camera owns a furniture company that has contracts with the SBBC. Another owner of a furniture company was also in attendance.
    Follow the money??

    It is beyond my understanding to know why the GFLA supports a school superintendent who has demonstrated total disregard
    for the health and safety of students.

  4. Thomas James says:

    all the faces you see at this press conference are the cronies of Runcie where your $800 million of bond money went into their pockets. Why do you think they are so concerned?

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    How about not one mention of Atty.Myrick.So Mr. Runcie is innocent,did nothing wrong when their attys haven’t even got the discovery for their arrest to begin w/.But totally innocent. Bogey there( Myrick atty David Bogenshulz) has the right approach sit still and wait

  6. Floridan says:

    Until the specfics of Runcie’s alleged pejury is reveald, there is no reason not to treat this arrest as a political move.

  7. Tell the Truth says:

    So much for dog and pony show of support by the FLL/Broward movers and shakers.
    What was Runcie thinking?

    In case you don’t get s-s –

  8. Tell the truth please says:

    Sad days for SBBC.
    Lying to Feds/ DOJ?
    None including these electeds/appointees remember the last 30 years of Broward scoundrels.
    Do not lie.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Now that we now now what they have on Runcie from his own verbatim statements to the Grand Jury and lied in my opinion to help out Mr.Hunter( this 1 evidence against him overwhelming) and get caught given false statement under oath mind u( perjury) when these charged stick I wonder how much time( prison- oh Bob they will love ya- Harvard grad u could help them write up their legal briefs- u will be a big hit) prison if any Mr.Runcie will get.1 thing like him,love him,hate him this school be.has no choice but to suspend him.I know he is innocent until proven guilty they have to suspend him and Atty.Myrick.I say if u fire him outright right he gets 20 weeks severance ( provided u get off,big if) and so does Myrick.Suspend them both w/ pay for the next 2o wks and at the commencement ( 20 wks, exhausted u let them both go indefinitely.But this school bd.has to protect and preserve the integrity ( key) of the school be.They have no choice.Give them both their pay and as their contracts state,give them the 20 wks to get rid of them.If the objective is 2 get rid of both if them very easy way to handle this.If they get off ( Runcie, Myrick) then they go back to work ,u of.them u move on.Now if they r found guilty or take a plea it’s easy to just tell them see ya,and because these charges stick and u r guilty u sue them for the 2o wks u just pd them . Next.

  10. Native says:

    Long overdue in Broward. I am a product of the broward school system and I am proud that my kids never set foot in one of their schools. I hope there are more indictments.