School Super Robert Runcie Shakes Up School Police



(I moved this story from the February date it was originally published to the top of on March 11 because it is filled with interesting comments.  Its new position may encourage further comments.)

Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie is shaking up his police force.

Police Chief Anthony Williams has resigned.

In a memo to principals obtained by, Runcie gives no reason for the resignation.

The police will now report to the Human Relations Department.

More important to employees of the system, Runcie says policies governing investigations of staff in the future will be revamped.

Here is the strangest part:

The project is being managed and led by Jill Haring.

Haring must have a friend at the School Board HQ because just a year ago she was a behavioral support teacher at Cypress Bay High. Runcie’s memo does not indicate Haring has any law enforcement experience.

What can disclose is that Haring got a bump in salary to $60,664 last year when she got promoted to special assistant to Chief William.



POlice Chief Resignation

48 Responses to “School Super Robert Runcie Shakes Up School Police”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    By what insane logic do uniform services report to Human Relations? Human Relations is a sociological discipline with nar any parallel skills to uniform services. This is the tail waging an essential dog. Moronic and, yes it will lead to more anarchy in the classroom crime around schools and again yes, the continued dumbing down of public education in Broward County.

  2. Zachery Taylor says:

    I just would like to know what the police chief did to get fired? Then why does human resources suddenly become the group to oversee this department? Just asking?

  3. WTF says:

    This all involves a cover-up for Runcie’s body guard and driver. He was being investigated and Runcie wanted it ended. Believe me.

  4. WTH says:

    Let’s see, Jill Haring was task assigned January 21, 2015 for the 2014/2015 school year. The task assignment ended June 30, 2015, which to date has not been renewed. Haring, Runcies bodyguard and Runcies secretary are very close friends. Haring investigates staff and students without their knowledge. Haring has zero law enforcement education or experience but she did receive a certificate from BSO for civilian crime watch!!!!! Doesn’t that count to Runcie as experience?
    Chief Williams had no idea who Jill Haring was until just recently when advised by
    Runcie she was over all investigations. Not only did Jill Haring receive a nice pay raise but also two offices and a take home school board vehicle. Now that she is in charge of Runcies bodyguards investigation I’m sure the coverup has begun. Not only is Jill Haring not qualified neither is Runcies bodyguard who makes over $85,000 a year and has a take home school board vehicle. Makes even more sense right ?
    Let’s not leave out Runcies secretary now too who undermines the strict code of ethics that the school board of broward county once stood for.. She has had the most turn over in employees in Runcies office since she came aboard.
    So why did the Chief of Police resign? Was he asked to or given an ultimatum?
    How can Runcie run a school District as large as Broward County but not able to run his office?

  5. Dr. Suess says:

    @ WTF and WTH by “Runcie’s body guard and driver” you mean Israel Canales? If you are talking about him he is like a Deputy Superintendent (if there is one).

    I hear that lately he was using his office for illegal operations which prompted the investigation. This guy should be fired.

  6. Not Surprised says:

    Hey WTH ever since Theresa Silva became the Superintendent’s secretary, that office has become a revolving door. The stability that office once had is gone. Is Mr. Runcie that naive and clueless or is he part of the scheme just as much as “Investigator” Jillian Haring?

  7. Outsider says:

    @3 WTF you sound like a school board insider. What was Runcie’s body guard and driver being investigated for?

  8. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says ROTFLMAO. Karnack foretold the cover up is most often worse than the crime. Karnack foretold RunDMC is presiding over a house of cards. Karnack says high level staff playing musical chairs as one after the other struggles with going along with questionable tactics and motives.

    Karnack says those who stay can be counted on to spout the party line no matter the facts or circumstances. Karnack says RunDMC has been working on putting the band back together again. Karnack says that’s right all of the most useful idiots from prior admin. remain and some of those who left are back again. Karnack says yes same old board members synchronized with same old useful idiots from chief of staff on down. Karnack can’t help but think of the late great Yogi Berra, it’s like deja vu all over again.

  9. mismanaged says:

    The shakeup continues. Runcie and Haring have removed a 20+ year member and supervisor of the department and replaced her with a yes man. A complete classless move as she was about to retire in a couple of months. Haring is completely running the show and has fabricated numerous lies to Runcie and thus the board in order to achieve her goals. Not only does she investigate students and employees without authorization she has recently been given complete access to all employees emails and computer history….confirmed via ETS. SHE has a Hit list which includes numerous principals and cadre directors…as well as JM.

  10. Moreofthesamecrap says:

    Interesting how many men have fallen because they can’t keep it in their pants.

  11. moreofthesamecrap says:

    If you want to loose your job, come to Broward Schools.

  12. Do Tell @10 says:

    Who can’t keep it in his pants?

  13. Marylou says:

    Why are we surprised? Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts!

  14. Lay low says:

    Members it’s falling

  15. Goldengirl says:

    Just like a bunch of Chicago Mob Men. They think they can do whatever in the hell they want and get away with it. Not to mention that clueless bunch of women on the board. The chairperson is the dumbest box of rocks. Haven’t figured out what she’s on, or maybe she has resorted back to her “old” days. Check out her arrest record.

  16. Janet says:

    I thought they didn’t have money in the budget but they can task asign some body a give someone a 60 thousand dollars raise a teacher that has no police background who is her friend down town they need to bring the fbI in to do investigation from mr runcie and and all his staff runcie is going to try and cover it about Israel canalas now you know mr runcie don’t want Israel to go down he know a lot about Runcie watch this go away about Israel so much correction down town when is some one going to stop it

  17. Paco says:

    Shameful,corruption at its’finest!The superintendent chose the last two cops as chief,crap cans both of them and has civilians run the show! Why?because they are puppets of the sup.Yes People.The police dept.prior known as Special Investigative Unit has and had both current and some retired Professional Law Enforcement never given the opportunity to make it into a true police agency.The current and recent Chiefs were forced to kneel to the inept and incompetent sup.The only civilian,who has military experience, who runs the department,has never received acknowledgement. Remember its not what your knowledge,experience,truth, and honesty but who is known politically and relations!Sounds similar to the Washington Cartels!

  18. Mrs fixit says:

    The question is…why is RUNDMC defending this girl despite all the objections? Mr. Nevins..dig deep…’s not who ya know…it’s who ya…..

  19. Complete lawless says:

    @ 10 Do you mean Canales lost his pant while working?

  20. fairandequal says:

    dont assume everything you read is true. there are always personal agendas. not all accused are guilty of ANYTHING.

  21. Dumb and Dumber says:

    @20. Unfortunately with the school board all I have ever seen is the non guilty people get punished and the guilty ones covered up.
    I don’t think it is about losing pants as why would RUNDMC’s security specialist also be under investigation with him?
    I’m with #5 on illegal operations being conducted in the office.
    People that were moved are coming back and people that know what is going on are being moved. Very Strange.

  22. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Personal Agendas have NO PLACE in police or any law enforcement appointments. Personal Agendas dont belong in education.This is a County SCHOOL System not Empress Catharine the Great’s Court in St Petersburg or Louis XIV’s at Versailles.

  23. JerknJill says:

    So how long will it take before RUNDMC finally realizes that Puss n Boots is not capable, expirenced or qualified to be in the position he placed her in? When are the Board members who preach about treating employees with respect finally put an end to this dysfunction? When are people going to realize that the BDSPD is being completely torn apart and being run to the ground….all members of that unit are being abused beyond belief. This has got to stop…Puss n Boots must go.

  24. Fairandequal says:

    Do these sound familiar? Responsibility, Citizenship, Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Self-Control, Tolerance, and Cooperation. I hope the Board Members soon ask the tough questions as to what’s really happening in THEIR District. Old Grand Jury Report’s and Audits spoke of recommendations that have for many years been completely ignored. Do they even listen to the advice of Department Heads – the proof seems to be that unless you agree with the cool aid being served your tenure is very limited. Pass the blame, fire several of the bosses, and claim you had no knowledge of their opinions. More questions likely to follow on transparency and accountability.

  25. Jill Harring says:

    Do you wonder if they even read these blogs??

  26. Runcie needs a Bodyguard? says:

    Runcie needs a bodyguard? Is this true? That’s ridiculous, how much is that costing us? I might be able to understand a driver, but an armed bodyguard? That’s rich, if true!

  27. Dr. Who says:

    @ #25 Do you wonder if they even read these blogs??

    Are you kidding?, 2/3 of the responses are most likely from staff, in fact most of the stories are originated from staff. So I am sure they administration is reading them, if not writing them.

    @ #22, Are you serious? this blog and the original stories are made up of Personal Agendas.


    None of the stories on this website are based on the writer’s “personal agenda,” unless that agenda is to expose the mutterings of officialdom as spin and uncover the truth.

  28. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    IT IS FREEZING N SNOWING IN DRESDEN SO I WANT TO GO BACK UNDER THE COVERS but first let me be Klar – that is German for clear – “Personal Agendas” in my posting referred to Dr Runcie’s appointments NOT STORIES ON THIS BLOG!
    The raison d’etre of all my Broward School Board postings is the LACK OF ITS PROFESSIONALISM while the Blog IS EDITED N WRITTEN PROFESSIONALLY as well as better than biased real estate news in the SUN SENTINEL or the childish comments recently by one Michael Vasquez on politics when Dan Sweeney n the grownups are away.

  29. Dr. Who says:

    I stand corrected, I agree the stories are not your (the writer’s) personal agenda, however you get your information from staff members or outside sources that have a personal agenda and use you to carry it out.

    @ #26 Runcie does not have a bodyguard. It’s just more spin that the bloggers want you to believe.


    Everybody who talks to the media has a “personal agenda.”

  30. TheAngelisGone says:

    Yet another sad day for SBBC. Because of the way RR and his inner circle another resignation has taken place…all because of power. Will the SBBC wake up and for once send a clear message that this type of treatment of employees will not be accepted. To do nothing is an act endorsement by the Board and such behavior will continue. The question still looms….what credentials does JH have to review, authorize the investigation of, and sign off on an investigative report? Its a simple question. Bullying is alive and well in the district.

  31. Fairandequal says:

    When employees of the district believe that there is a real disservice taking place, they tend to speak up. Not by first choice, but because for years their input or suggestions have been completely ignored. There is no confidence with this self imposed NON QUALIFIED who reminds everyone that she deals with that RUNCIE is just a call away. She walks and thinks she runs KCW, but most of us know there must be a bigger picture. The Board knows some, soon a bit more…There will be many more questions on how and why she was selected based on her incredible qualifications. I recommend that everyone put on your seatbelt and reactivate your airbags because this ride is going to be very bumpy the next few months. Stand clear of
    KCW or don’t say you weren’t at least warned.

  32. Totally Fraud says:

    @28 Runcie isn’t a “Dr.” but a big scam artist and a fraudstar.

  33. Plain Tired of Runcie's Administrationr says:

    Today, actually a few minutes ago, the situation of who will run SIU and do investigations was discussed. Ms. Haring, who was task assigned to Assistant to the past police chief, was discussed. It is my understanding the above mentioned person does not have a background in investigation of personnel. Her role will stay the same until the new organizational chart is presented. I hope the chart reflects the real changes which are so needed. I have doubts about this but who knows, maybe something will actually change?

  34. Cat in the Hat says:

    Did everyone see the first hour of the Board Meeting today ? Runcie looked like a deer in headlights ! The attorney seemed to have a stuttering issue, Craig Nichols hands couldn’t stop shaking and Eric Chisolm I wouldn’t waste my breathe on.
    I have to hand it to Ms. Rupert she is a true lady that I have a lot of “RESPECT” for . That is a lady who should run a school board she is not afraid will speak up and knows what is Right and Wrong in the Education system.
    The tone when Rupert brought up Jillian Haring and the SIU department was priceless. There is so much going on behind the scenes which the Board Members need to be made aware of very soon….
    There is so much bullying and harassment that when you open your mouth you get bullied even more. It’s sad employees are scared of what will happen to them if they tell the truth. What is the point of having the 5.9 anti bullying policy when it does not pertain to the upper staff employees?
    Now let’s mention this “want to be cop” Jillian Haring. How can she have access to everyone ones emails and computers ? ETS just confirmed Jillian has given another source access to everyone’s emails and computers..To be continued…How is all this legal ? How can she sign off on investigations ? Who the hell is she to know about any investigation first off ? Would that even hold up in court ? How can she be searching through everyone’s personal life when they were never noticed they are even under investigation???? “Welcome to the Corrupt School Board of Broward County led by the fine Robert Runcie and his hand picked staff that policies don’t adhere to”
    Truth Chief Anthony Williams had “NO IDEA” who this so called “Task Assigned” to him Jillian Haring lady was until about 2 1/2 weeks ago when he was asked to turn over an investigation file to her and he said “NO” who are you? Next thing Chief knew was he was told it was mandatory to turn it over to her. Chief was then advised by Runcie he was no longer over his staff and investigations Jillian was taking over. Do you still wonder why Chief Williams resigned? Chief Williams you will be missed you were not corrupt enough for Runcie and his staff … You were what was right in the School Board. Hope the Board will catch on they all can’t be that blind.

  35. ohdamn says:

    I was wondering WTH was going on. Dang Runcie, is she that good. Wifey better watch out

  36. DoasIsaynotasIdo says:

    And then theres Slug Griffin…the school board attorney who tried to throw his useless co-worker under the bus. Yes the same Slug Griffin who somehow allowed his licence to practice law expire….who chose to get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated and was arrested for that decision….same slug who presides over the penalty process of employees….Slugo Griffin Esq.

  37. whoknew says:

    This just in….our FIRST BLACK FEMALE School Board Major Pollock has resigned.

  38. whoknew says:

    This just in….Broward District Schools Police Department FIRST BLACK FEMALE MAJOR has resigned as of today.

  39. moreofthesamecrap says:

    And another one…yet all the incompetents still remain. Certainly a reflection of current management. Leadership does not apply here. No one inspiring anyone working at Broward Schools. Board members better start asking AND start doing. All crumbling. Direct reflection on you.

  40. Fairandequalconsideration says:

    Mr. Reilly’s previous audit on SIU seemed pretty straight forward. I hope the Board members find the time to revisit the document so they will have a better understanding of some of the issues that still remain 14 years later. Ask the hard questions to the right people and they will offer insight that you would have never expected. There is little time before the organizational charts in our District are finalized. The two most recent and unpredicted resignations within the department should be a huge eye opener that can’t be ignored. Why? What did they know? Who listened, who dismissed what? Even Leaders need purpose and opportunity. Don’t rush to judgement without doing your homework. Future appointments must be made after CAREFUL consideration of picking the most QUALIFIED person. The School Board should workshop this issue, commit openly to their individual beliefs and make their recommendation. It is the superintendent’s reputation that is ultimately on the line. Politics is not easy but making the wrong endorsement is worse. Don’t ever let your voices be silenced.

  41. Concerned SBBC Employee SIU says:

    The plan is to dispose of the police dept and replace them with civilian investigators at the up coming Org Chart. The Interim Chief is aware of plan and does nothing to support his men and women. Meanwhile puss and boots will be over the new professional standards dept.

  42. Jabe Babe says:

    The whole school board is wrong they are taken people job’s on some crazy jacked up police investigation I’m waiting to drop a major bombshell on them I’m taken this story to channel10 I got paper work and video to exposed how they are RUNNING SBBC AND HOW THEY COVER UP FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD LOOSE THEIR JOB’S WHY THE BIGGEST THIEVING PEOPLE KEEP THERE’S JUST WATCH THE NEWS

  43. Dr. Who says:

    So the old Professional Standards Committee is returning, it was a joke, full of hidden agendas and vendettas.

    This is just the same crap, wrapped in new paper.

  44. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    You cant replace elected officials without an candidate. Who wants to run for a County School Board when all the better educated folks send their kids to private n increasingly charter schools?

  45. BUDDY says:

    Once again, I noticed that the spam catcher was deleting some of the comments on this subject. If your comment hasn’t appeared here and you still want to present your views, try submitting it again. Maybe try submitting it from a different computer or mobile.

  46. moreofthesamecrap says:

    What qualified person wants to run for the School Board when it pays $35,000 a year?

  47. tired of same ole thing says:

    It’s the same everywhere in the school board of Broward County With everything that is going on, I can’t believe that the people in the transportation department are not being investigated!? Full of incompetent, non qualified administrator’s!! As the old saying goes, fish rots from the head down.
    Same ole crap!! Nothing will ever change!

  48. Fairandequal says:

    @ #44 I do disagree. Most public school employees are outstanding and dedicated professionals. We have a well diversified student body that wants a fair and equal education. Their parents want the same. We can always improve but don’t get me started with many of the Charters and some privates too.

    Parrots are bright colorful intelligent but communicate mainly through body language. Humans are the same. KCW is becoming recognized as a bird lovers sanctuary in Broward these days. Fair is fair after all. Singing birds of all types shapes and sizes are roosting everywhere and getting an earful. Watching the lack of meaningful or respectful expression makes it easy to understand why SOME of the District’s initiatives continue to suffer. Put the wild seeds out and you will see birds and hear tones like you would not have ever imagined. Birds are instinctual, expressive, and enjoy showing off their vocals – ask yourself what type of bird are you? We need a leader who understands how to direct the flocks migration, not threaten feather removals without just cause. Who thinks about what the other one might know. The Super needs to be open and explain what’s happening.
    Elected officials don’t let this become an “I told you so” two months after its to late.
    It’s getting real close, reputations of the leaders are clearly on the line. What kind of bird are you?