Update: School Candidate Sands Gets Big Boost



Locked in the toughest race of life political life, Franklin Sands announced Thursday he has snared a big endorsement for School Board.

Franklin Sands

Andrew Luciani, who came in third in the primary for the countywide Board seat that Sands wants, endorsed Sands in the general election runoff.

Luciani said he will appear jointly with Sands at campaign appearances. He will also introduce Sands to his supporters.

Sands, a veteran state legislator,  is fighting for a countywide School Board seat against member Donna Korn, who finished first in the primary.

Since Luciani won 22.87 percent of the vote August 14, this endorsement could be significant.

This is especially true since Korn beat Sands by just under 1,000 votes.

During his 40-year career as an educator, Luciani was principal of two schools in Broward’s African-American community – Arthur Ashe Middle and Bethune Elementary.  This may be the reason that Luciani did well in some black neighborhoods. If those black voters can be convinced to back Sands, it could make the difference.

Browardbeat.com predicted the endorsement yesterday. Click on the Sands’ news release to make it more readable.


12 Responses to “Update: School Candidate Sands Gets Big Boost”

  1. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Andrew Luciani’s endorsement was obviously up for the highest bid. No educated, rational person would choose his majesty Sands and his bed of deceit and nepostistic ambition over the gorgeous, ethically astute and intelligent Donna Korn.

  2. Joe Paine says:

    Big friggin deal. Useful as a warm bucket of piss

  3. Just Sayin' says:

    Is this written fir sarcastic effect? In a presidential general election, Luciani brings nothing to the table. He has negligible name idea in a poll of voters when there is 75% turnout. Kinda like when Rick Perry dropped out and endorsed Newt Gingrich: it just doesn’t make any real difference.


    I could just as much make the argument that in an election down ballot race, a name that resonates among a few voters could mean a lot. Luciani was a teacher, administrator and principal of a number of schools. He touched literally thousands of families — parents and students. Judging from my high school class where many members remember every teacher and the principal, Luciani’s endorsement used in a clever way could serve as a valuable connection to untold numbers of voters.

    Let me add that every election has teams of campaign experts who are convinced they have the answer to victory. Half of them lose. Nobody has a surefire answer. So you may be right, Just Sayin’. And so may I.

  4. Suspicious says:

    Sands will never get “a big boost” until he promises to not allow his son-in-law Alex Heckler to continue lobbying the Board and promises that his daughter’s husbandAngel Gomez does not accept a promotion as principal while Sands is on the Board.

  5. Mia says:

    I’m going with Korn.. Just saying…

  6. Bernie Parness says:

    Franklin Sands was a great state rewpresentative with business experience which the school board needs. He will; make a great school board member. As in the state legislation he knows hjow to get things done. I support him without reservation, Bernoe Parness

  7. John Fusaro says:

    They just can’t let it go.

  8. TDD says:

    I voted for Andy last week and will be voting for Korn in November. Granted, I’m only one voter, but Luciani’s endorsement means nothing to me.

  9. concerned voter says:

    Sorry Mr Parness but you don’t have much pull. As for Sands, we all know the reasons he wants the school board job, a job he knows nothing about. This uncorruptible Dem will vote for and spread the word for Korn.

    P.S. to Franklin Sands, your negative mail pices were disgusting and is the reason you lost. Keep it up!!!

  10. Enough says:

    Let them debate. What is Sands afraid of?

  11. Sands Is Coward says:

    Enough@ Sands is a coward. He won’t debate because he might be asked about his pension, his medical insurance, his lack of experience in education and his lobbyist son-in-law who wants him in office.

  12. You Never Know Who Is Watching says:

    Mr Sands your actions on August 14, at the election sites showed your desperation. Your dirty politicking is shameful, you bring NOTHING to the table except GREED just as your career shows in Tallahassee. You DO NOT deserve the public trust, your actions are self serving. Enjoy your retirement.