School Bonds Polling Hits Broward





Broward voters were asked in a lengthy telephone poll on Monday if they back $800 million in new school bonds.

A Miami survey firm was making the calls, but there was no indication of who footed the bill.

The questions included roughly 10 negatives and 10 positives about the school bonds, which voters are being asked to approve in November.

“It was not well put together. They were floating all these positives and negatives that were clearly BS built on false premises,” said one former veteran journalist who has a familiarity with the school system.

The journalist remembered that one line of questioning involved school safety and security. One of the stated goals of the poll is to make public schools less porous and harder for someone with a gun to penetrate.

The journalist said the poll was roughly 15 minutes long. It also included a series of questions on the trustworthiness of various public figures, such as the sheriff’s office and the School Board.

I believe the public deserves to know who is paying for the poll and where the money is coming from.  But I’m not holding my breath we’ll learn anything from the secretive pro-bond crowd.


2 Responses to “School Bonds Polling Hits Broward”

  1. James Bond says:

    You don’t need 15 minutes to say No

  2. vangork says:

    runcie must go…