School Bond PAC Fund Raising Was Costly





Roughly 10 percent of the money raised by the pro-school bond political action committee went to pay the fund raiser.

The fund raiser was Miami political fund raiser Brian Goldmeier.  He was hired and paid $30,818 as of Oct. 31 to pry money from business interest to run the pro-school bond campaign.


Brian-Goldmeier1Brian Goldmeier


The Citizens for Safe and Modern Schools paid Goldmeier’s BYG Strategies. More fees could be contained in reports closing out the PAC.

The election was Nov. 4. The school bonds passed in a landslide.

If Goldmeier was credited with all the $435,500 that the PAC raised, his fee would be 7 percent.

I’m guessing Goldmeier got roughly 10 percent of the money he actually raised. Some of the group’s money was donated before Goldmeier was hired. Others were donations that Goldmeier was not responsible for raising.

That percentage is a guess. I haven’t seen his contract.

The son a well-healed developer, Goldmeier has been paid $627,359 in fees between 2011 and June, according the

He mostly works in Miami-Dade, but also raised money for the re-election campaign of Broward Commissioner Barbara Sharief.

Sharief also had consultant Ashley Walker on her re-election team. Walker was the lead political consultant for the pro-bonds PAC.

Sources say that Walker and Goldmeier insisted on working together on the $800 million school bond issue.



One Response to “School Bond PAC Fund Raising Was Costly”

  1. No Joke says:

    What did Ashley “The Rich Obama Liberal” Walker make?


    It is not clear. Walker’s Mercury Public Affairs LLC received $18,000 in fees.

    Many consultants also have deals where they take a percentage of the printing, which could be substantial. Walker may have such an arrangement, or she may not. I don’t know. If she did, the printing/mailing was roughly $324,000 rounded off. Even a small percentage of that would be a nice piece of change.