School Bond Architect Appt. To Board Controlling Public Hospitals





One of the architects of the passage of the $800 million school bond has gotten one of the most prized political appointments in Broward — the North Broward Hospital District.

Sheela VanHoose, 28, of Pompano Beach, was named by Gov. Rick Scott to a four year term to the governing board in charge of the huge public health system called BrowardHealth.

As the chief lobbyist and government liaison for the Broward County Public Schools, VanHoose plotted strategy for the recent passage of the huge bond issue.


women_of_the_right_3_400x400Sheela VanHoose


Her term begins immediately and ends May 7, 2018.

Before working for the school system, VanHoose was Scott’s director of scheduling.

She succeeds Debbie Kohl.

Also appointed was Maureen Canada, 47, of Lighthouse Point, who is the president of Lighthouse Point Marina Inc. She fills a vacant seat and is appointed for a term beginning December 8, 2014, and ending December 13, 2016.

Because the seven-member North Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners control a multi-million dollar budget the four public hospitals and public health clinics north of Griffin Road in Broward, the job is powerful and has enormous potential for political patronage.

Scott’s appointment of a Republican activist — VanHoose styles herself as a “woman of the right” — is nothing new.  Democratic Lawton Chiles appointed a Democratic Century Village condominium boss and a Democratic leader in the Jewish community as members of the hospital district, among others.




10 Responses to “School Bond Architect Appt. To Board Controlling Public Hospitals”

  1. Nancy Robesom says:

    I am happy that Maurren Canada is appointed. Nothing is run better than the LHP Marina.

  2. tell the truth says:

    thanks for posting this.
    does it really matter? just wondering?
    whether for-profit or non-profit no heads in beds like the hotel industry calls it means revenue will be down and these boards will be doing exactly what/
    Just wondering.


    BrowardHealth, the operating name of the North Broward Hospital District, is under extreme pressure from competitors such as Holy Cross, Cleveland Clinic and HCA. They are currently losing over $120 million annually. Tax money plugs that hole.

    Who governs this huge government taxing entity, which employs thousands and is the public health agency for the northern two thirds of the county, is important.

  3. Why the Connection Noted says:

    Come on Buddy, what is the significance of noting that she was also involved in the School Board’s campaign for the Bond Referendum?

    The Bond issue passed, now let us focus on the real issues. We have the next 5 years to watch with critical observations and comments of the use of the same.


    The significance is that she was involved in the bond issue for the past year. It was the biggest bond issue ever attempted by the Broward Schools and she helped getting it passed. It is probably the most important thing on her resume. However, it is her work for Scott and the Republicans that got her appointed. I mentioned both.

    I believe we should know at least something about those individuals who run our governments. The North Broward Hospital District, whose facilities are marketed under the name BrowardHealth, has just under a billion dollars in revenue and still runs a deficit of over $120 million. That is money taxpayers in the northern two thirds of the county must cover with property taxes. The public hospital system provides a vital, but costly service. VanHoose will now be making decisions which will impact our pocketbooks and our health.

  4. Well Said says:


    A 20 something political hack making very complex decisions related to the County’s public healthcare system.

    She has no business/qualifications being in such a position.

    The public healthcare system should be dismantled and test the waters of privatization.

    A simple review of a basic property tax bill reveals the extent of the heavy tax burden this system puts on average people.

  5. John Henry says:

    Do we really need a girl that mentions “The Power Rangers” on her website running the NBHD?

    Im sure this will end well.

  6. Very Well Said says:

    All good, David Dipietro is Chair and he is a seasoned 33 year old.

  7. Super voter says:

    I notice the NBHD meets 5 times this month – all during regular business hours. How will VanHoose be able to have enough vacation time to do this hospital board appointment, or will she be doing it while on government time with the school board?


    The school system has a history of allowing liberal time off for those appointed to boards or serving in elected office. County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion worked for the schools while attending regular meetings. Eggelletion was a school employee when he was in the Legislature and in Tallahassee for at least two months of the year.

  8. Gotta hit that softball says:

    Well if Josephus Eggelletion did it you know it must have been the right thing to do.


    Ha ha ha ha

  9. no way says:

    she is NOT an ‘Architect’.
    Please do not defame our profession.

    some refer to Karl Rove as an ‘architect’ in the bush admin…….he was not one either

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I am not opposed to Jewish socialists or Irish Roman Catholic socialists on public boards, because both give a “more human” approach to government services, and I am in favour of “seasoned” businessmen, usually conservative and Republican also on these boards to give “balance”, BUT YOUNG POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS WITH NO CREDITIALS ARE ANOTHER STORY. This is not a “conservative, business voice” but a Political yuppie greedy for personal publicity and MONEY HONEY! Yes, a 120 Million Dollar Loss is a DISGRACE, but does anyone think this yuppie knows dittle about a BUSINESS??????? This female yuppie does more harm to the County than all the leftist, big government, advocates that the County Clowns on the County Commission fund when they are not giving out contracts and funding to their relatives, friends and other low lives. She is the Stacy Ritter of the Republican Party