School Board’s Hope Opens Campaign For Re-Election


What do you think of School Board member Phyllis Hope? 

You’ll get a chance to vote for or against her next year now that she has officially opened her campaign for re-election.

Is there any significance in the fact that she opened her campaign account on April 1, April Fool’s Day?

Hope used the address on the filing papers of 8100 Sunrise Lakes Boulevard. That’s in the heart of Sunrise Lakes condominiums.

Hope’s treasure is Cara Pasquale of Cooper City.

She already has an opponent for the District 6 seat Laurie Rich Levinson, a Weston parent activist and daughter of state Sen. Nan Rich, D-Weston.

District 6 includes Weston, Sunrise and parts of Cooper City, Davie, Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes.


9 Responses to “School Board’s Hope Opens Campaign For Re-Election”

  1. Nancy says:

    Phyllis has been a breath of fresh air on the Broward School Board. I swear, she seems to pop up at every community event.

    She seems to have only one agenda – the education of our children.

    She has earned another term on the School Board.

  2. Davie resident says:

    I TOTALLY agree with Nancy. Ms. Hope has been a wonderful school board member who is at our school and listens to us parents. We are in a White area of Davie and she is color blind. She stands up for us. Everybody I know in the neighborhood is behind Phyllis Hope.

  3. The Lights Are On says:

    …but nobody’s home. Frankly it is beyond her ability to do this job for that district they way it needs to be done. Very disappointing record, she cow tows to administration and doesn’t seem to display the backbone needed to spend dollars wisely. I’d give someone else a shot. Nice lady though. But ineffective. As for caring for kids, that’s nice also but I want someone that does something not just cares.

  4. Git R Done says:

    Don’t think so “Nancy”,Laurie Rich Levinson has been involved for several years and knows what is happening and why it’s happening.
    She has more of a chance then you’re giving her credit.
    Hope is trying, but, she still has so much to learn and being on the School Board is not an easy. Besides, the only reason you’re seeing Hope around is because she is running for re-election and she wants to make sure people notice her, that is why…
    Seems as though “Nancy” could be her treasurer, Cara Pasquale, making her comments to be read, ya think? Time will tell.

  5. No Cigar says:

    Phyllis Hope is a very nice person but just not up to what Broward needs in an elected official. Our kids deserve more, this is not about Phyllis, it’s about the kids. We need to get the best thinker in there. I’ve heard Laurie speak and have seen Phyllis in action, and can tell you without a doubt that there is no comparison. Laurie is much more impressive and will do a better job.

  6. Why? says:

    the question is why? Why is Levinson running? what has Hope done so wrong or badly that she needs a challange like this? Hope doesn’t care for our kids? Me thinks that this is more about dynasties and power than anything else

  7. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Hope does her homework and is not embarrassed to step up and ask questions of staff, if she doesn’t understand. However staff continues to lie to the Board Members about what is really going on. They sugar-coat answers all the time, so it’s not the Board (most of whom are sleeping and need to get out)but Notter and his group do anything they want to do.

  8. Patty says:

    Phyllis may not be as “polished” as some of the other board members, but her intentions seem sincere. She is always out in the community, not just during re-election season. She deserves another term.

  9. Lisa (again) says:

    Laurie is riding on her name, “Rich” because she knows it is her ticket to win it. Hope keeps us strong. On Laurie’s website she states “Laurie Rich Levinson can find efficient and effective ways to cut the budget… We must place more emphasis on teaching to each child’s individual needs, instead of teaching to the FCAT.” but she hardly understands that if we are to eliminate empahsis on the FCAT we loose an IMMENSE amount of funding for our district. She also wants to “cut” our budget which is a great idea…. paper is not even necessary anymore students can just write on desks and walls. we are skin and bones right now. Phyliss does provide the “Hope” but Laurie works to provide the complete opposite of “Rich” we know what we will get with HOPE. In terms of “Rich” Dont judge a book by its cover.