School Board Member’s “Mistaken” Post Annoys BSO




The Broward Sheriffs Office has been dragged into the School Board race.

The issue is a phony Internet post and emails circulated in the past few days from School Board member Donna Korn claiming she was endorsed by BSO.

Korn’s camp said that she received the endorsement of the I.U.P.A. local, a union which represents some of the employees at the Broward Sheriff’s Office. A campaign worker mistakenly placed the emblem of the BSO on Internet and social media Korn campaigning postings. The worker also mistakenly wrote that the endorsement was from the agency. And the post didn’t have a required political disclosure.


Somebody in the Korn camp discovered the mistake and it was removed.

A campaign source says it was removed within an hour. The Facebook post appears to have been up for as long as three days.

Regardless, the hubbub had so many people talking that it caused BSO to tweet the following:


BSO was polite enough not to mention Korn. Her opponents are not so polite.

“If a school board member can’t post without making a mistake is an indication why the schools are screwed up,” an irate voter who supports one of Korn’s opponents texted Browardbeat.

I don’t think making a social media mistake and dealing with the school system are equal, but it is the final day of the campaign. Tempers are heated and a large number of voters are concerned about the School Board’s direction (misdirection?).

See what a statewide Grand Jury had to say about the school system just last week:


Grand Jury Report On Schools 2022







2 Responses to “School Board Member’s “Mistaken” Post Annoys BSO”

  1. Steve says:

    Not a Korn fan but a Facebook post doesn’t need a disclaimer.

  2. Just One Vote says:

    Well 21% +/- of the 1,240,617 eligible Broward voters have voted as of midnight. When a past BCC lost by 5 votes in Jan 2022 that should have sent a key message to any running that EVERY VOTER MUST VOTE. I never comprehended why Sharieff and Holness would not just stay sitting pretty on BCC knowing other future offices await, after their term limits on BCC. Where could the 5 votes for Holness have come from for Hastings seat? How about The Woodlands In Tamarac where the first two BCC votes he and Sharieff approved the shoe-horned development on the fairways between the existng homes, only to ‘change’ their vote when Hastings passed. And lo and behold the Hastings district included Woodlands. As to Sharieff the same, only her vote loss to Book was much wider. Woodland voters would not have saved her ambition to go to WashDC. Lesson for all local electeds – enough of the locals pay attention to the local city and county votes by electeds. And the developers who throw $$$ at you do not live and vote in your district.