School Board Member Who Used “N” Word Draws Black Opponent





School Board member Ann Murray, who was reprimanded for making a bigoted statement using the “N” word, has picked up a re-election challenge from a black elected official.

Vice Mayor Felicia Brunson of West Park holds her kick off fundraiser tonight.

The only 2014 School Board candidate to draw an opponent so far, Murray was a supervisor in the school system’s transportation division in February 2007.  While directing school buses being used for the Super Bowl, several bus drivers and other administrators heard her refer to the upper-level seats of Sun Life Stadium as “n—– heaven.”

Complaints were made. She was issued a written reprimand.

The next year, in November 2008, she was elected to the School Board. The incident never came up during the campaign.

After the reprimand surfaced in 2011, there were calls for Murray’s resignation by some leaders.

Murray publicly apologized.

The apology may not matter. In a district where roughly one-third of the Democrats are black, the reprimand could come back to haunt her.

Although the race is nominally non-partisan,  it is on the primary ballot where Democrats count.

Democrats have some primary races next year.  So the Ds will dominate the primary since there is expected to be very few Republican races.

Brunson is a longtime civic activist in Carvers Ranches, a section of West Park.  She has been a member of the commission since the first commissioners were elected in the newly-formed city in 2005.

Murray’s District 1 is centered in Hollywood and covers a large area of Southeast Broward.

Some interesting names are on Brunson’s invitation below.

One is Henry Rose, who lobbies for charter schools and runs campaigns.  Another is Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, one of Broward’s most admired Democrats.

Most interesting is Richard and Diana Wasserman Rubin.  You all should know who they are.

He just served time for tax evasion.  She is the former county commissioner who pleaded guilty last month and got a slap on the wrist for providing false information to county attorneys to help her husband earn a bonus.

Is this a sign that Wasserman Rubin is forgiven by Broward’s political world?

Time will tell.



Brunson’s invitation (click to enlarge):



20 Responses to “School Board Member Who Used “N” Word Draws Black Opponent”

  1. John Henry says:

    Something tells me that this idiot will be no better than the current idiot sitting on the dias.

  2. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Diana Wasserman Rubin and Richard Rubin are on the Host Committee? Really? Go crawl under a rock and disappear, you two criminals. Disgusting.

  3. curious you says:

    I am definitely going to campaign for Brunson. She is a smart, articulate and thoughtful person.
    I cannot stand bigots. So I am prepared to do something about it.

    How about you?

  4. City activist Rober Walsh says:

    Another one (Murray) who needs her mouth washed out w/ soap(along w/ Roger Stone/ Mike Ahearn-really mayor Seiler I know look @ some of the people that I know-well they may pin people up against buildings w/ their cars, and shatter knee caps, but I have never heard them use the “C” word-have Ahearn apologize and make nice/nice). Win Ms.Brunson win-show that Irish Harp bigot who’s boss..

  5. Notocorruption says:

    I thought Ms. Wasserman-Rubin was so sick she could not do the time for her crimes.

    All Ms. Brunson needs is the endorsement of the unconvicted Stephanie Kraft and federal felon Beverly Gallagher and we shall have a troika of the School Board corrupt illuminati.

    Ms. Brunson should stay away from the Rubins and anyone else flirting with or tainted by corruption.

  6. just one vote says:

    Did Mrs. Rubin make a pilgrimage to Lourdes for a miracle recovery from her malady?
    Who is handing out the Academy Award to her? bet she sits on current bcc

  7. Reno says:

    Since when do funeral homes serve on host committees?

  8. Support public education says:

    I am no fan of the bigoted Ann Murray and would love to see her defeated by the right candidate. However, Brunson works for Florida Virtual Schools-the largest charter (yes-I consider it a charter) school in Florida. Having Henry Rose on her list is proof that she will not be an advocate for public education but for charter schools-which should not be treated equally by the state. I am sure Eric Fresen’s money will find its way to her campaign.

  9. No Choice says:

    Wow. So as a Black man I have a choice between a White bigot or a Black woman who is not hiding that she is corrupt !?!
    Between a sitting school board member that would put children of color at least second when it comes to her voting priorities and a challanger who not only flaunts the fact that she is ALREADY compromised BUT would prioritize charters over public education !?!

  10. Chaz Stevens, Militant Atheist says:

    >>Did Mrs. Rubin make a pilgrimage to Lourdes for a miracle recovery from her malady?

    Jesus Horatio Fucking Christ, it’s a goddamn miracle!

  11. Sone Cold, a.k.a.Political Genius says:

    Buddy, please don’t let the 8 previous morons respond to your blog; thank God 2 of the above are blessed with a brain. Your blog deserves better than these Midget Munchkins of Mucho Less Coherent thought and damaged brain activity… Hell, they make Sam Fields look rational, reasonable and the beacon of common sense and thought…

    and that’s the bottom line ‘cuz Stone Cold says soooo… and get used to it!

  12. First Amendment says:

    oh Buddy now you have free speech on YOUR blog censored by the ‘in crowd’
    too funny
    does stone cold work for another rag? or serve the public in an elected capacity?

  13. Christine says:

    Sone Cold, a.k.a.Political Genius says:

    Hell, they make Sam Fields look rational, reasonable and the beacon of common sense and thought…

    Damn,now THAT’s sayin’ something!

  14. Mia says:

    Is this the best we have??? Poor kids! It’s a lose/lose situation!

  15. taxpayer says:

    “…..For nearly two decades, the Florida Legislature has been expanding choice options, ranging from privately managed charter schools to voucher programs. In 2011, the Legislature made it a requirement for all high school students to complete at least one course online, creating a guaranteed market for online learning services. Virtual schooling took center stage again this year.
    Currently, students can enroll full time in the public Florida Virtual School, or use the program to satisfy the graduation requirement. School systems can also open their own franchise of Florida Virtual, and have the option of contracting with a handful of state-approved private virtual learning providers…..”

    Its here regardless of who gets elected in this seat

  16. Seriously says:

    As usual old school out of touch with todays world political consultants, in this case I believe it is Barbra Miller, just do not get it. Get what you ask? It is about what is best for the candidate not the consultant or her flawed friends. Word is that Miller is advising this woman and she had her put Wasserman_Rubin on the invite. This is just selfish. Miller who was at the center for years during the School Board scandals gets this naïve candidate to have Wasserman-Rubin on a host committee. If Brunson cant stand up to Miller about having recently plead corrupt polls on her host committee, how do you think she will do if Miller or her friends like Sterling have to lobby her if she gets elected? Ann Murray is no prize but she seems to have a backbone.

  17. A better way says:

    In the midst of all of this controversy, the only phrase that continues to play loudly in my mind is ‘THERE NEEDS TO BE A CHANGE…FOR THE BETTER’. And I know that this change cannot happen unless Andrew Luciani is back on board with this district. He is a District 1 resident and last year he ran for District 8. I don’t even have enough time, or room on this blog, to begin to talk about what a great leader and awesome man he is. I have been in this district for many years, and can truly say that there has not been anyone in this district that has cared about the kids, the community, and the teachers like he has. We really need to let our district know that we have had enough! We want better…we deserve better…our children deserve better! We REALLY need Andrew Luciani!!! Let’s spread the word!!!

  18. Christopher says:

    It is amazing that the sixth largest school systems in the nation, has such a poor choice of candidates to serve the best interest of our children, families, and it’s employees. I agree with the last writer. Andrew Luciani should consider the bid for this seat. His bold leadership has transformed low and under performing schools across the county, and he has worked as a Principal, Director, and Superintendent in other states. He had a hard fought campaign for the District 8 seat. Where are the days of expectancy and accountability. I truly wish that Luciani runs for this District, no one else has the proven leadership, results and respect for and from the Broward community!

  19. Rhonda says:

    This is a no-brainer! There is a 2-word solution to this pathetic situation: ANDREW LUCIANI!!! This is an esteemed man with a long and successful track record, a born leader… in fact, Andrew Luciani would be a blessing for the Broward School Board. Enough with offering poor choices to the people of Broward — don’t you deserve quality people, people who can offer your kids a future, a proper chance at success? Enough said, ANDREW LUCIANI is the only man for the job!

  20. Choice? What Choice? says:

    After doing some research on both candidates from various sites and sources, including this one, I decided to flip a coin, as both candidates are underwhelming.
    It landed on its edge.
    No kidding.
    Even the coin didn’t wish to be responsible for such a crappy set of options.
    Everyone is for sale, from the lowest School Board Member to the President, and all Pro Politicians in between.
    The teeth of corruption are already hitting the bone of society, and the results are blooming like a red tide.
    And ultimately, Our Children continue to be victims of a failed system.
    Which is truly a crime.