Update: School Board Member Draws Opponent






The Broward School Board member Nora Rupert has an opponent.



Nora Rupert


Hubert StClair* of Coconut Creek opened his campaign against her this week for the North Broward District 7 seat.

StClair has been an employee in the school’s transportation department for 12 years. From public records and a Browardbeat.com interview, he appears to be a 53-year-old non-Hispanic black man.

StClair said his position as an employee gives him unique insight into the problems of the school system.

“I am running because the school system in Broward County is a failure.  We need new people to fix things,” StClair said. “The School Board is not doing a good job.”

He said he would give details in the future about his plans to change the system.

Running for her second term, Rupert is considered the rare School Board member who questions staff decisions and recommendations.

Rupert has lagged in campaign contributions, as have other School Board members running for re-election.  Lobbyists have no reason to give because the system lacks the big construction budget of the past, thus can not hand out huge school renovation and building contracts.

The result. In February, Rupert only raised $250.  She has raised a total of $11,156, but has spent $6,229 of it already.

District 7 stretches across North Broward and encompasses portions of Coconut Creek Deerfield Beach, Margate, Pompano Beach and other communities.  It contains roughly 86,000 white voters, 31,000 black voters and 15,000 Hispanic voters.


(* StClair told Browardbeat.com he prefers spelling his name in this manner.)

19 Responses to “Update: School Board Member Draws Opponent”

  1. bottoms up says:

    would rather see opposition of those political deep pocketed contribution board members be challenged than an employee who often dares to vote for student rights.

  2. Mia says:

    The one School Board Member that has our backs… Teachers will make sure Nora stays on the Board so that our kids continue to see what HONESTY looks like….

  3. Mia=David B says:

    Please. We know your chotskies are probably 90% of what that loon has spent her money on.

  4. Notocorruption says:

    I was not a fan of Miss Rupert in the beginning, but I have now found her to be one of the few sane voices on the School Board. Mr. StClair will hopefully be a worthy opponent.

  5. LHP says:

    This teacher/parent will NOT be supporting her. It is very disappointing to see what a pandering fool she has become. Nora makes decisions like a politician now; not like teacher not a parent. Very VERY disappointing.

  6. Floridan says:

    Although I will probably vote for Nora, I say good for Hubert. Too many candidates waltz into office without any opposition.

    And at least you can say this about his candidacy: he is willing to go beyond the complaining and insults we get from so many keyboard warriors.

  7. Makes you wonder says:

    Maybe David Brown put him up? He is not making any money off an incumbent who gets in unopposed with only 11 thousand dollars in the bank.

  8. One voters opinion says:

    I probably watch more board meeting than most, but not every meeting. In my opinion, Ruppert treats those of color from Runcie down to staff far harsher than whites. Ruppert also can never ask a question without it being in an accusatory and intimidating tone. She is a bully to staff at all times. Yes, staff my be wrong, but she tar and feathers everyone, which is unfair. Then the crying? It seems once a meeting she is crying over something, be a professional.

  9. Katiesleash says:

    An orchestrated attack? Levinson, korn are next. If Bond issue is coming the powers that be, do not want Rupert, Korn, Levinson, Good -want to get yes men or women in there. All the grit and credibility will go out window. Open the Board check books and approve anything the Super wants! Support Rupert, Korn and Levinson and keep the integrity going!

  10. Notocorruption says:

    I like that phrase, “keyboard warriors.”

  11. Split personality says:

    Poor nora there she goes again, your posts as katieleash have too many deep insider posts to not be you. Get your head together nora you have a race.

    Support Korn, thanks Nora, Donna has all those wonderful Facebook pictures of you campaigning for Franklin Sands. No one is buying your rants screeches and crying fits.

    Your fellow members didn’t lift a finger for you to be vice chair so it’s highly doubtful any will even endorse you.

  12. Shelley Mayhem says:

    Here’s the view from the inside:

    You’ve got 5 Board Members, Good, Korn, Rupert, Levison, and Bartleman ‘ that do their homework. The other 3 just go along to get along.

    Jeffry’s having a real hard time reading and thus manipulating this Board (that’s a good thing – he needs to go as he’s a hold over manipulator from Notter/Carter)!

    Runcie needs to clean house in Facilities, Maintenance (PPO), Real Estate, and Technology. If not, history is bound to repeat itself!

    Runcie’s a good man , but through his in action to this point, he’ put a great Educational system in jeopardy.

  13. Look again Buddy says:

    Becker Polliakof, Dourmar, Allsworth, Laystrom, Voight, Wach, Adair,Bosack and Greenspoon all gave her a good amount of coin plus some people in architecture and construction. Apparently, they see something they like in her.

  14. Rub Roh says:

    Having Mr. StClair in the race will bring into the spotlight on the two missing elements and glaring issues pertaining to our current School Board:
    (1) Lack of male leadership on the school board
    (2) Lack of Racial Diversity on the school board.

    My statement that there is a lack of male leadership on the school board does not mean that the women that have served as leaders on the school board have not done an adequate job. It just means that there is an undeniable lack of a male perspective and leadership which is clearly evident (just attended one school board meeting and it was like high school all over again [good looking and thin ones run the show] )

    As of the last census, Broward County has become a Minority “majority” county but the County elected leadership and school board do not reflect the county’s make-up of the carribean, latino, and african american voters

  15. Shelley Mayhem says:

    Rub Roh,

    Can you count to 1 billion re: bond issue plus the 2 billion already owed!

    Male/Female…… Diverse or not….. All voters will pay the debt!

    Responsible leadership that’s what’s needed!

  16. Mia says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading! Nora a bully?? Really??? I have been to many meetings and have seen disrespectful behavior from Mr. Runcie and other board members. Nora has our backs.More importantly she does what is right for the kids!!!

  17. Mia says:

    Once again I AM NOT David B…I am a teacher who has been around for a long time. I’ve seen too many fools on that board… Nora is fair and respected. YOU must be the Loon!!

  18. OH!! says:

    So you are one of those ineffective teachers that has been in the classroom too long who finds time during the school day to blog instead of teaching. It now makes sense that Nora is your friend.

  19. Mia says:

    You made me laugh. I am an excellent educator and have been teaching for many years. Hopefully you have had a teacher of my caliber. Someone hasn’t taught you how to be respectful. I do not have time to blog from the classroom. You are welcome to visit me if you’d like.