School Board Ignores Bid Rigging Charges




How’s the $800 million school bond you approved in November going so far?

Just as cynics like me predicted:

Not so well.

Here are the highlights:

* The School Board will allow the staff to pick the all-important project managers overseeing the spending in closed door meetings.

This is a reversal of promises made to voters during the bond referendum campaign. Then voters were promised that the process would be public and transparent.

The reason behind this betrayal of the public is easy to suss out. The timorous School Board – with the exception of member Nora Rupert – is worried that making the process public will encourage the “press or other naysayers,” which is what member Ann Murray calls the Board critics.

The School Board this week ignored a complaint of bid rigging from whistleblower Michael Marchetti, who helped expose past corruption in schools construction.

In fact, Board member Abby Freedman appeared to belittle Marchetti. How’s that for encouraging school employees to do what’s right and report wrongdoing?

Marchetti told school police and Runcie that the project manager job was being secretly steered to Jacobs Project Management Company.

The problem: Marchetti told the wrong people.

Jacobs is obviously a favorite of Runcie, who handed them a $1.3 million-plus contract in the run up to the bond referendum last year. For that money, Jacobs determine which schools needed repairs…although the school system’s own staff did some of the work.

And need I say, Marchetti has been around long enough to know that he would never get justice from the school “police”.   They are toadies for the school administration. They march to Runcie’s tune.

(An aside: I have long supported turning over the school system’s police functions to a real independent law enforcement agency like Broward Sheriff’s Office. The higher ups inside the school system are frightened by such a move. Administrators want a force of flunkies with badges to enforce their diktats. )

Marchetti also accused Jacobs of breaking the School Board’s cone of silence rule, which forbids the firm from lobbying certain staff members.

School Board members had the option of punishing the firm or forbidding it from rebidding on the project manager’s job. Rupert pushed this option.

Other members ignored Rupert, preferring instead to do nothing about a violation of their own rules.

* Any repairs promised using bond money obviously have been delayed because the selection of the project manager is back to square one.

The School Board is going down the same path as before, led by Runcie. The superintendent wants all the decision-making power in his hands and the enablers at the School Board are very willing to accommodate him.

School Board and Runcie believe the approval of the bonds gave them free rein. They believe the approval was proof that the public believes they are doing a good job.

Not true.

Broward voters approved the bonds because they knew the schools needed fixing…regardless of the buffoons running system.

And with few exceptions like Rupert, the same third rate managers are running the schools today as the day before the bond referendum.



40 Responses to “School Board Ignores Bid Rigging Charges”

  1. Alice McGill says:

    The end result of Runcie’s likely mismanagement of the $800 million school repair/renovation bond issue is another negative mark against public education. If the money is mismanaged the real projects that are need to improve the traditional public schools will not happen and the students will be shortchanged. Also, if the work is not done in a timely manner, students will be expected to perform academically within a construction zone for months on end. The public will judge the schools as incompetent and flee to charter or private schools.

    Examples of delayed construction are South Plantation High School, Boyd Anderson High School, Dillard High School, and many more.

    School Board members are assigned to represent specific schools. Perhaps they should remember they are responsible to the parents and students who attend those schools, not the bureaucracy of the Superintendent’s office.

    The comments of Ann Murray: making the process public will encourage the “press or other naysayers” validate the concern of people that bureaucrats are not honest with the public. Ms. Murray, you are an elected public servant. It is time to act like one.

  2. toldyaso says:

    I fully support our public schools and our children. I did not support this bond issue. Not, that I did not believe that money was needed for repairs and building BUT this plan was done on the fly. There is is an old adage measure twice cut once. We didn’t measure at all. We had very little in place when this was voted on. I am not going into the merits of some of the projects but the way this plan, or lack thereof, was put together. No real oversight, no vetting, no nothing except sound bites. Shame on the voters of Broward County for not doing THEIR due diligence.

  3. Mia says:

    More of the same. I feel like I’m in The Twilight Zone. Buddy you hit the nail on the head! Only Rupert has a clue. Now the Krafts walk free too!

  4. carolina says:

    I knew from the beginning that this bond issue was a “farce”. I happily voted NO. Ignorance is Bliss surely applies in this situation. Shame on the voters who did not do their homework & were taken in by these false promises.
    In my estimation, Nora Rupert is the only board member totally committed to the students & teachers of the Broward County School System. She has the nerve to speak up. We need her.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The path to destruction is laid out already. These School Board members are just Moms working above their pay grade. they are facing a Chicago shark who stabs everybody in the back who opposes him and lies constantly to the staff and Board to get his way.

  6. Maybe! says:

    At some point we need an investigation. The state attorney needs to get involved and it is time for the board to come under the thumb of the Broward Inspector generals office.

  7. Maybe! says:

    I filed a formal complaint and asked for an investigation with Pam Biondi’s office this morning we shall see what comes of it if anything.

  8. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    Buddy you are absolutely correct. I couldn’t agree with you more. No charter schools has its own police department. School Board complains it has no money. Push those staff to BSO. I estimate with over 20 police officers and support staff it cost over 3 million dollars a year to hire your own cover up department. Money which could be better spent in the classroom.

  9. Joann says:

    I’m tried of these stories! Is there no way for the schools to change a light bulb without the appearance of side deals?

    Marchetti has a history of being right about these things. Unfortunately Mike’s only audience seems to be outside the school system. If he is no longer employed there Nora Rupert should push for him to be on the facilities task force and if there is a bond committee he should be on that too. Is there a better way to get his voice heard?

  10. Maybe! says:

    Grand jury: We would abolish inept School Board

    February 19, 2011|By Megan O’Matz, Sun Sentinel

  11. Peter McIntosh says:

    Okay!!!! I am getting tired as Business as usual with the School Board but I am also cognizant of the fact that Michael Marchetti has been able to identify corruption on so many occasions.

    This however also reminds me of the story of the little town that was going through a period of time where there was a rash of unexplained fires. So this little boy seems to be always the first to sound the alarm and always first on the scene to explain to the fire Chief what he saw. After months guess who was starting the fires.

    Mr. Marchetti when he first went to SBBC Maintenance Department he went to report to the State Attorney’s office of corruption in regards to the purchase of floor tiles and carpets. One of the Managers Marchetti accused spent thousands of dollars defending him from the baseless allegations. Ultimately the Manager was vindicated.

    A few years ago the same whistleblower filed a Law Suit on behalf of the State with allegations that four contractors were improperly compensated for a major thrust by Mike Garretson during the Class size reduction mandate from the state. So if Marchetti prevailed from the law suit he would have gained a sizeable percentage of whatever monies was recovered. Ultimately the case was dropped after the attorneys advised Marchetti of the consequences if the contractors prevailed. That is the Plaintiff would be liable for the defendants legal expense and possible restitution for liable and slanderous allegations by Mr. Marchetti.

    Mr. Marchetti had Bob Norman ambush Tom Linder and Runcie when Tom Linder was in the middle of resolving a claim from a Contractor. Marchetti‘s opinion, which was later debunked, was that there was no entitlement to the contractor.

    Then Bev Gallegar was entrapped by law enforcement as a result of Marchetti accusations. I cannot defend the ultimate failure of Gallegar but she was vulnerable because of her personal situation of a pending divorce and personal financial difficulties.

    Now the Jacobs issue. Marchetti in his sworn statement admitted that he provided his Resume’ to Jacobs after they were deemed to be ranked Number one for the Program Management Contract. It was only after his Resume was evaluated by the Corporate Office and deemed inadequately qualified for the position he was eyeing, did all the reports start circulating about breach of the cone of silence.

    So he gets an inappropriate phone call, the prudent thing to have done would be to terminate the call immediately. No instead he continues the conversation providing insider information and then report a violation of the cone of silence when he found out he would not be considered for employment with the Program Managers. He went to lunch with the executives of the company (Did he pay for his own meal??) Then turns around to finger Messier as rigging the bids because he said he was happy and very comfortable with Jacobs as the front runner.
    This whistle blower is all about what is in it for himself!!! He will continue to lead Rupert down the wrong path and she will also continue to stand out as a sore thumb.


    I can’t attest to the accuracy of any of this except the vignette about Bev Gallagher, the former School Board members. As far as I know, Marchetti had nothing to do with that case. It was former Sunrise City Commissioner Sheila Alu, a friend of Gallagher’s, who sicced FBI undercover agents on Gallagher. Gallagher was divorced for many years at that point.

  12. Peter McIntosh says:

    I am thinking,the State Attorney should investigate Michael Marchetti. There is obviously an additional cost to be charged to the tax payers,since the process must be Re-Bid.

    Buddy, ask Marchetti for a copy of the sworn statement he provided to the school board attorney. His own admissions makes him complicit at the very least in the violation of the ethically standards of a Public Employee. I would like to know if any laws were broken.

  13. Peter Mcintosh says:

    Oh I also forgot to mention that Mitch Kraft was found not guilty. Stephanie Kraft was found no0t guilty of the most serious charges.

    The only successful whistle Blower Case so far is the one where his wife was paid over $180,000 by SBBC.

  14. Talks like a politician says:

    @#12 and #13
    There were hundreds of thousands of dollars over billed to the SBBC by Harvey F., a private contractor, for floor tile and the glue to put it down. Harvey would turn in invoices for more tile than was needed to complete jobs. This practice was stopped when a School Board employee realized that Harvey was cheating. The employee measured the jobs and turned in the correct amount of tile needed.
    The director of maintenance took the information from the SBBC employee and decided the school system would order the tile and Harvey would provide installation. Just another example of privatization gone sour.

    As for Lindner, the guy hired many of his old Navy buddies who moved into various offices in School Board buildings, never talked to anyone but themselves, and drove brand new pickup trucks with School Board fuel back and forth to their homes. Who ambushed who?

  15. Peter aka Moquin says:

    The Grand Jury 2011 report would have abolished the Board, if they could. One of the main reasons is “the Board ‘s inability to provide oversight to the Facilities and Construction dept” . If you don ‘t read it you can ‘t avoid it. This Board is heading down the same path, led by Runcie and his corrupt Chicago crew . When is it ok to blame the guy who did the right thing? How come Runcie didn’t throw bids out in January when Mike went to him? It took pressure from the Board.

  16. Becky Blackwood says:

    Mr. McIntosh,
    Don’t shoot the messenger. In all of the investigations by the Grand Jury (laypersons), other School Board employees testified about the corruption in the School Board. As I pointed out before, you may look to the individuals who were heading the facilities department – i.e., an aeronautical engineer (you know airplanes), a nautical engineer (ships) and PE coach, an expert in building prisons – does that mean any type of engineering can construct educational facilities and how many of them had experience in educational design and construction codes, i.e., the State Requirements for Educational Facilities – SREF – zippo. Board members, in the past, promised their constituents new construction or additions, renovations and remodeling would always be completed in August of each year no matter if there were life safety code violations or not – remember the 350 temporary certificates of occupancies with less than 20 Certificates of Occupants in more than 5 years. Also, paying for services for inspections that were never performed to an outside consultant who did not provide qualified licensed individuals to perform the services. All of these were approved by Board Members who received information from those aeronautical engineers, nautical engineers, PE coaches and prison construction specialists. The only individual who followed the law and the industry standards of design and construction was the Facilities Director Patrick Renfro who was fired in the late 90’s because he was too slow and tried to reorganize a corrupt department. Employees were not allowed to communicate with Board Members and when we did, we had to do it in secret. On one occasion, I advised Mrs. Kraft of a change order in the $200,000 range that was covered by the contractor’s contract in advance of it being presented to the Board, gave her the reason why but she approved it anyway. Don’t forget the Construction Management at Risk projects which had no risks. In fact they had hundreds of thousands of dollars of contingency which drove the profit margin for the contractors between 25-35 percent which industry standard is usually 10 per cent. The Board Members approved these, too. I can attest to the fact the School Board would not have settled with Marchetti’s wife for $180,000 if there wasn’t evidence to substantiate the award. My son said I should have accepted the $600,000 they offered me when I filed a lawsuit in 2001 but I was naïve to believe School Board employees, i.e, Dr. Frank Till and Robert Goode would tell the truth on the stand but they lied. I only wanted the enforcement of building codes which was never taken seriously by upper administrators. Don’t forget our problems with mold and mildew. EPA was brought in by the Auditing Department to establish procedures which have now been discarded. NPR did not report Broward County as one of the most corrupt counties in the country for no reason during all of this. I am a member of the Facilities Task Force and there is a lot of work to be done to correct the corrupt practices of the past and it will take the involvement of ethical public members to press for more transparency and non corrupt practices like bid rigging. You might try sitting in on a QSEC selection to see the design and construction qualifications of the individuals who were on the selection committee – the majority had no construction or design experience.

  17. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    McIntosh: Where to begin to deal with your water-carrying diatribe. Your “facts” are obviously created for the occasion.

    Gallagher was not entrapped. She took the money and put it in her doggy bag, freely. She fought every reform that we tried to get and called us out publicly.

    Those of us who were on the Facilities Task Force and the Audit Committee saw the blatant corruption and lack of consequences for years. The auditors and the Task Force members were castigated by the corruptors just as you are doing now.

    We experienced first hand what happened with Lindner and Co. Try reading the Audit Reports and the minutes of the Audit Committee and Facilities Task Force before exposing yourself publicly.

    The Board, Sup’t. and Legal Counsel circled the wagons and decreed everything was just fine. Even the Grand Jury couldn’t make the culture change.

    Becky, the Board is now in the mode of eviscerating the Facilities Task Force, with Member Osgood wondering if it’s a “rogue” committee because they want to establish an independent website. This is after the Sup’t. said the district can’t support a website for them. Am I remembering correctly that you came out in favor of the bond?

    What this district needs is state oversight and a forensic audit. But I guess someone with connections, like then-Senator Nan Rich did, will prevail upon the Senate President or the House Speaker not to act.

    And yes I among others told you this would happen if they got the $800 million.

  18. Maybe! says:

    One of the recommendations was for a super who would stand up to the board and clearly define the Superintendents role and the boards role. I think he has done that. Those who do not like it are clearly stuck in the past.

  19. Peter McIntosh says:

    Becky and Charlotte you have both missed the main concern of my previous posts.

    Becky, remember you posted some time ago that you had an attorney who told you that you were a habitual liar and one who wanted to recuse himself from your case because you refused to take his advice.

    Charlotte the main concern of my post was that Michael Marchetti, is complicit in the violation of the code of silence and he only provide a sworn statement to the School Board Police after he did not get the job he applied for with Jacobs.

    The chatter about the circumvention of the QSEC Committee, is at the very least disingenuous, since all those who would justify the entrapment of Beverly Gallagher took issue with the potential influence Board Members had, simply by having their appointees vote on the decisions of the Committee.

    The same is true for the Facilities Task Force. That is the potential of Board influence by proxy, though their appointees on the Committees.

    Like the Gieco Commercial says “Did you know that words can hurt you”. Marchetti should ride away in the sunset with Ms. Greenbarg and Becky Blackwood while trying to avoid being knocked off the horse by the word, “END”.

    THE END!!!!!

  20. Michael Marchetti says:


    Allow me to help you with the facts that you claim to know. I first put Mr. Runcie on notice that the RFP was not being properly administered on December 15, 2014. He quickly called me and claimed that everything was fine and going as planned. I received the infamous phone call, in my statement from Jacobs, on January 10, 2015. I sent an email to Mr. Runcie on January 13, 2015 documenting the phone call from Jacobs and outlining my concerns regarding the phone call, a curious relationship between Mr. Messier and Jacobs, and the selection process.

    I clearly outed Jacobs and what I believed to be a process that might have been rigged and asked Mr. Runcie to have an independent investigation into the matter. I announced my retirement on January 22, 2015. It wasn’t until then, nine days after I had outed Jacobs that they offered me a potential position. Prior to that date there was never any discussion or hint of that possibility. When Jacobs arranged to quickly send out two executives to look at the previous work I had done, again after I put Mr. Runcie on notice and prior to Jacobs knowing that, I simply continued to document their efforts in order to provide information to Mr. Runcie with the hope that he would investigate.

    I know you want to believe and desperately need to shoot the messenger as that is all any off you bobble heads have to cling to in your feeble attempts to marginalize the facts. Since you are so sure of yourself and your lame claims as to my complicity in this, please provide us an explanation as to how I thought or could dream of obtaining a position with Jacobs after I had already alleged their participation in a potential conspiracy. Perhaps I thought Mr. Runcie would keep it secret and not tell them. Perhaps Jacobs would overlook my allegations and just say what the hell let’s take a chance on him anyway. One thing is for sure working for them was never even a fleeting thought in my mind, but in yours, who knows what you can conjure up.

  21. Peter McIntosh says:

    Why send them your resume’???? As per your sworn statement.

    Why continue a phone call that you thought was inappropriate in regards to a cone of silence?

    Why go out to lunch with the executives of Jacobs?

    What was the discussion about?

    Did you pay for your own lunch?

    Maybe you should scan and post your sworn statement on this blog?

  22. Peter McIntosh says:

    “a curious relationship between Mr. Messier and Jacobs, and the selection process.”

    Mr. Marchetti, because Messier told you he worked with one of the executives before and that he was very comfortable with there ability to execute the Contract professionally is that a curious relationship.

    When and Under and what circumstances and where did you observe a curious relationship?

    Was Messier on the selection committee?

    What was your official role if any, with respect to the selection of the Program Managers?

    Were you under any pressure by Messier in respect to any work product you produced being sud standard?

  23. Joann says:

    It is surprising that we have “messengers”. And I don’t want to shoot anyone, even if I disagree with them. Seems to me we should have staff, administration and board members who work with facts and don’t need messengers to shine sun on issues like ths.

    Peter is laying out some history as he sees it. As usual Mike Marchetti is documenting his facts very clearly and with specifics. Sunshine and specifics will bring us to clarity.

  24. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    I’m amazed even at this point of McIntosh’s ignorance.

    He thinks QSEC has all Board appointees on it.

    He thinks the Facilities Task Force is made up primarily of Board appointees.

    He doesn’t bother to look at, or chooses to ignore, the composition of the committees. Much less read the audit reports, minutes or attend some meetings.

    He doesn’t know, or chooses to ignore, the fact that the FBI gave Mike an award for his contributions to their investigations.

    Classic, as Mike says, bobble head.

  25. Peter McIntosh says:

    Charlotte Greenbarg
    I am always amazed with your arrogance and insultive attitude demonstrated by your caustic comments, without addressing the real issues being discussed.

    Ignorance is not necessarily a negative judgement of the character of a person but arrogance is. Ignorance can be remedied with accurate information. Arrogance on the other hand………..

    Contrary to what you believe there are other opinions and like you, Michael Marchetti is trying shift the conversation from the real issue.

    I have an opinion as to who is the real bobble head.

    I never said the Facilities Task Force is made up primarily of Board appointees nor did I say QSEC has all Board appointees on it. I said the Committees do have Board appointees on them and therefore the ripe possibility of proxy influence from the Board. That was in fact a finding of the Grand Jury Report which took issue with the Board Members involvement in the day to day administrative decisions that should be left at the Superintendent’s level.

    I could not care less about the Audit Reports of the internal SBBC Auditors, nor the FBI award. As Rupert said at the Board meeting; “This does not past the sniff test”. I personally smell something fishy with Michael Marchetti and I believe he should be investigated.

    Complicit with the violation of a Code of Silence and submitting his Resume” to a Potential SBBC Consultant after Marchetti knew they participated in Bid Rigging.

    Try the sniff test!!!!!

  26. Michael Marchetti says:

    Peter or is it Derek,

    How do you know that Derek told me he had worked with one of the Jacobs executives before? That alone didn’t make me curious, then. It wasn’t until that executive flew in to meet with Derek and we had lunch. Why would Jacobs spend money for a reunion if there was nothing to gain in the future? Of course the closure for me was on that Saturday when the Jacobs executive told me that he believed they had the inside track to the contract because you, I mean Derek, had worked together for ten years in Chicago and that the both of you had a great relationship. I hope that helps clarify that issue for you.

    I do like your idea of posting all of this information, if Buddy will send me his email address and wants to share it I will begin forwarding him the documents. You could get a head start on that process by contacting any of the Board Members or FDLE for that matter they have them all as well.

    If you still want or need to make this a Mike Marchetti issue instead of focusing on the real issue of lack of transparency or shady dealings in upper administration that is your call.

    As far as why I allowed the phone calls and dozens of emails to Mr. Runcie that went ignored, you should know this. I worked with several branches of law enforcement for more years than I care to think about now regarding school board issues. All of them often lamented that they didn’t have someone close to the top to be in on the inner circle discussions and decisions. When Mr. Runcie hired me a little more than two years ago as his special assistant he did so to keep me close and quiet. I went to work watching and documenting just what he wanted me to do. Problem is Mr. Runcie never followed through with his promises to correct most of the issues. Problem for him is I kept doing my job documenting and now he gets to live with his decisions.

  27. Michael Marchetti says:

    Peter or Derek,

    A few more answers. As you know I was the project manager for the needs assessment project. Jacobs was the consultant helping us with that project. I worked very closely with the Jacobs needs assessment team and in my role as project manager we went to lunch many times. They offered to buy my lunch in the beginning but soon found that offer was never going to be excepted. I paid for all of my lunches and in fact on the day the executive flew in from Chicago you, I mean Derek, paid for my lunch. But then you already knew all of this didn’t you.

  28. Michael Marchetti says:

    Sorry accepted.

  29. Michael Marchetti says:


    There was or is an investigation into this matter, you know the one you keep referring to, the one I gave a sworn statement in. I am wondering where that report is. Seems like nobody wants to talk about it. The Board Members didn’t mention it or request it publicly. You continue to act like there was none and want to start another one. I say lets have a look at the one the school board police just completed. Or is it complete? Why don’t you ask to have it scanned and published on this site. Here’s my Karnack like prediction, it will cause more questions than it provides answers or closure.

    The audit reports Charlotte refers to aren’t a thing of the past they are current and are happening on Runcie’s watch. They have all said the same things over and over again with no sign of institutional improvements. This RFP a prime example. I have answered your questions now I have one for you. Runcie and his new crew made up of former Notter crew members and recently added Chicago crew members have labled the auditors as rogue, seeking vendettas, and incompetent. This despite the fact the Mr. Reilly’s work product and reputation are impeccable. They have also labled the Facilities Task Force as rogue and his crew along with the Board have failed to listen to their recommendations or concerns. I have been called disgruntled, a pariah, crazy, and recently named by you as a pyromaniac. So every entity tasked with identifying issues and making sound recommendations to improve operations is considered rogue by Runcie and his new crew. So my question to you is how long do you think it will be before the Bond Over Site Committee is labled rogue?

  30. whiplash says:

    Charlotte is now advocating for the QSEC process when in this very blog I have heard her question vendors selected through the process.
    A year ago she didn’t like that URS was selected, even though it went through QSEC. Now you don’t like Jabobs being selected and it didn’t go through the process. If it would finally let the district move forward and get to work I would be fine with Mrs Greenbarg and Mr Marchetti selecting the company yourselves.

  31. Peter McIntosh says:

    Michael Marchetti, I am not sure Derek Messier would not want to take credit for my comments; however the bottom line is that you may not remember what you said in your Sworn Statement, so to avoid any confusion, and then post the Sworn Statement.

    So it appears that your real role is as a FBI Informant. That is fine, and if there is a criminal enterprise requiring infiltration, I fully support this action. On the other hand if you are self-appointed as an Informant who is manipulating information for personal gain then that is another matter. For example a Payout to your wife of over $180,000 or a high profile high paying job with a “corrupt’ organization then that is another matter.

    Did you send your resume to Jacobs before you went to FDLE or School Board Police?

    Why send them your Resume’? Was this part of the plans for the FBI Informant?

    Was the Needs Assessment a part of the Program Manager’s contract?

    Why was it necessary for you to meet with the executives of Jacobs to discuss the selection of the Program Contract?

    The Sniff Test.

  32. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @26 – Buddy’s email is:

    It’s visible on this website – click on either “Links” or “Q & As”.

  33. Becky Blackwood says:

    Yes, Charlotte, I voted for the 800 million dollar bond knowing that the existing conditions at our schools do not protect the health, safety and welfare of the students and the public who inhabit them. The Facilities Task Force is not composed of all Board members representatives – about half of the Board have a representative at the meetings.

    I do not understand why Ms. Osgood would be concerned about the Facilities Task Force having a website within the School District’s website. In fact, why would anyone be concerned about having a website outside the School District when the District says they do not have room for our website. We have sent information requests and recommendations to the School Board in the last 2 years with no response from the School Board. What is the purpose of an advisory committee if the Board refuses to interact with them?

    Mr. McIntosh – I never said I had an attorney who accused me of lying. I did say the School Board’s attorney, Eugene Pettis, stated on my video deposition HE lied all of the time – after he asked me if I lied. I had said I tried to tell the truth all of the time. Mr. Pettis was also the past president of the Florida Bar. Gives you confidence in his legal representation right. He filed 2 appeals against the State of Florida’s Administrative Judge’s ruling I had done nothing wrong. Both appeals were denied. For this Pettis fee was $150,000; my attorney $149,000. The judge instructed the District to put me back to work in my old position but the Board refused and terminated me. During the time of my termination investigation, the School Board requested as their employee to represent them on several cases in litigation. The total sums of money returned to the District caused by my representation and advice totaled more than $7 million dollars. I never filed for any whistleblowing funds after a previous judge ruled I was a whistleblower nor di
    d I accept a $600,000 settlement from the School Board (taxpayers). I only wanted enforcement of building codes in school construction and found state agencies lacking in performing their statutorial responsibilities.
    That judge found I was a whistleblower, and acts of discrimination and harassment had been committed against me.

    As to not taking another attorney’s advice who wanted to recuse themselves, your facts are incorrect. This attorney turned against me and the other two inspectors filing the lawsuit when the School Board in their wisdom proposed to pay her fee of $200,000 if she could get us to settle at our first negotiation meeting. We, three, were offered $10,000. Then it became the School Board, their employees and our attorney harassing us. That same attorney refused to release our case when two other attorneys agree to take case and then scheduled an appointment with the judge to recuse herself the Friday before the trial on Monday. The judge changed – she changed her mind but she accepted a jury member whose parents were best friends with Board Member Bob Parks.

    I question now why there is no structural, mechanical or civil engineer on the School Board’s staff in the Building Department. Who is Mr. Messier getting his technical advice from – after all his education is not in architecture, engineering or construction. I happen to agree with Mike Marchetti – Mr Messier should not have met with prospective consultants with the School Board with home he had a 20 year history. Mr. Messier stated when I first met him, he was going to cut construction costs, beginning with replacing the stainless steel metal in roofing for galvanized aluminum. I had to remind him galvanize aluminum would rust within half the life of the roof and the costs would increase by having to remove and replace the metal twice. Plus we have salty air here not fresh water like Chicago. It is my understanding the construction specifications are being reduced in their quality, similar to residential quality. We do not need to reduce the quality of our construction materials because that only increases our maintenance costs. Who is advising Mr. Messier? Mr. Messier has never experienced hurricanes such as those we have in this area which could jeopardize the sustainability of our buildings.

    Why do we have just one roofing contractor constructing our roofs? Why is Mr. Runcie having lunch with that company’s representative?

    Mr. McIntosh, perhaps, if you had watched this corruption for as long as Mike, Charlotte and I have, you could understand our frustration and “arrogance” from knowing you the public have no clue and neither does the School Board.

    It is my understanding the School Board can request an Inspector General without Legislative approval. It would insure the public’s trust and create transparency in this construction bond program.

  34. Peter McIntosh says:

    “Broward schools pay $275,00 in whistleblower case

    December 30, 2013|By Scott Travis, Sun Sentinel”


    April 30, 2011
    Marty Rubinstein School Board
    “I disagree with the character of Marchetti’s whistle blower lawsuit.
    The 25 “unknown” conspirators is more than likely a lawyer’s trick to bleed more money out of an already financially strapped school district.
    According to the Sun Sentinel: “The aim of building plans examiner Michael Marchetti’s whistle blower suit: recover millions dollars for taxpayers — and himself.”

    The taxpayers will wind up paying one way or another.
    If the suit succeeds, most of the money will wind up coming from the district. If it fails, the money for defending the lawsuit will come from the district anyway since I doubt Marchetti is in a financial position to pay the costs.”

    “In an interview with a reporter, Marchetti said McDaniell also violated the Cone of Silence policy by calling him several times between Jan. 22 and Jan. 26 to discuss the possibility of Marchetti working for Jacobs. Marchetti recently had decided to retire from the school district.
    At McDaniell’s request, Marchetti said he emailed McDaniell his resume on Jan. 25.

    On Jan. 26, three Jacobs executives met with Marchetti to talk about the advantages Marchetti would bring to Jacobs. Marchetti’s sworn statement says the executives told him his knowledge of the school district’s software and programs would help Jacobs “get a leg up” and “make them look good” on the pending project.

    February 10, Marchetti told Detective Costello that he considered that meeting a “pretty blatant” violation of the Cone of Silence policy.

  35. Michael Marchetti says:

    Peter or whomever,

    Please see the answers to your questions in quotations below:

    Michael Marchetti, I am not sure Derek Messier would not want to take credit for my comments; however the bottom line is that you may not remember what you said in your Sworn Statement, so to avoid any confusion, and then post the Sworn Statement.
    So it appears that your real role is as a FBI Informant. That is fine, and if there is a criminal enterprise requiring infiltration, I fully support this action. On the other hand if you are self-appointed as an Informant who is manipulating information for personal gain then that is another matter. For example a Payout to your wife of over $180,000 or a high profile high paying job with a “corrupt’ organization then that is another matter.

    “You are kidding me right. How exactly could I manipulate information that would cause the school board to pay me and my wife anything? Are you suggesting that their attorneys are stupid or incompetent? In fact they hired a very high priced and well known and successful labor attorney to defend them. When he heard all of the evidence he suggested the school board return her to work immediately. We chose the one time payout instead.”

    Did you send your resume to Jacobs before you went to FDLE or School Board Police?

    “Yes I went to FDLE very early on and way before any job offer from Jacobs. I did not go to the school board police they called me for a statement.”

    Why send them your Resume’? Was this part of the plans for the FBI Informant?

    “Mr. Runcie’s instructions to me and part of my task assignment was to keep him informed of anything or anyone that could hurt the District. I have always done that for him. Sending Jacobs my resume was an example of assembling a complete package to eliminate as much ambiguity or speculation on the data supplied as possible. It is a tactic known as keeping them on the line. I am not a current FBI informant, for all technical aspects I have been a paid informant for Mr. Runcie.”

    Was the Needs Assessment a part of the Program Manager’s contract?


    Why was it necessary for you to meet with the executives of Jacobs to discuss the selection of the Program Contract?

    “Again I was documenting all of the activities associated with what I believed to be a potential bid rigging scheme.”

    The Sniff Test.

    “Still want to make this about me. I would suggest again that you would focus your efforts on having the District improve its operations unless you want to continue to be seen as just another bobble head for administration. My statement is in the police report or should be. Speaking about something that smells bad, I still don’t hear you wanting that to be posted. Please tell me what you smell now.”

  36. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says Peter is right there is an unmistakable stench to this posting. Karnack says it is Peter that smells. Karnack says Peter has the fragrance of a condiment or special sauce. Karnack says this condiment is known for playing both sides of the fence to his own personal gain. Karnack says Peter thinks he is and has fooled people. Karnack says not so fast special sauce.

  37. Peter McIntosh says:

    Ok Michael I hope you know that everything you post here will become quite possible evidence during cross-examination. So this is the end just post your sworn statement and let’s move on Until the total investigation is wrapped up.
    Your post here contradicts your sworn statement. This does not pass the sniff test for me

    Charlotte Becky Michael the end.

    . In The privacy of your own home try the sniff test

  38. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Welcome back, Amazing Karnack! You’re spot on about “Peter” as usual.

    Peter, who disparages the Office of the Chief Auditor, just as the members of the Chicago and Broward mafia do and have done for years.

    And those of use who know Karnack remember he called it all the way to the Grand Jury.

  39. Becky Blackwood says:

    If you mean this is the end of the diatribe you are trying to use to convince anyone you know what you are talking about – finally. Interesting, if one is harassed, lied about, discriminated against and then defends themselves they are after financial reward. The one thing you do not understand is the Board has a legal department of at least 5 attorneys plus a whole list of legal consultants – they wouldn’t be offering a settlement if they thought they could win in court. If you are an ethical person and you speak out against corruption, you are persecuted by the upper administrators who promote corruption and attacked by your own staff who are afraid of losing their jobs and become corrupt in the process. Three Grand Juries spoke of the corruption in the School District’s construction program since 1995 and yet the only action ever taken was by the FBI. The State Attorney’s office said they had more important cases than the School Board’s when they were pursing Ken Jenne for $100,000 and the School Board’s corruption fell into the millions. John Countryman, the state attorney assigned to the School Board’s case said he didn’t understand construction so he couldn’t tell which reported information was correct but his Grand Jury of laypersons understood. Doing the same thing over and over again with the same unqualified individuals and corrupt individuals and expecting a different result is truly insanity. It is truly apparent you are after Mike Marchetti because you certainly do not have answers to my information or questions. So who are you? and who do you represent?

  40. LMAO says:

    Peter you are embarrassing yourself and Mike, as always, so very proud of you.