School Board: Gallagher Out, Gottlieb In


Word from inside the School Board is that Bev Gallagher has lost her bid to be named vice chair.


Gallagher was quietly jockeying to have other Board members anoint her vice chair (See Browardbeat, September 15) when they meet to pick leaders later this month.  

The post of vice chair is not really the prize.  What’s important is that vice chair traditionally leads to being named chair the following year. 

Chair is the public face of education in Broward.  It’s a titular head of the School Board and comes with lots of publicity, plus the power to run the meetings. 

But Gallagher has done it before. 

So naming Gallagher would be a bad move.    Newer members like Jennifer Gottlieb and Phyllis Hope have never served. 


It appears now that Gottlieb will be named vice chair, probably followed by Hope.

That’s the only fair way to do it. 


3 Responses to “School Board: Gallagher Out, Gottlieb In”

  1. PTA parent says:

    Didn’t I hear that Gallagher get her real job from a School Board lobbyist? If that is true she shouldn’t be on the Board, much less chair.

  2. Killmenow says:

    I met Gallagher at a party for a candidate for Sheriff, and I wrote an email to her afterwards to say that it was a pleasure to meet her, etc. She never responded. Think that’s no big deal? It is. I voted for her opponent. A simple “thank you” would have sufficed.

  3. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Term limits, term limits, term limits, we need new blood and new ideas on the School Board.