School Board Evaluates Runcie: Praise, Some Criticism


Broward School Board members continued their love affair with Superintendent Robert Runcie in their second evaluation of him this year.

But they cautioned that his administration remains a work in progress.


School Superintendent Robert Runcie

Seven Board members rated Runcie “effective”.

One ranked him “highly effective”.

Member Nora Rupert said he “needed improvement”.

Runcie became superintendent last year with orders to change the direction of the system, which was plagued with mismanagement and corruption.

Several Board members warned Runcie that he needed to communicate his goals and their cost better.

“The costs of structural changes remain unclear,” wrote member Maureen Dinnen, who rated him effective.

A former state teacher’s union leader and teacher, Dinnen was extremely concerned with the way employees being “surplused, laid-off, terminated, etc” and complained she “did not have any facts…I believe we need to show real humanity especially in how we deal with employees who have been loyal and hardworking for a long time. I am not sure we are doing this.”

Member Donna Korn cautioned Runcie he “needs to continue reaching out to all stakeholders and strengthen the connection with our business community…”

Member Katie Leach wrote, “I have enjoyed working with you over the last several months.  Your common sense approach to education is appreciated.”

The only member to rate Runcie as needing improvement, Rupert wrote, “Communications piece must be addressed soon.”

She also had pointed criticism of Runcie’s conduct during public meetings:

“His lack of responses during the board meeting when Ms. Good and I asked him direct questions – that will not be accepted again.”

Member Robin Bartleman praised Runcie for “focusing our District on its core mission, student achievement.  He is also creating a continuous improvement model for all departments…it is difficult to change the status quo.  Mr. Runcie is on track to affect positive change in Broward County Public Schools.”

The evaluations will be discussed at a workshop next week.

The full evaulations can be seen here.



6 Responses to “School Board Evaluates Runcie: Praise, Some Criticism”

  1. KCWright says:

    Nora Rupert is the only one with guts on the Board. If an employee refuses to answer your question publicly like Runcie, you chastise him. You don’t give him a good evaluation.

  2. Nola says:

    The Board allows Runcie to hire administrators and pay for it with employees like teachers, bus drivers and security guards. Of course they are going to praise him.

  3. Organizational Chart says:

    Where can we find a current organizational chart showing ALL employees not working in a local school and what the proposal to eliminate area offices would do?

    FROM BUDDY: I’m not sure. It was among the backup material on an agenda posted online a few weeks ago. I don’t know if it is still posted on under the School Board’s e-agenda. It takes some poking around.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Direct link to the org chart. I think the real story isn’t in the evaluation but the transition action committee being proposed at Tuesday’s workshop under the boundary process.

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Of course some employyees will get the ax,to Memeber Dinnen comments. also Nora Rupert what is it you want him to do ? I mean really. Super Runcie is doing a good job. Now please let him do hi s job. Where’s Member Good assessment?That should be “good” Boy if your friends in Chicago could see you now Mr.Runcie.

  6. Teacher Tom says:

    Runcie is the man! He has done great things for the schools. It seems he is spending so much time on cleaning up after the others. I believe that soon he will do great things for teachers and most importantly the students. Give the man a chance!