School Board Candidate Picks Wrong Audience To Praise Republicans




Major rule of politics: You gotta know your audience.

Broward School Board candidate Allen Zeman learned this lesson the hard way when he said the four Republicans that Gov. Ron DeSantis picked last week were accomplishing “useful work…focusing on the things that do matter the most.”

His audience was The Century Village Democratic Club of Pembroke Pines, which consists of highly partisan Democrats.

Democratic activists who comprise the club membership dislike DeSantis almost as much as they dislike Donald Trump. DeSantis replaced elected Democrats when he handpicked the four new GOP School Board members.

It doesn’t matter that a Grand Jury recommended the four elected School Board members be removed for incompetence.  This is The Century Village Democratic Club.

So Zeman was quickly challenged by Cynthia Busch, the former chair of the Broward Democratic Part, according to a source and a video this source supplied.

“For a self professed Democrat to be lauding the direction of DeSantis’s School Board picks was too much for Cynthia to hear and she took up the mic. (She) Wasn’t even scheduled to talk,” the source emailed Browardbeat.

“I don’t support those four….To say that to a Democratic club is not something I would agree with,” Busch said.

Her comments were applauded.

According to Browardbeat’s source, Zeman rushed out of the meeting soon after.


8 Responses to “School Board Candidate Picks Wrong Audience To Praise Republicans”

  1. Sonly says:

    You forgot to mention that the governor’s picks were ALL Republican MALES replacing all Democratic females voted in by Broward county voters. What century is the current governor living in?

  2. Question says:

    Wasn’t he a Republican until recently?

  3. David Grace says:

    He’s also an Admiral, a captain, ship mates with his best friend Desantis (his words) – I think he also has a flying pig and a time machine. This guy will say anything…

  4. Bob says:

    Sometimes it’s useful to put partisanship aside and realize that not everyone in your tribe is a saint. The see-no-evil Democrats on the School Board turned a blind eye to decades of corruption and mismanagement under the Runcie administration, and Till before Runcie. The grand jury simply confirmed what the Sun-Sentinel has reported on for years. The see-no-evil enablers of Century Village and other Democratic organizations who stand up for continuation of the unethical incompetence of the old school board do this county, our students and community a great disservice. Thank you Mr Zeman, you had my vote earlier this month, and you’ll get it again. Just say NO to Donna Korn.

    BTW I loathe DeSantis and his tainted ilk with every fiber of my being. But I’m thankful he swept a broom to clean up the frightful mess we called a School Board.

  5. Mo Turner says:

    Wasn’t he a Runsey lover to the end. If you watch him for a few minutes, any thinking person realizes he is shifty.


    No doubt the reader means Robert Runcie, the former highly controversial Broward School Superintendent who resigned from office after being charged with perjury.

  6. Real Deal says:

    Dr. Allen Zeman is endorsed by the Broward Democratic Party over Donna Korn who they rejected in this race.

    Allen Zeman has no Governor’s suspention or a serious ethics complaint hanging over his head, no Grand Jury ever accused Zeman of incompetence. Yet both cases are true with Donna Korn.

    If Donna Korn is elected, the Governor is expected to remove her, appoint yet another of his pals to the school board, this time for at least two years. And who could blame him? Electing Korn gives the Governor a free pass to do just that.

    That’s why the only rational choice for Broward voters in this race is Dr. Allen Zeman. Competence over risk and controversy.

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Some would say why hasn’t the governor removed County Dade county commissioner Martinez.Why isn’t he removed?.Then wait, Martinez states it’s all political w/ SAO Rundle- sure.U bet your ass he turned himself in.I heard he either turns himself in or I will put the cuffs on him myself.He turned himself in the next day.Then ( joke) he stated I’m not gonna attend the next commission meeting because( get this) Martinez stated didn’t want to distract the meeting- sure.I mean the guy took what was it 15G ( bribe) so some grocery store pit stop could do business as usual when Code was visiting & fining them for improper storage containers.Unreal.Atty Larry Davis can’t get him.out of this one,nor would he..So my point why hasn’t the governor remove him.He certainly removed these Demos( school bd) quite fast,although just but double standard?

  8. Well Said says:

    If anyone wishes to see how to run a school system/organization….just check out the City of Pembroke Pines managed by Mr. Charlie F. Dodge…..superb!!!


    I totally agree with this assessment. Pines should be praised for seeing a problem in the public schools system and helping to fix it.