School Board Candidate Has No Money, But Still Pays Filing Fee





Hubert St. Clair routinely paid $1,637.28 last month to run for School Board District 7 in North Broward.

Just one problem: St. Clair has not put a single dollar in his campaign account.

Any filing fee is suppose to be paid from his campaign account.  But he reported no money in his campaign.

Zippo. Nada. Nothing.


St. Clair

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So where did the money come from? That’s what Broward Election’s Office wants to know.

They sent St. Clair a letter on July 1 explaining that he wasn’t following the law.

He hasn’t responded.

If St. Clair continues to thumb his nose at the elections laws, he will be reported to the Florida Elections Commission. The commission polices election laws and can impose fines.

St. Clair is running against member Nora Rupert, who is one of the only Board members who ever questions staff decisions.

St. Clair could not be reached for comment.

Here is the letter from the elections office (click to enlarge):


Hubert St. Clair

9 Responses to “School Board Candidate Has No Money, But Still Pays Filing Fee”

  1. Le Peerman says:

    I sent an email to SOE about that too, how do you file a waiver but had to have money in your campaign account(filing fees must be paid by campaign check) This is the strangest election cycle I have ever been in. Seems the rules really don’t mean anything and the word qualify means even less.

  2. Call Dale says:

    Hubert says Dale is his best friend, maybe we should call Holness.

  3. Wow says:

    First Jason Steel for Broward Commission Seat 4 and now this guy? The state attorney should be looking into both cases.

  4. chacha says:

    a perfect candidate, fits right in.

  5. Ghost of McLovin says:

    How can the Supervisor of Elections send a notice to St. Clair? Their duties are simply ministerial.

  6. tired of the antics says:

    Not surprised to read this illegal practice. Snipes and company do not enforce the statutes for candidate filings. Snipes may not be at the counter taking the paperwork but she is responsible for ALL of her employees and their actions. She is a constitutional officer in Broward County. you would think after how many years in this position she would know the state statutes.
    Maybe she should take that pension and retire. let another person run for the job.

  7. Factsplease says:

    Are u kidding Buddy? This guy doesn’t follow rules and he’s allowed to run? This is shady, pure and simple, not what Broward needs. I won’t vote for 8 cents for him to handle- never mind 800 million.He needs to drop out now! The Board can’t handle the tiniest bit of corruption now. Dale , talk to your guy- it’s Swan dive time. On the other hand…he can make money appear out of thin air…..

  8. Alice McGill says:

    Dale, Bobbie, Lisa, Diana, Beverly, Barbara, Stacy, Rick, Josephus, Miriam, Shervin: the list of names of game players with the rules is endless. Now it seems Hubert has made the roster.
    Let us not forget, Broward and Florida are infamous for fraud. The tradition continues.

  9. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Broward is a cesspool. You morons keep electing criminals.