School Board At A Crossroads In Election


Voters have a chance to clean house Tuesday at a local government racked by corruption and failure — The School Board. 

Six of the nine School Board seats are up for grabs.

With the exception of the Broward County Commission and maybe the City of Sunrise, no government needs a shake up more than the School Board.

Over the years, the School Board has wasted million of dollars through misspending and downright corruption.

Education took the back burner while members spent hours cooking inside deals steered to their lobbyist friends.

One Board member was caught taking a bribe.  Another’s husband worked for the Board’s major lobbyist.

East Broward schools were allowed to deteroritate and students were forced to sue in federal court to get adequate text books or even rest rooms.

Western schools were overcrowded because guttless Board members refused rearrange the boundaries to utilize schools better.

There have been years of failure by the lightweights on the School Board and its staff.

That’s why this election is so important. 


Former School Board member Don Samuels is the biggest mystery on the ballot. 

Voters tell me that they have hardly heard from Samuels. 

He is running for his old School Board District 4.  That’s the seat retiring Stephanie Kraft won from him 12 years ago. 

Don’t be fooled by the lack of money he has spent just over $6,300 of his own dough.

Running in a field of six, Samuels, 71, could get into a runoff on name ID alone.  He was on the School Board from 1980-1992 and from 1994-1998.

Samuels’ opponents are Jaemi Levine, 51,  a  parent activist; Penny Madden, 55, a database administrator; Robert Alan Mayersohn, 52, who has led the system’s exceptional student council; Robert W. Sutton, 47, a school system employee; and Dave Thomas, 60, a teacher.

Ideally the winner would be Madden, who isn’t part of the education machine but has experience as a PTA president and School Advisory Committee chair.   She supports keeping arts and music in the schools, while working to preserve the jobs of the best teachers.

The best part of Madden’s candidacy is that in a system where educators and ex-educators run the ship, she would be willing to try new ideas from outside the hidebound and often corrupt system.


I’m not a big fan of voting for educators for School Board. 

Five of nine School Board members are educators. That’s part of the problem because they are mired in the the past practices of the system.  They are inflexible, rigid and reject change. 

But teacher Nora Rupert, 46,  is the exception.  She has the stuff that would make a good School Board member.

Rupert had the guts to stand up to School Board member Bob Parks, the darling of lobbyists and the education establishment.  She filed against Parks and was attacked from all sides for doing it.

Parks, unwilling to fight for re-election, quit.

That alone qualifies her for office in north Broward’s District 7.  It indicates that she is tough enough to battle against the entrenched staff at the School Board headquarters.

Rupert also has some solid experience as an education activist in Coconut Creek.   Rupert is a teacher at Piper High.


In South Broward’s District 2, the candidate of choice is lawyer Kevin Tynan. 

Tynan is perhaps the best candidate in any of the six School Board races.

 Tynan was appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to replace Bev Gallagher when she was arrested and jailed for bribery.  He is running for a full four year term.

Tynan is exactly what this school system needs. 

He is not part of the education establishment, but a lawyer who specializes in ethics. A lesson in ethics is something the School Board and a good deal of the staff in the headquarters needs.

Tynan’s leading opponent is Patty Good, a Miami-Dade School Administrator.  She is part the inbred, failed education system.

It is time to bring more fresh ideas from the outside.  Its time to bring more ethics to the School Board.

Tynan can provide both.

67 Responses to “School Board At A Crossroads In Election”

  1. Lpeerman33063 says:

    I’m going to go with Jaemi Levine this election. I have seen her and spoken to her and she has if you’ll excuse the expression “balls”. Something we need in the SB.
    The other candidates may have stopped by for their 3 minutes at a meeting but didn’t stay or try to make an impression so I really can’t say I know anything about their campaign. I don’t know that one person in this race will get the 50% +1 so there will probably be a run off.
    You are dead on with Nora, again met and spoke with her and liked what I heard. She will do well.
    She had the guts to run against Parks before anyone knew he wasn’t running. There’s those “balls” again. Don’t see there will be a need for a run off for this one.

  2. nottinamazesme says:

    The voters’ time has come to clean out da haus at the ‘ole sckool bored! There are just so many issues to take care of…and the amount is simply mind-boggling.
    BTW Buddy, I can’t agree with you more on your views about Kevin. I’m just hoping the others who’ll eventually get elected wind up only as half as decent as he is. Then and only then, will our kids and our schools have a chance.

  3. Ryan says:

    Buddy, I find it interesting that you are recommending all registered Republicans in Madden, Tynan, and Rupert.

    FROM BUDDY: I only knew that Tynan was Republican.
    The School Board has been all-Democrat for a long time and see what we got. I’m looking for the right candidate. I couldn’t care less whether they are Republican or Democratic in these non-partisan School Board races.
    What does the label Democrat or Republican mean anyway?
    A Republican like Kevin Tynan or a Democrat like Bev Gallagher or Josephus Eggelletion?
    A Democrat like Al Jones?

  4. Broward Voter says:

    I think Tynan will stay put. I think he is fiscally conservative and is not a “yes” person on the Board during meetings. I believe he is very thorough. A great asset to the School Board.

    I find your pick of Maddan interesting. No one really knows a thing about her really….so can any outsider qualify becuase, they are an “outsider”? I believe the top picks for District 4 is Dave Thomas and Robert Meyersohn.

    Dave Thomas has been getting out there everyday and meeeting the people and listening to concerns. His teaching background gives him a lot of knowledge and know-how. A good person to represent the teachers and parents.

    Robert has his ESE background and a good grasp of school board politics however isn’t part of the corruption. He would be a great asset as well.

    A whole story could be written about all the candidates running for Phyllis Hope’s seat. She’s got some heavy competition from well-funded Laurie “Rich” Levinson. Lynn Simon is the political outsider and mom that you should be writing about because she could bring in some change to the board. She’s out there knocking on doors and working hard for recognition in this race too.

    After Aug 24th, there may be some run-offs and these candidates will need to scramble for some donations. Especially the broke District 4 candidates.

  5. You have GOT to be kidding says:

    Penny Madden?? Nora Rupert?? Your reasoning for both is bizarre.

    Penny has experience as a PTA president and SAC chair. OK. Robert Mayersohn started the PTSO at Douglas and is the ESE Advisory chair. Somehow, that makes Penny a better pick? Could it be because she’s a Republican and Robert is a Democrat? That’s the only difference between them on paper.

    Nora Rupert?? You go on a tear against having more educators on the board then recommend Nora Rupert?? Who is totally in the BTU’s pocket? Who came to boundary meetings last year screaming about the idea of having precious South Creek kids going to Margate Middle with “those kids?” Whose bias against that Title 1 school came through loud and clear and shrill? Anyone in that race would be better than Nora Rupert. Again, could it be because she is the lone Republican in that race?

    Funny how, in this non-partisan race, you are advocating for the two Republicans. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. sb employee says:

    My problem with Mayersohn is, “Through his capacity as Advisory Chair, he also serves on various Broward County School District committees and workgroups, some of which include the Facilities Task Force, District Advisory Council, Wellness Committee, Code of Student Conduct, and Attendance Committee.” When he spoke at our club,he said he knew what was going on in Facilities but that was all he said. Not that he did anything about the corruption or nepotism, just that he knew about it. That bugs me. I admire his work on ESE but that’s alot of committees and workgroups he was on. Makes me go hmmmmmmm

  7. BrowardTeacher says:

    I’m not shocked that you chose republicans – even recommending Madden (who has been virtually invisible on the campaign trail) because of her LACK of experience and knowledge. WTF?? If she is not willing to work for her own election, why would anyone think she would work for the voters?
    David Thomas has been knocking on doors for months. His military experience alone makes him the best candidate for a board in shambles. Mayerson is the best second choice since at least he campaigns and shows an interest in the position.

    FROM BUDDY: I forgot to mention that The Miami Herald endorsed Madden.

  8. a 30 year observer says:

    Good pick in the District 2 race. Tynan is just the right medicine for the sickly diseased Broward School Board. Another one like Patti Good of the school board bred educational type is a catalyst for more of the same malignant malady that has plagued the school board these past many years. It will take a real tough outsider to set the right tone, move the board in the direction of change for the best the young kids of today need to meet the real challenges of the future. We don’t need another so called educator/administrator.
    What is needed is someone above the street level who can be counted on to lead the other members in a manner that will earn the respect of all of the board members and the Broward taxpayers who have been deprived of integrity, earnest effort and progress that this county deserves. Vote for the guy who can and will bring to realization what we all want for this county, a school system that we can be proud of, KEVIN TYNAN.

  9. browardteacher with good attitude says:

    Rupert had no bias against the culture of the school but the academic programs and the lack of parental input of the whole process. Hell, the former principal at Margate couldn’t hack it and went to Pompano! LOL! Doesn’t she teach at a Title 1 school? Very popular there with staff, parents and students! Spew your lies elsewhere! I am part of N. Area office and was at all the meetings and these lies need to stop.

  10. just beachy says:

    Clean em out! All of them need to go and a new fresh star needs to begin. The kids deserve that much.

  11. Tired of Status Quo says:

    Thanks Buddy for the mention of our eastern schools. They have been poorly represented for far too long. The board needs to support our magnet programs and make tough boundary decisions this year.

  12. David Brown says:

    Nora Rupert is not a Republican. She Petitioned onto the ballot by getting over 1300 voters from all over Deerfield Beach, Pompano and Coconut Creek to sign on petitions that they wanted her on the ballot.

    Nora is the first school board andidate to do that in nearly two decades.

    Nora Rupert was also endorsed by the Sun-Sentinel, the Mayors of Coconut Creek and Deerfield Beach, State Rep. Jim Waldman and may more elected officials and community leaders who want what’s best for our children.

    Go Nora!

  13. Jeanne says:

    Rep. Jim Waldman could cares less about the children in public schools. He is hardly a ringing endorsement. Not sure the city of Cocnunt Creek is either. A lot of insider endorsements. So, why would we actually think she will be a need change since she is beholden to the power brokers in District 7? Its the same old game.
    It makes me think of the line from the Who song.

    “We don’t get fooled again.”

    Nora Rupert isn’t an outsider to bring change. She is part of the good old boys network, funded by the good old boys network.

  14. oldtimer says:

    Nora Rupert was a Republican in 2008. She changed parties twice this year finally becoming an independent. Those that have endorsed Rupert are in David Brown’s pocket, especially Jim Waldman. Rupert is a teacher with three years experience. She’s as dumb as a stump. How Buddy can recommend her is beyond incredible, especially being in BTU’s pocket. Want better representation for eastern schools? Stop automatically re-electing tree stumps like Ben Willaims and Maureen Dinnen. Neither has done squat for their schools.

  15. Dear Oldtimer says:

    If Nora Rupert was a Republican she fits right in with Jim Waldman. Waldman was a Republican only switching to win office and still believes and still votes like a Republican. Waldman’s children went to private school and he has been heard many times making disparaging remarks about parents who can’t afford to send their kids to private school.

  16. Floridan says:

    Nora Rupert is just the sort of candidate that should not sit on the School Board (or in any elected office); she does not have the depth of experience or knowledge of the issues that should be required of any public official. At best, she would be another Darla Carter.

  17. BrowardTeacher says:

    Lpeerman – you are not telling the truth. When Jaemi shows up, usually late, she does her screaming about corruption and disappears. Samuels and Sutton show up sporatically and Madden is never around.
    Who has been at every meeting – before and after? Thomas and usually Mayerson.
    What “meetings” are you talking about? Certainly none that I have attended. Jaemi seems to think she can win because she’s is alphabetically first on the list. Hopefully voters are smarter than that.

  18. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    As a RIP for A Man for Education, Barney Schlesinger. He would repeatedly lobby the board in his speeches “We need instruction not construction.” And another thing don Samuels is running for anything that he can get for free, dinners, trips etc. And as Barney called him “Double dipping boot licker!” Yeah for Rupert, somebody had to make Bob open his eyes, he slept through most meetings. And I have also heard Tynan speak and I t hink he is a great choice.

  19. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Broward Teacher
    The meetings where a candidate tries to convince you to vote for them by telling you what they have done and are going to try to do.

  20. BrowardTeacher says:

    peerman – I see you cannot even name 1 meeting which means you have never even attended one. If you were actually at any meeting, you could not defend your candidate.

  21. Coral says:

    In Dist. 4, I was torn between Robert Mayershon and Jaemi Levine. I didn’t vote for Mayershon because he thinks that privitization at SBBC is the answer to all the ills. Levine has been sincere and open when I’ve chatted with her.

    As for Tynan, the only reason he got the job was because he is a political hack. ENOUGH!

  22. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Oh for cripes sake BrowardTeacher.
    Margate Democratic Club meeting. Heard the candidates speak, was not impressed by Meyerson, wasn’t impressed with some of the judicial candidates either wanna argue about that too.
    I don’t choose to defend or not defend a candidate that is their job.

  23. Broward Voter says:

    Jaemi Levine has appeared at forums and her famous tag line is “We’ll just march on Tallahassee!” to get what we need. Uh, that’s going to really get change, Jaemi. She means well, but she doesn’t really have anything else up her sleeves. You see, Jaemi Levine has been so involved in Crime Busting for the past few years which is admirable, that she has no idea what is going on in the schools. She hasn’t even been to a school board meeting for years until 3 weeks ago at the budget hearings. She wasn’t even listening to the budget hearings. No, she was campaigning in the School Board meeting hall which is against School Board policy. Instead of listening intently like others, she was out passing out tic-tacs. But Levine will probably be a front runner because her name is on the ballot first unfortunately. The clear choices should be Thomas or even Meyersohn. But this will more than likely head into November with these under funded candidates. Oh and Penny, no offense, but you look nothing like your photo from 1995. That’s some photoshop job you got on that press photo. Wait until people really see what you look like.

  24. Concerned Broward Parent says:

    Term Limits – Ethics – Children advocates –

    Idealistic, but what is needed for the school board. The petty politics of Pembroke Pines, pushing for their candidate (Patty Good) to be elected…she has been in the middle of promoting PP Charter to the hilt right along with the other insiders. Tynan is at least not a pushover.

    Levinson “Rich” ? another “Weston” insider on the school board? Right…along with Bartleman we are placing ourselves in a terrible position. Hope at least seems to be pretty straight up with the exception of being a little naive at times, especially when it comes to BTU issues.

    Gottlieb? PLEEEASEEEEE get rid of her…. whoever replaces her MUST be better! Same for Parks and Kraft. At least we will see a new board who won’t have the luxury of a pre-season game. There are serious issues that need to be addressed and #1 is ethics.

  25. Billy says:

    As for Dist 4, I do not feel confident in Sutton. His ties to Kraft and other local seedy politicians still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. We don not need another ‘insider’ or a ‘political puppet’.
    Sorry, Sutton, but Levine has my vote!


    to “a 30 year observer”:


    To “Concerned Broward Parent”:

    Stop watching Oprah, Dr. Phil and American Idol. Kevin Tynan is the ultimate push over, nice guy “I will accept whatever Notter and the 110 year old Attorney Marko pushes in front of me” status quo dude..

    Good is tough, strong and will shake things up…go Ms. Good and kick some serious ass, along the way….start by getting a tow truck to tow/haul Notter and Marko over to the SW RAnches swamp land and plunk them there!


    I love you, Buddy, but Kevin is one big bag of more of the same. His small winy we need ethics wimper, resonated no where and he did nothing to influence, push his colleagues to act on that or anything else.

    If you want change, go for GOOD!

    Otherwise, more of the same with what’s his name, uh…hmm..he’s been up there 9 months..geez, what do they call him…Kevin “Tyed his hands” (and stagger along at the same do nutin’ pace)…

  29. Levine A Nut Job says:

    Jaemi Levine is crazy and too intense to work with the School Board and reach a concensus. A vote for her is a wasted vote.

  30. Dear PLEEEEEZE says:

    Patty Good’s husband is a government worker meaning that the whole family is feeding off the taxpayers. A candidate like this can not understand anything but taking more money from taxpayers to pay for more programs that don’t work. The School Board needs more people from the private sector.


    to “Dear PLEEEEEZE”:

    hmm….i can only assume by your incredibly dumb argument about Ms. Good’s husband, that you don’t like government and you probably are a Tea Party non-thinking, stereotypical hate government, mental midget…maybe you shouldn’t vote, unless you want to join what we on earth here, call REALITY! ….. PLEEEEEEAAAASE get a grip! …by the way, we are in Broward, if you care to join us…

  32. David Brown says:

    Sorry, I mis-blogged above. Nora Rupert was endorsed by the Pelican newspaper which also did a glowing story on the front page that included a picture of her family. The Pelican is widely read and respected throughout Pomopano Beach, Palm Aire, Deerfield Beach and Coconut Creek.

  33. Oh please says:

    Jaemi Levine is a one-note Johnny who has no clue about school board issues. She ran 4 years ago on the “keep perverts off the internet” platform, then did nothing for schools for the past 4 years. Not even involved at her own kids’ schools. She’s so obsessed with her MAP charity (btw, has anyone looked into the finances of that?) that she has no clue about any issues facing the sb now except to parrot headlines from the newspapers. She is in the union’s pocket and will do nothing than shriek from the dais “stop corruption!” “stop waste!” “more $ for teachers!” but does she have any real concrete suggestions other than the talking points BTU gave her? I think now.

  34. Oh please says:

    Also, a vote for Sutton is a wasted vote. He has no followers except for a handful of tea-partiers in Coral Springs.

  35. the Real Truth says:

    Well Buddy, you finally got the real truth with district 2 🙂
    Tynan isn’t a yes guy. In fact he was the swing vote to send Marko looking for retirement and the district looking for a replacement. NOT what Notter was looking for in that…trust me here. Tynan is the only one I have heard speak about the dysfunction in the way the board operates. But the thing that really clinched it for me is he is the first person I have EVER heard question the ethics of any candidate taking money from the teacher’s union and then later voting on their contract…and thus making the entire ethics issue crystal clear.
    I just hope he wins his race and gets some help on that board!


    to “the Real Truth”:

    hey, unless you have public financing of campaigns, how are candidates that are not Jeff Green and Rick Scott, independent wealthy, going to be able to get their message out. and any political candidate who can be bought for, what a $500 contribution, is eventually going to be nailed for assorted misdoings, and/or voted out.

    cut out the holier-than-thou garbage…and, oh, by the way, didn’t the school board incumbents en massee, NOT get endorsed by BTU…AND HADN’T THEY TAKEN BTU MONEY IN PREVIOUS CAMPAIGNS….UHHH, YEEEEAH!

    Your toes are so above the ground and NOT touching the earth, you look like Fred Flinstone on his tippys…


  37. the Real Truth says:

    my toes are firmly on the ground of the tainted soil of Broward politics..and that is why I love the idea that they all (county commission included) should refrain from taking contributions from any entity that seeks to do business or have a contract come before their agency. Candidates need to get their message out the old fashioned way…work for the vote!
    (if you want a real reality check, recognize that contributions are limited limited to $500 per account)
    I wonder how many doors these guys and gals knock on anymore.


    to “the Real Truth”:

    Hmmmmmm…..we have 1.7 million people in Broward County and 7 single members distriicts…sounds like a LOT of houses to me with a ALOT OF VOTERS per district….yeeeeeaaahhhhhhh, a door to door grass roots campaign is all one needs to reach everybody…………….PLEEEEEEAAAASE!!!!!!!!!!



  39. the Real Truth says:

    My grip on reality is firm, I debate ideas (and not in all caps), and I don’t cast aspersions on those that disagree with me. I do speak the real truth. I thought this discussion was on the merits of various school board candidates, but I guess I need to read Buddy’s post again.


    to “the Real Truth”:

    my point is accepting an endorsement and campaign check of a group does not mean you are beholdent to them. the people, groups and individuals at the table contribute; joe and susie don’t nor can they afford to, in many a case. campaigns cost money, single member districts are mammoth, and the individuals running who are not rich, generally have day jobs and can do only so much walking. no one support campaign being publicly financed with taxpayers dollars. politicians all over the county are forcing unions to renegotiate their deals after having accepted their campaign contribution….again, a reality check of what is occurring versus what is being spun by press outlets and reactionaries that all politicians are corrupt and bought…not true, we have over 200 elected officials in broward and the overwhelming great majority are not being investigated for graft and are getting re elected by real citizens…again, a reality check.

  41. Jeanne says:

    The Pelican got it wrong. Again, I find that after being deceptive about who she realy is, flouting school board rules to get signatures on her petition, being rude, nasty and a bully to those that oppose her, the final icing on the cake…………she is not a breath of fresh air, she is more of the hot air that floats around the power brokers of District 7.

    Why in the world should we beleive that she will bring change to the SChool Board in District 7 when she has clearly indicated that there will be pay back for those that who opposed her candidacy. Pay back for constitutents she has , out of one side of her mouth said she will represent.

    So, while Dr. Parks retires, Buddy Nevins recomends more of the same. Disappointing.

  42. Buddy says:

    Lynn Simon, a School Board candidate in District 6 now held by Phyllis Hope, posted this as a comment on another article. I took it upon myself to post it here also:

    I am running in the District 6, Broward School Board. I have not taken any special interest money or lobbyist money. I am willing to donate 10% of my salary back to the kids. None of my opponents have done this. I am really saddened that I have not been considered by the LBGT, as I know Ryan Terrel personally. He has been in my home and treated like a family member, I do not think he can say the same thing about the candidate he is supporting. I hope you all can vote on the character of the person, not what you think they can do for you. One usually ends up disappointed when they vote that way. We were all make in the image of GOD.

  43. Lynn Simon says:

    I am Lynn Simon, running for School Board, District 6. Politics is ruining our children’s education. I am a parent, NOT a politician. I have not taken any special interest money, nor any lobby money. My opponents have done just that and will owe the powers that be. I will go into to this office owing NO ONE, but the children and parents. I am donating 10% of my salary back to the kids, which my opponents have not taken me up on this. I am in this just for the kids. No special interest group will get my attention. I am fighting for PE, music and the arts. We need well-rounded students. If you would please remember SIMON SAYS: ELECT LYNN SIMON, A PARENT, NOT A POLITICIAN!

  44. Lynn Simon says:

    OH! Surprise, surprise, thanks, Buddy


    to Lynn:

    why would you not to a special interest group? is every special interest group bad? they don’t deserve to have their views heard and contemplated? and by the way, many politicians are parents and damned good ones. sounds like you are close minded and on your high horse…how is the view up there, the altruistic you are better and purer than anyone else view?

  46. Lack of Special Interests says:

    oh Lynn:

    we will no longer voice an opinion on development issues, health benefits, fair selection processes steered by entrenched staff…because you think we are just rotton, horrible types and have no right to fight for what we believe is right and or fair…

    if you want, Lynn, we won’t even come down town for we are horrible groups of people who are just always wrong and vile…

    we will stay away because you don’t believe we have a right to fight for what we believe in….you know, the first amendment is so overrated, freedom of expression and we are crazy to believe in it for all these years…shame on big,bad us!!!!

  47. Voted says:

    You have to give Lynn Simon credit for being in this race. She’s up against Phyllis Hope and Laurie Levenson. They both have tons of money. Have you seen how much money they have raised? I actually saw one measly sign that Lynn Simon had the other day in Sunrise. Just one! Go Lynn!!!! You’ll make a great school board member.
    Buddy, I don’t know if this is true but at the beginning of Jamie Levine’s campaign she went to places campaigning with Patti Atkins Grad who was on her campaign team and guess who else is on her campaign team? Beverly Gallagher’s daughter. Can you confirm this? This is what she was saying. I know Beverly’s daughter didn’t do anything wrong but Jaemi did write a nice letter to the the sentencing judge asking for leniency in Beverly Gallagher’s case. This was while she was a candidate for school board this summer. She obviously didn’t think what Gallagher did was so bad.

  48. Garfish says:

    Lack of special interests: promises, promises.

  49. SimpleMan says:

    The term, Special Interests, has been hijacked and is now being used to apply political correctness to what should be called corruption. The modern criminals wear business suits and either run for office or manage elected officials. I don’t care what you call it, but the way local lobbyists and other influence peddlers court elected officials on behalf of construction firms and other vendors is wrong and hurts our community. Please do not vote for professional politicians or any candidates who are getting cash from lobbyists or entities doing business with the board. In my opinion Tynan is the only Board Member who deserves another chance. Hope and Gottlieb deserve to be voted out and then indicted. I met Rupert and believe she is ethical. Murray is full of it and should not be trusted. I also hope that Bob and Stephanie get arrested for crimes committed during their destructive tenure on the Board.

  50. Jeanne says:

    My recommendation for District 7 is Jim Lansing. He is smart, knowledgable and knows how to comminicate effectivly and politely.

  51. Floridan says:

    I agree with Jeanne.

    Also, his perspective as a teacher at Broward [Community] College gives him a good idea of what public school students are still missing when they graduate.

  52. Jeanne says:

    I know beleive that Nora believes she’s ethical but I disagree. She accuses Dr, Parks of being corrupt and then takes money from almost the same people that contributed to his campaign. The same people who have been in office forever are backing her. She got her signatures by flouting the rules.
    She is in the teacher’s union pocket, which for me,in a huge problem.

    Being a teacher doesn’t make her any more qualified to be a school board member, and she is dismissive of parents.

    I think what just finally sealed the deal for me in not voting for her, were several things that speak directly to character.

    1. She had to be told by campaign workers of hers to stop being rude.

    2. She told one of her opponents she have to think about helping his children if she were elected, should this person’s need the aid of a board member. People talk.

    3. She made a huge deal out of a candidate’s child leading Wynmoor in the pledge. She accused the candidate of using his child for political purposes. What a hypocrite. She was trotting her kids out at at lot os the democratic clubs. I thought pepople’s kids were suppose to be off limits.

    4. I have a difficult time with people who abandon long held party affilliation because it would serve them better not to be a Republican. If one is a republican, then own up to those values.

  53. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to Simple Man:

    You are a “Simple-ton”

    Special interests does NOT translate into corruption, dummy. Those who are corrupt are inherently corrupt. Those who are corrupt do not fall into one stereotypical group ie. special interests, politicians, lobbyists…your logical would say every corporate CEO is a greedy republican, which isn’t true…your logic is like saying all the press is liberal, which isn’t true..your logic is like saying every rocker is a druggie, which isn’t true.

    if you do have a semblance of logical thought, START USING IT AND DON’T DUMB IT DOWN!

  54. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:



  55. SimpleMan says:

    To Stone Cold Bottom,
    None of us are angels. All humans are inherently corruptible at some level. Nobody is perfect. I stand firmly behind my post. If you read it more closely, you will see that I did not extend the stain of corruption across all. The logic behind my post is that the “LOCAL” political scene and processes have been corrupted, is corrupt, and that influence peddling through lobbyists is what creates the environment for corruption to thrive.

    I must mention that in your post to me, I do not read any opinion way or the other about whether or not there is any corruption at the School Board or in local government. I would like to know your opinion on that, do you think there is coruuption in Broward County government, and if yes, what is the root cause, if not, what drugs are you on?
    Atkins Grad
    Klenet Ritter
    Lieberman Michelson
    Wasserman Rubin
    Hollywood PD Disney

  56. SimpleMan says:

    Hey Bottom,
    I got plenty more if you need ’em, but I hope you get the point.

    What is your opinion on the ethical climate fostered by the likes of B Miller, N Sterling, Stracher, Stern, Book, Platt, etc.

    I apologize to all who feel their names ought to be included here. If I have neglected to include anyone please feel free to contact me here. Be prepared to state your qualifications.

  57. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to SimpleMan aka Simple Mind:

    Listen, there are a bunch of good damned elected officials in the county, there are a bunch of mediocre ones, there are some corrupt folk, ….. just don’t lump them all together into one pot…there are talented lobbyists who will say anything to win, and there are other ones who carry themselves with dignity and point out other sides and give more information and do it right…. any politician who votes on an issue should do their homework to make sure that theirs staff got it right and if presented with information by a lobbyist, better corroborate the information being presented by the lobbyist…lobbyists and special interests who give out bad information and ask for politicians to vote for their clients if their clients don’t bring the product and price forward should be kicked to the curb…but don’t think lobbyists and special interests don’t get it right along the way, and don’t think government staffs are always right and pure, either….by the way, why don’t you take the time to name ALL THE ELECTED AND OR APPOINTED OFFICIALS THROUGHOUT THIS COUNTY WHO ARE NOT CORRUPT…YOU WILL HAVE HUNDREDS OF THEM, BUT THEY AREN’T AS SEXY OR HIGH PROFILE TO WRITE ABOUT,ARE THEY….BE BALANCED, AND DON’T STEREOTYPE EVERYONE AS CORRUPT, YOU SELL YOURSELF SHORT BY DOING SO…

  58. Concerned Broward Parent says:


    YOU are the worst kind of TROLL. You are either a Pembroke Pines lacky politico who has too much time or a person who is angling for something. Patti Good is in the back pocket of Pembroke Pines. She is on the Education Board for the PP Charter school system. She has tried to get elected for YEARS and is a true political, insider and part of the old established stale politics. She should be very careful to be sure her Dade Schools job as well as her conflicts within Pembroke Pines is held in check. She is NOT someone to “shake things up”, She is “friends” with the established Democratic board, bartleman, Gottlieb and the rest. She well may be a frienemy to all. Tynan WAS the best candidate. Too bad he couldn’t beat the games playing establishment…this time.

  59. Concerned Broward Parent says:

    One last thing.. I want to see Ms. Good propose and get passed a TWO TERM LIMIT provision and a STRONG unwavering ethics platform for not only board members, but ALL staff!. IF she does those two little items while in the first YEAR, I would join her campaign next go around! I guarantee you, I will be supporting another candidate next time, because there is NO WAY she can as a politician be ethical or give up this seat in eight years. The PRESIDENT of the US of A cannot keep his or her office for more than eight years…why does the school board and congress get such a “pass”? !

  60. SimpleMan says:

    So everything is fine in your mind?

  61. SimpleMan says:

    Are you saying that there is no problem with the culture? Are you saying it is just a few bad apples? Could you explain to me the value that the lobbyists bring to the process of governance? Since I don’t know who the honest politicians and the good lobbyists are, would you please be kind enough to name as many of them for me as I named bad ones for you?Also if you think that there is nothing wrong with the culture here could you explain to me how so many politicians are getting caught up in corruption? Also, I know about corrupt government staffs, I work on one. I know that the corrupt pols could not get their dirty work done without facilitators. I have learned not to trust anyone. Finally, why do you get so mad at me? What have I done to you?

  62. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to SimpleMan:

    if you work on a government staff, and you see how government staff drives 95 percent of the agenda items commissioners votes on and usually vote yes on, don’t you see how they really control the process and they like to deal with the same firms they have been recommending and re recommending and re re recommending for years and year and contract after contract..they don’t open their eyes to new ideas and vendors…ethical lobbyist can bring new vendors and ideas to the table versus the staid, status quo lack of vision let’s not change processes and mentality of entrenched bureaucrats.

    by the way, i am not mad at you, i’m just off the beaten track.

  63. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to SimpleMan:

    and to finish up, the new ideas brought by ethical lobbyists can and have saved taxpayer monies and improved processes that hadn’t been changed for in some cases, decades.

  64. SimpleMan says:

    You come across as an apologist for the local elected/lobbyist scene, and your attempt to pin the corruption on staff is, in my opinion, either terribly misinformed or typical lobbyist spin. In the government staff that I am part of there is a history of the electeds getting involved in the vendor selection evaluation process where they use the weight of their office to intimidate and manipulate staff. The electeds pressure staff into processing invoices, pay apps, and other documents to benefit vendors. Staff members who play along and don’t question things receive promotions and get protected from layoffs. Lobbyists stroll around through offices namedropping and glad handing. It is disgusting. The analogy that works for me is when you open a case of fruit and find a whole mess of rotten apples, it is best to throw out the whole case and replace it with a new batch. I have not heard any politician calling out any of these corrupt electeds, so they all fall into the category of complicit or ignorant, either way, they need to go. The public needs to reassert their sense of righteous indignation.

  65. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to SimpleMan:

    i thought, for a second, you were open minded and analytical. i was wrong, you have myopia. of course there are abusive lobbyists BUT not all are and they, in addition to to bad projects pushed, also bring good projects with efficiencies and savings. you lump and stereotype all the governments into a cesspool category and you are just plain wrong on that. if you can’t see it, oh well, …. an intelligent person opens up and takes blinders off and just does not lump everything and everybody together…but you should be happy i am not yelling, just disappointed at your broad paint brush everybody as the same mentality.

  66. SimpleMan says:

    Your silence when it comes to names speaks loudly. I am sure that there are many well intentioned politicians and theoretically there may be such a thing as a good lobbyist, but I doubt it. If the products or services being lobbied for are so wonderful then their quality should emerge through processes untainted by politics. Lobbying puts the focus on the sales technique rather than on the technical merit of the good or services in question. I will give you this that the crooked politicians and lobbyists are making it look bad for the other 10%.

  67. SimpleMan says:

    Please help me with my list making and give me some names of the local good guys. No hurry, I will be back later.