Satz Strikes Again: Tamarac Commissioner Nabbed


State Attorney Mike Satz continued his recent crackdown on political corruption in Broward by charging  Tamarac Commissioner Patricia Atkins-Grad with corruption Thursday.

Two developers helped pay for Grad’s leased BMW and paid $4,000 for a victory party for Grad’s election.  Neither charge was legally disclosed.


 Busted!  Patricia Atkins-Grad poses for cops


State Attorney Mike Satz

Grad surrendered today.

 The investigation of Grad stems from two developers — Bruce and Shawn Chait — who tried to build a development by paving over two Tamarac golf courses

Maybe now we know why many elected officials supported the project, despite overwhelming opposition among Tamarac residents. 


The project was tentatively approved but never built.

County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion is already serving prison time for a payoff on the same project.

The Chaits are squealing and squealing.  Other politicians and political figures are under investigation and could be charged shortly, including other county commissioners, says a source.


The following News Release comes from the State Attorney Mike Satz’s office today:

Broward State Attorney’s Office charges Tamarac City Commissioner


            The Broward State Attorney’s Office has obtained a warrant for the arrest of  Tamarac City Commissioner Patricia Atkins-Grad on charges of  Bribery, Official Misconduct, receiving Unlawful Compensation and Conspiring to Commit Unlawful Compensation for her improper dealings with two South Florida developers seeking her support of their building projects.

            Atkins-Grad is accused of receiving and not disclosing a $2,300 lease payment for a BMW from two developers whose building projects she lvoted to approve. She is also accused of receiving $4,000 cash from the same builders, Prestige Homes, for a victory party following Atkins-Grad’s election to the Tamarac commission.

            Broward Circuit Judge David Haimes signed an arrest affidavit charging Atkins-Grad on Thursday.  The commissioner was scheduled to surrender at the Broward County Jail on Friday.

           Charges against Atkins-Grad include two counts of Bribery and two counts of Unlawful Compensation, both second-degree felonies with a maximum sentence of 15 years on each count; three counts of Official Misconduct and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Unlawful Compensation, each a third-degree felony with a maximum sentence of five years each.  Judge Haimes set the bond at a total of $15,500.


11 Responses to “Satz Strikes Again: Tamarac Commissioner Nabbed”

  1. Joe Eggs says:

    “County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion is already serving prison time”

    Hmmm wonder if Judy Stern is in the mix on this one? I mean JudyEggelletionJenne Stern

  2. Kevin says:

    Why are Broward politicians so cheap to buy?

    I mean, no one in Miami-Dade would risk a fall like this for less than $50,000. And in Chicago I would think the number would be at least $100,000.



  3. Benjamin says:

    Light is finally being shined under the rock.
    Look at those who ignore the will of the people and cater to the will of Benjamin.
    Look at those who want to be carried up the ladder.
    Look at Tamarac and then Sunrise, where even a judge’s gavel will not protect the wrongdoers.
    Look at the school board, where the tail that wagged the dog was wrapped in green construction paper.
    Look at the county commission, where notations on a time sheet will tell Satz everything.
    Those who are first will be last.

  4. bubbles says:

    That’s because whores are cheap. DUH
    Where is the imfamous Ms. Alu in the mist of this corruption? Was she wearing the wire?

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Next up to bat?

    I’m on the board saying it’s Deerfield Beach.

  6. Funny song from Pulp says:

    J-J-J Judy and the Feds a Satire Song Paradoy says:

    Hey kids, shake it loose together
    The spotlight’s hitting something
    That’s been known to change the weather
    We’ll kill the fatted calf tonight
    So stick around
    You’re gonna hear electric music
    Solid walls of sound

    J-J-J Judy and the Feds

    Say, Stacy, Ilene and Kenny, have you seen them yet
    But they’re so spaced out, J-J-J Judy and the Feds
    Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful
    Oh Judy she’s really keen
    She’s got electric boots a mohair suit
    You know I read it in a magazine
    J-J-J-Judy and the Feds

    Hey kids, plug into the faithless
    Maybe they’re blinded
    But Judy makes them ageless
    Judy’s pals shall survive, let us take ourselves along
    Where we fight to sell out anyone who didn’t deal with us
    To screw over who’s right and protect who’s wrong

    J-J-J-Judy and the Feds

  7. S only says:

    small potatoes. There have got to be MUCH bigger finds…Who will have the guts/determination to find them?

  8. Politico says:

    She truly is such a small potato. When is the State Attorney’s Office finally going to provide us with a clean slate?

    Kevin above is so right. Why do these small time politicos allow themselves to be corrupted by such paltry sums of money. Disgraceful.

    Chad, I think you are right. Deerfield has a good chance of being next.

  9. Politico says:

    Oops, Sorry Chaz!

  10. Hammerhead says:


    With all due respect, your friend Stephanie Kraft and Mr. Stephanie Kraft can’t be far behind if the Chaits are talking. Remember the half million discount? I think it would be wise for her to sing too for the sake of self-preservation. This is the summer of self love or self abuse depending on how the electeds handle their plea dealings. I hope that they all realize that it is a very-very large dragnet that they are all caught up in. If they do not realize it just yet then wait until late August. It will be a cocaphony of loud voices singing after many failed re-election bids and the realized prospect of hard time in the state or federal prison system. I think the only thing missing is intestinal fortitude on the part of all of the employees who witness (and partake in many instances) this criminal activity. The employees, who have been bullied or coerced into doing the deeds while keeping the finger prints of the electeds off many deals, should be coming forward to provide insight into how these greedy co-conspiritors actually make it all happen. I know there are many out there who do bad things for bad people with only a motivation to remain employed. I call them victims. But if they remain silent they become accomplices. They should come forward and dream of a day when real “leaders” reward those who do things right and for the greater good rather than cowering in fear of losing their livelihoods for showing some loyalty to their neighbors (the taxpayers).

    FROM BUDDY: Amen.

  11. Yaki says:

    I 2nd that AMEN!