Sarah’s A Hot Ticket


Sarah Palin is not only hot.  She’s a hot ticket.

The Republican vice presidential candidate was forced to change venues for Monday’s fund raiser in Boca Raton when so many high-rollers begged to be admitted.

The event was originally scheduled at the home of Scott Rothstein.
Is there any Republican event that Rothstein is not part of these days?

Even Rothstein couldn’t fit all Palin fans in the four $1-million plus homes he owns on Castilla Isle in Fort Lauderdale.  So planners arranged for the fund raiser to be moved to the glittery Boca Raton Resort & Country Club.

For $50,000, a McCain-Palin supporter gets to eat dinner with the veep candidate.  This is when you hope you remember which fork to use with which course.

For $10,000, a Republican can go to a VIP reception with Palin.  For that kind of money, they had better serve only top shelf booze.

The hoi polloi can get a glimpse of Palin at a larger general reception for hundreds.  It’s $500 a ticket and you have to bring your own binoculars.

Republicans are expecting several hundred at the fund raiser, which is expected to raise more than $1 million. 

Its part of a two-day, four-city Palin swing through Florida. Before the fund raiser, Palin will be in Clearwater and Fort Myers.  On Tuesday, she travels to Jacksonville and Pensacola.

Palin hosted one of the largest Florida political events in recent memory on September 21. It was at the Villages, a kind of sprawling, updated Century Village for Republican retirees near Wildwood.

Estimates of the crowd range up to 60,000, but that’s with Republicans counting.


7 Responses to “Sarah’s A Hot Ticket”

  1. jimbo says:

    She’s real. She’s like the girl next door. After eight years of Chaney, what a refreshing vice president she will make.
    Today’s map in the Sun-Sentinel shows either candidate can win. It’s time the McCainites get going and carry Florida for the next president, John McCain!!!!

  2. S. Only says:

    She may be “real”, I agree, real common, which is NOT what I’d like my next vice president, and heaven forbid, president, to be. She reminds me of the beauty queen she is, very poised, great to look at, can deliver canned speeches, appeals to common folk, especially males thinking with their small brains, and lacking substance. American women have worked too long and hard to accept a woman just because she is a woman. She will not get many of Hillary’s votes. Just wait and see….

  3. Philip S. Goldin says:

    May I call you Joe down to earth middle class woman at a fundraiser for $25,000.00 to $50.000.00? Another typical Republican trick. I guess she will sell her moose self for any amount of money..there is another name for a woman who does this and she sure fits the bill.

  4. Dan Reynolds says:

    MCain-Palin today. On elction day:

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I was a full blown Hillary supporter and I will not vote for Palin, she has no substance, everything she says seems rehearsed and written for her. I don’t believe she can speak off the cuff. Why can’t we write in “Hillary”

  6. John says:

    She is like Annie Oakley…a pioneer woman who acts like a man, walks like a man, looks like a man with bad hair.

    A political novice on the national scene. For Alaska, the last frontier, she’s probably ok…likes to kill, drill and abuse her political power.

    This is not a woman I would tell my daughter to copy.

    She has no substance. She is a fake, a phoney..a Grand Old Phoney.

  7. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    John I love the creative way you wrote your comment. You need to send that to Saturday Night Live. Really funny and true.