Santini Took $$$ From Forman Associate, Too.


The money associated with the Formans is everywhere in today’s Davie election.

Terry Santini the District 3 Town Council candidate finally turned in her final financial report. It shows a last minute $2,500 from a long-time business partner of real estate mogul Austin Forman Bill Murphy, his wife and companies.

The Forman family of real estate investors recently made a controversial deal to sell $12.5 million land to Davie.  

There could be more money from the Formans and their associates.  I could only trace $2,500 quickly to get this post online on Election Day morning.  Santini had a total of $17,425.

Santini is challenging incumbent Town Council member Susan Starkey who voted against the Forman deal.  Starkey and the Forman’s have feuded for years.

Three years ago, Santini came in third in a three-race race against Starkey. The other candidate in that 2007 race — Phil Busey — is backing Starkey.

Another interesting contribution on Santini’s list state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale. The state House member gave $100.

3 Responses to “Santini Took $$$ From Forman Associate, Too.”

  1. NowHetero Rev.Ted Haggard says:

    Oh, Jesus, please, please, please, use your wisdom and knowledge, to UNELECT Ms. Starkey from public office, where she is ill suited to serve. We ask for your intervention in this race to let the majority of voters vote for some one, ANY one with an iota of brain cell molecular activity to serve!! pleeeeease, GOD!!

  2. Davie Voter says:

    According to the Town of Davie website, Santini’s campaign report was postmarked by 3/5/2010 in accordance with campaign law. Therefore, Santini’s report was timely filed. As Freda Stevens campaign report was timely filed, for the record.

    Davie Voter is making excuses for a rank campaign trick for Santini and Stevens that should have been done away with in this age of the Internet.
    See my comment above.

  3. NowHetero Rev.Ted Haggard says:

    please, please, please, pray, hold hands, amen..just one more vote for santini, just one, ..please…someone with a brain, common sense, the ability to spell “a”, to serve the district….(crying, please….miracles do happen, this is your reverend hetero…)