Sands Wants Cell Phones Banned Around Schools


State Rep. Franklin Sands isn’t waiting to start having a say in local School Board policy.

The School Board candidate — If he wins the countywide seat he is running for, he won’t take office until November 2012– has filed a bill which would ban cell phones and other hand held electronic communications devices while operating a motor vehicle in school zones.

“It is of paramount importance that we keep our children safe at school,” said Sands. “Banning cell phone usage of every type by drivers within the school zone is a good first step. No parent wants to be accidently complicit in the death or injury of school children because they were momentarily distracted while driving by texting or talking on a cell phone.”

Under HB 783, a person who uses a cellular telephone or other handheld electronic communications device while operating a motor vehicle in a school zone will be subject to a traffic citation. The ban, which would take effect July 1, 2012, does not apply to police officers or emergency medical services personnel in the performance of official duties. The ban also does not apply to persons requesting medical or emergency assistance, or anyone reporting illegal activity, a traffic accident or crash, or a road hazard that threatens drivers. Cell phone use will be allowed in a motor vehicle in a school zone if the vehicle is at rest in a shoulder lane or is otherwise lawfully parked.


In  other news, Hollywood-based international law firm Becker & Poliakoff’s gambling expert Alan Koslow is having  a special Holiday. His daughter Starr, a fourth-year resident in general surgery, got married to a financial analysis working for the VF Corporation, an apparel company.

Here is the announcement in the New York Times.


10 Responses to “Sands Wants Cell Phones Banned Around Schools”

  1. jeanne says:

    While I appreciate his efforts, I wonder why he didn’t do this before he was announced candidate for the school board?

  2. FS says:

    Dang gumit, we need to get them evil celll-u-lar phones out of our schools, whats next that new fangeled i-puter thingy. Back in my day we walked ten miles to school with no shoes. When I did get a ride momma used to tie a cup to a string and i would take the other end with a cup to class.

    Wait, huh, what did you say son… or well why didnt you say so…Shutts and Bowen represents a cell phone company,well alrighty then, they can be the only ones with the contract.

    Phew, I gotta get back to my passion having the vo-tech schools get back to making buggey whips.

  3. Sharon says:

    Lynn Simon should be running for this School Board Seat against Franklin Sands

    She is a student at Broward College where she is a candidate for an Associate of Arts (2 year degree) in Education.

    As a present student at Broward College she has first hand knowledge of what it takes to educate students.

    Also, she ran for school board before and has many great ideas from her previous race that many voters would appreciate.

  4. Good Idea says:

    I think this is a great idea, although I am a big cellphone user. I live near multiple schools and see how poorly people drive when on cell phones. Although, they also drive poorly while eating but I am thinking we cannot do anything about that :). As for the comment above about why now, I am not all that familiar with politics so I may be naive but if he is now running for a seat, he is probably researching all of the facets, so he may have just become aware of this issue now.

  5. Good Idea says:

    And congratulations on the nuptuals. It is nice to see a wedding annoucement on this site.

  6. DeeDee says:

    Sands is right. Driving and talking or texting while kids are crossing the street in front of a school is dangerous. It should be outlawed.

    Also, it was nice to see something in Hollywood worked out. Congratulations to Alan Koslow.

  7. Time For A Change? says:

    By all means, put this law through, PRONTO! We don’t have enough laws yet!

    OK, for all you nanny state morons out there, maybe you don’t have enough sense to control your vehicle, but I do. There is already a distracted driver ordinance on the books that covers this. That is enough.

    While we are talking about school zones, how come the speeds are 20MPH in Boca and 15MPH here? Do the kids in Boca run faster to get out of the way? Do 25% more kids get run over there because of 25% higher speed? You people are idiots when you push through all manner of nonsense and try to tell us “Its for the children”. What a bunch of crap.

  8. Time For A Change? says:

    OK Buddy, I am in a foul mood so I’m going to vent here. WHO CARES ABOUT THEIR WEDDING?

    It is great that two young, successful people are getting married. Wonderful thing. But why is it in your column? My niece is graduating college this week, can I get her an announcement? My son just did great on his mid-terms, please let the world know. I am going to schedule a colonoscopy, so I’m going to post an announcement in the New York Slimes and show color pictures and a youtube video and everything. I hope you put the link in your column.

    Ahhh! I feel better now.

  9. Dorothy Tee says:

    There are many signs around my son’s school with a picture of a cell phone and a big red X over the picture and in English, no cell phone in student pick-up area and STILL there are those parents/grandparents/care takers who not only drive through the pick up area talking on a cell phone and/or texting, driving a lot faster than 15 miles per hour so the signs do not stop them. These rules are not for them! Do you think the police will be able to find them and ticket them? I think not. Nice thought, though

  10. Mr. G says:

    Why isn’t so worried about educating our students but worried about cellphones? Why not bring our students up to standards, bring back career,vocational and business education so these kids can become productive members of society and not test takers.

    This guy has his priorties all backward. For surely he is lopsided and stupid!