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Jones is the green jobs guy who was forced to resign from the White House for two faux pas
The first one was slandering Republicans by calling them “assholes. A bit surprising since the law teaches us that truth is an absolute defense to slander.
However, if the GOP insists on calling the Democratic Party the “Democrat Party, wellyou know where this is going.
His second faux pas was adding his signature to a petition stating that “9/11 was a government conspiracy.  I’d like to think it does not get any stupider. But then Sarah Palin and the “death panel jerks come to mind. 
Let’s get it straight.  There are always loose ends to any significant event. 

But to establish a conspiracy you need positive evidence. There is no credible evidence that the government, i.e. Bush, was involved in 9/11.

Or for that matter that Lee Harvey Oswald had partners.
The same for Sirhan Sirhan
All these conspiratorial nuts just refuse to believe that “shit happens. For them everything has to be a conspiracy–Zionist, Papal, CIA, Wall Street, etc.
The assassination of Martin Luther King is in another category.
James Earl Ray was a dumb-ass hillbilly.  I am sure he had the motive and the means to kill MLK by himself. 
It is his escape that always puzzled me.

No one has ever explained how this “goober obtained false passports and the resources to hide out in Europe.  The one thing I am certain of is that Ray did not have the wherewithal to forge them.  Yet, no one has been arrested or even identified.
 P.S. NASA really did send men to the moon.


I wrote last July how the proposed $500 billion “back to the Moon and on to Mars scheme was a counterproductive boondoggle.  
On September 8, the Herald reported that not only is the manned Mars trip off the boards but even sending folks back to the Moon is withering on the vine.


If you read the Sun-Sentinel, you would think that the core problem to healthcare costs is so-called defensive medicine by doctors afraid of malpractice lawsuits. 
Typical is the August 31, 2009 column here by Dr. Joseph H. Entine, a physician who retired in 1993.   Frightened of malpractice lawsuits, he “ordered millions of dollars of medically useless studies
Clearly he filled out insurance and Medicare forms demanding payment for these procedures.  I doubt he described them as “medically useless.
I am not so sure I want to believe a man who publicly proclaims he committed millions in insurance fraud.  I’d like to know why he is not in jail.



Wilson is the Republican congressman from South Carolina who called Barack Obama a liar during the President’s healthcare address.
The President had just assured listeners that his healthcare proposal would not cover illegal aliens.  That was not enough for Wilson.
 It’s hardly a coincidence that Wilson is a White man from the first state to secede from the Union.
 The truth is, like many Obama haters, such the Birther crowd, he just can’t accept  a Black man in the White House.  In addition, he can’t accept Hispanics in the Palmetto State.  
Be sure Wilson’s outburst was not lost on Blacks and Hispanics. Daily Republicans like Wilson solidify the notion that the only thing black in the GAP (Grand Asshole Party) is their hearts.

8 Responses to “Sam Fields’ Random Thoughts”

  1. majorpenalty says:

    joe wilson for president!!!!!finally someone stood up to the “new messiah”. he should not have to apologize for anything. obama has done enough of that, with europe, the muslims and of course his cheerleader hillary blamed the u.s. for all the turmoil from the mexican drug cartel.michael savage is right. liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. GOPapa says:

    As a Republican, I am embarrassed by the comment by MAJORPENALTY. How anybody can condone the rude and disrespectful behavior of Joe Wilson.
    I hate to say this but Mr. Fields is right. Much of the opposition to Obama is because he is black. There are large numbers of people in my party who will never accept a black as president.
    There are also large numbers of Republicans who believe it is right to tear down anything the other sides proposes just because they propose it. They have filled this debate with misrepresentations. People like Joe Wilson are the ones lying, not Obama.
    And I didn’t vote for him. I’m a member of the BREC

  3. Hey You says:

    Hey, GOPapa, how refreshing to hear a different voice from a BREC member. It is a balanced voice.

    I am a democrat that, like you, always hated it when D’s automatically slammed R’s for raising good ideas, just because it came from them, but when I said so my “loyalty” was questioned. There is less of that with D’s than R’s I can say that much. And so I would invite you to join us the Democratic party, where I think you’d feel more comfortable, except th at is even though D’s say they want converts, the minute one comes, they attack them viciously for formerly being something else.

    I think both parties have a lot to work out. But I find it very refreshing that I am not alone in keeping a critical eye open to fix the imperfections in both parties.

  4. Democrat says:

    Sam is totally right. The Republicans are mostly assholes in so many ways.They are so wedded to their right-wing out-moded philosophy that it makes it hard to come up with good ideas. Their only plans for health care or fixing the economy is the same mantra that got us in the mess in the first place. Low taxes and less government. We saw how less government control worked with Wall Street.

  5. It Takes One to Know One says:

    Sam Fields is the foremost expert in identifying A-Holes based solely on his experience of looking in a mirror these past five decades.

  6. TheBrowardRepublican says:


    A**holes? The only thing black in the GAP (Grand A**hole Party) is their hearts?

    Is this the type of language and journalism (?) you promote on your website? This can only be seen as a reflection of your expectations, or lack thereof, for your website content, and I feel very sorry you continue to do nothing about it.

    The strange thing is that I almost feel betrayed. I have been coming to your site thinking it was here to promote political discussion, despite our differences. Instead, it is quickly devolving into Sam’s personal “bash-the-Republicans” web site.

    IF you ever choose to elevate your blog back to where it started out at, drop me a line. Until then, I will be removing it from my list of favorites link.

  7. Sam Fields says:

    Dear it takes One,
    That’s seven decades not five

  8. VM says: