Sam Fields’ Random Thoughts No. 16

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It’s not been a good month for Haitian manhood.

North Miami Beach Councilman Frantz Pierre is so afraid of his campaign opponent, one Ms. Ketley Joachim, he went to court to get a restraining order to keep her at least 500 feet away.

“Please judge, I’m so afraid, this girl is going to beat me up.

What a wimp.

On the other hand this could be a political ploy to win the “sissy vote.

Check out Rockefeller Sorel. He makes Frantz look like Hell’s Angels Sergeant-At-Arms.

In case you missed it, he’s the Fontainebleau parking attendant who went a couple of rounds with a drunken Gloria James–Lebron’s mom. She was arrested for battery and public intoxication

Two days later he sued her. According to his lawsuit that slap and her name-calling has so intentionally distressed him it has made it impossible for him to go to work.  It was so traumatic that he may never be able to work again.

It’s pretty clear that this Rockefeller ain’t  no “Rocky. He ain’t even Adrian.  He’s more like, ummh, I don’t know.Arnold Stang


What could be more ironic than jailing someone for refusing to publicly proclaim that he believes in “liberty and justice for all.

Judge Talmadge Littlejohn of Tupelo, Mississippi did exactly that.

Apparently he begins his court by requiring all to recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

Attorney Danny Lampley, appearing on a divorce matter, did not want to join in.

Seventy years ago the Supreme Court ruled that you cannot make someone recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

That ruling has not gotten to Mississippi. Judge Littlejohn believes that anyone who will not publicly proclaim his love of freedom and liberty deserves to go to jail. Lampley spent five hours in the slammer until the judge relented.

Refusing to publicly pledge support for liberty gets you’re your liberty taken away.

Now, that’s irony.



In case loosing sleep or tithing for supernatural myths were not enough reasons to skip church; how about avoiding a fat ass?

The American Heart Association reports that a survey of 2,433 young men and women showed that those with high end religious involvement were a whopping 50% more likely to be obese.

Could it be too much mac n’ cheese at church potluck dinners?

12 Responses to “Sam Fields’ Random Thoughts No. 16”

  1. dr_augusta says:

    To what end do we Christians enjoy this little treat? Hours before the celebration of Easter, and Sam makes no diatribe against Jesus, the son of Mary. Truly a miracle has just occurred!

  2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

    Thanks for writing about our resident nincompoop, Frantz Pierre. I’ve written several blogs about him on my website, the most recent one called Frantz Pierre Goes to Court ( This guy is a total putz! If he doesn’t get voted out on May 3rd, this will only show how dumb North Miami Beach voters really are.

  3. Mr. Courthouse says:

    Fields sinks even lower by attacking Christianity on Easter.

  4. Ed Foley says:

    I’m really pleased to see that Sam is edging over to the Libertarian view of things but you really gotta work on that religious intolerance thing. There’s no need to hurt people’s feelings.
    Religion is a comfort to some and belittling their choices is hurtful.

  5. Reverend Fields says:

    Sam Fields has a religion. He is an proselytizing athiest. If you think of him as Reverend Fields of the Church of Nothing his blessings make perfect sense. These rants are his cries for help but there’s no convincing him of it.

    Trying to explain religion to Sam Fields is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It can’t work and only annoys the pig. Obsession with a subject one claims not to believe in can only be explained by guilt or self-deprived sense of wanting. There is something missing there and I really hope he finds what he needs to be happy.

  6. T. J. says:

    Thank GOD that Fields never got elected judge. He would have made witnesses swear to the manifesto of Madalyn Murray O’Hair.
    Fields is the type of individual who believes he must tear down everybody elses beliefs to make himself feel whole.

  7. watcher says:

    Lay off Fields…nothing in what he writes suggests that he disavows the ethical foundation of all religons that we should…….. treat others as you wish to be treated…plus you guys rarely debate his words just attack him and most of the crap you publish is well ..

  8. sam fields says:

    Dear Ed Foley,

    Assuming this is the real Ed Foley of Ledger fame I am first and foremost glad to see you are up and around. Ten times a day I walk down my bedroom hall where proudly hangs a spoof Pompano Ledger that you sent me for my 50th birthday. I always fondly think of you.

    I am intolerant but not prejudice about religion. Call me crazy but intolerance toward a system of supernatural beliefs that has a history of underpinning multiple millennia of bloodshed does not seem like a bad idea.

    I am also not prejudice. Prejudice means to pre-judge. I have looked at the evidence and I am judging that on balance religion has been a big negative for civilization.

    My critics never refute the negative facts of religions. They just attack me personally.

    The only difference between the Muslims nuts and people like Mr. Courthouse is opportunity.

    I suspect he would love to live in a theocracy where he could kill all who disagree.

    The good old days.

  9. Ed Foley says:

    I think Sam would have made an excellent judge. Beneath the bluster regarding religion is a very compassionate individual. I have known him a long time and I have seen him do some amazingly kind things (in my case – helping a very devout Catholic elementary school teacher get a job with the school board). She lost her Catholic School job after her husband was stricken with an ugly form of cancer. Sam stepped up, helped her get a public school job to support the family.
    He took no credit. Asked for no thanks.
    That’s class.

  10. Fort Lauderdale Law says:

    Do you think we needed, Mr. Foley, a self-admitted “intolerant” judge?
    Mr. Fields, you look for “proof” that God is real and can’t find it. You also can not find “proof” that God does not exist. It is a pointless argument and I rather read about something else.

  11. Ed Foley says:

    FTL law – I admit to being staunchly atheist and yet somehow I have a cousin who is a Cardinal in the Catholic Church. Also several priests, nuns and Christian Brothers (No discounts on wine, alas)
    My grandfather the detective in Philadelphia hated reporters but he gave me one piece of advice if I continued in my efforts to be a newsman.
    “On Sunday, go to the biggest church in town at the most popular service. Go to the first pew and listen for who is singing the loudest. – That’s the guy who owns the whorehouse.”
    Religion is a money maker for many and it can provide comfort for those who can’t deal with reality. But its the deeds of the individual that matter, not their apparent devotion.
    And yes Sam, it’s me – had 8 heart attacks in 2002 but prayers did not save me … it was the heart doctors at Broward General.

  12. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Hey Sam,

    I was driving to work this morning and caught a few minutes of cheap AM radio with the Steve Kane Show with Brian Craig. Any thoughts on how church goin Brian proclaims his love for Jesus and God by justifying a recent beating of a transexual at McDonald’s.

    Even Steve seemed bewildered.

    My belief is that those who have the loudest anger against Gays and different people while yeling loudly about being pro family and so close to Jesus often have something hidden about their lives.