• Religious Risk To Obama Care
  • Little For Teachers, Lots For Billionaire
  • French Geography Lesson
  • The Ghost of Richard Nixon
  • Spring Break In Havana



There are now 46 religiously based lawsuits attacking Obamacare’s requirement of birth control coverage.  The Supreme Court will have the final say as to whether the “free exercise” clause of the First Amendment trumps that requirement.

While the Catholic litigants want to eliminate all birth control coverage, some Protestant fundamentalists only object to the “morning-after” pill because they see it as a first cousin to abortion because it violates their religious “core values”.

This litigation is about something a lot bigger than birth control.

This “core value” argument could apply to practically any religious objection.

Jehovah’s Witnesses might refuse coverage for blood transfusions or hospitals that provide it.

Orthodox Jews might refuse payment to hospitals that serve non-kosher meals.

Buddhists might object medicines that were tested on animals.

And Muslim fundamentalists might object to their money covering male gynecologists examining lady’s hoo ha’s .

There would be no end to it


Little For Teachers, Lots For Billionaire


This session the Florida legislature is considering a $450,000,000 raise to Florida’s public school teachers. That’s less than $2500 each to the same teachers who just lost 3% in the last session and now may be losing their fixed pension.

At the same time those wonderful folks in Tallahassee will be asked to give $200,000,000—an amount equal to 45% of what our 183,827 teachers might get—to one guy, billionaire Steve Ross, so he can add “doodads and baubles” to his football stadium.

I know who I’m betting on…and it ain’t the teachers.


French Geography Lesson

On January 28th it was reported that as part of their fight in the African nation of Mali against the Islamic wackos, French troops seized the city of Timbuktu.

Admit it.  While you knew the name Timbuktu, it was not until today that you knew where it was.

It brings to mind the observation of Mark Twain: “God created war so Americans would learn geography.”


The Ghost Of Nixon


John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer, was sentenced to 30 months in prison for whistle-blowing — the “who” “when” and “where” of torture committed by “The Company.”

Up until the Bush/Cheney Administration, people went to jail for waterboarding…not for revealing it.

How do you justify the 180 on that?

Nixon said it best during his David Frost interview when he was confronted with authorizing burglaries, perjuries, etc.,: “Well, when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

That clears it up.


It Was Just A Joke


Senator Jeff Flake, R-AZ,  joked that one way to get even with Fidel Castro was to allow Spring Breakers to go to Havana.

Cuban-American Senator Robert Menendez, D-NJ, freaked, citing to all the torture victim.

Gosh, the last thing you want to do is make fun of dictators.


  1. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    The core values of Catholics?

    Wonder which value this is — “Archbishop Jose Gomez said he had stripped his predecessor, the retired cardinal Roger Mahony, of all public and administrative duties. “I find these files to be brutal and painful reading. The behaviour described in these files is terribly sad and evil,” Gomez said in a statement released by the US’s largest Catholic archdiocese.”

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    PS Maybe the Catholics oppose birth control because that would lessen the number of little boys available to be raped by their priests.

  3. CCommentary on commentary says:

    Obamacare – Just because religious beliefs are diverse does not mean the government should ignore the first amendment.

    Teachers – Can’t agree more. Ross should do what Robbie did and pay for his own.

    Geography – Those who care about world affairs already knew. Those who don’t care don’t even know where Mali is.

    Nixon – Closest we had to a dictator…until Obama.

    Flake – Menendez is just afraid the spring breakers would take his harem away.

  4. christine says:

    I have always thought ALL of Sam Field’s thoughts were random…..

  5. justme says:

    hoo ha — haha!

  6. Talking Tamarac Recall Scam says:

    From Sharon Aron Baron aka Tamarac Talk

    “Our teams of volunteers are scouring condos and neighborhoods signing petitions trying to recall Commissioner Patte Atkins Grad from Office”

    Wow if the volunteers are signing all the petitions this should be over quick. Not legal, but quick.

  7. I Believe says:

    The government should not have the ability to force religious organizations or institutions like Catholic schools, college and charity groups to offer birth control coverage. It would be like living in a dictatorship.

  8. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    It’s simple really.

    (a) Tell the Catholics to stop raping little boys.

    (b) Tell the Catholics to stop accepting government grant money.

    (c) Tell the Catholics to start paying some fucking taxes.

    As a taxpayer, I abhor the thought of my money going to support a cult.

    That’s living in a fucking dictatorship man.

  9. Sam The Sham says:


    Time to face facts.

    Catholics don’t abuse or molest any more than other religions. The Church just has deeper pockets so there is someone to sue.

    Catholic organizations accept government grants to perform social services, not to support the church.

    Maybe Catholics and all religions should pay taxes. At that point, they would be able to become politically active and take donations for elections and to endorse politicians and issues. You would shit a brick if that happened and quickly try to put them back on tax free status.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    There is no evidence whatsoever to prove your statement, “Catholics don’t abuse or molest any more than other religions. The Church just has deeper pockets so there is someone to sue.”


    Stop creating a strawman.

    As far as paying taxes, they already take donations. Every Sunday.

    Let them become a 501(c)(4). See how many survive. I will deal with those that manage to stay afloat.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    PS Your logic of “all religions fuck little boys, so therefore it’s okay what the Holy Roman Church does” is sickening.

    Imagine if middle level managers at HP got caught diddling kids. Do you really think we’d allow the same shit to go on? Would you buy another HP printer?


  12. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Sham,
    I don’t think it is clear the Roman church has A higher rate of sex abuse than any other religion.
    What is clear is that because it’s size and centralization it has had the most incidents and most sophisticated, organized cover-up.
    The latest document release makes it clear that John Paul II ordered all internal sex abuse documents WORLDWIDE sent to the Vatican to be kept under the control of Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict the XVI.
    All institutions react to scandal the same way—-cover-up, cover-up, cover-up.
    On a much smaller sale Hassidic Jews in Brooklyn have been protecting kiddie-didlers for years. In some cases they send them off to Israel where the Israeli Courts do anything they can to prevent extradition back to the U.S.
    It’s hard to imagine that a public school principal would cover-up for a sex abusing teacher since, compared to religious institutions, all the documents are open and public.
    Religions have used “magical thinking” to justify secrecy about all types of scandal.
    Check out the bestseller Going Clear about Scientology.

  13. Sam The Sham says:

    Get a clue Chaz. Who is setting up the strawman here? Give me your proof that states Catholic priests are more likely to abuse children than Jews or Presbyterians or Muslims or any other religions.

    Donations are taken every Sunday, so what? What has that got to do with your irrational rant? Donations are not government grants.

    Who said it was OK for anyone to abuse children? Not me. My point was that you (and Sam Fields) just love to bash the Catholic Church when they are no better or worse than any other large organization. They just have deeper pockets, which is really what bothers you.

    BTW, I think you should pick up some old copies of Readers Digest and read “Towards More Picturesque Speech”. It might help with your limited vocabulary.

  14. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    What bothers me … No, I’m done speaking to you.

    Consider this my way of telling you, “fuck off”.

  15. Sam The Sham says:

    Sam Fields,

    Thanks for a rational and reasonable response. My reply above was written before yours was visible.

  16. Duke says:

    Back in the 50’s, my dad use to go to Havana for spring break.

  17. Macy says:

    Birth Control is necessary for many women to regulate hormone issues. All of these male politicians and religious nuts need to stop their BS

  18. christine says:


    No one is forced to work for the Catholic Church. If you chose to do so,then you have to accept the conditions and stipulations your employer mandates.If I went to work for an Amish company, I would know upfront that they didn’t believe in the use of electricity. If I went to work for an orthodex Jewish company, I would understand that we would not work on Saturday and cut off early Friday nites.

  19. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Christine


  20. SAM FIELDS says:

    Let me correct one thing. In Ireland,, up until a few year age,people are forced to work for the Catholic Church and were beaten for not complying.

    I am talking about the orphanages they ran which were like something out of Dickens with pedophelia thrown in.

  21. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    There’s a wrongful-death suit by a widower, Jeremy Stodghill, in regard to his wife and the twin 28-week-old fetuses inside her when she died in a Catholic hospital, St. Thomas More, in Cañon City, Colorado.

    The hospital’s lawyers argued that the woman’s death couldn’t have been prevented. As to whether proper medical attention might have yielded the delivery of two healthy baby boys, lawyers argued that the question was ultimately irrelevant, because wrongful death can apply only to people and, legally speaking, fetuses aren’t human lives.

    This isn’t how the Catholic Church is supposed to see things. It’s the opposite. The church staunchly opposes abortion, holding that life begins at conception, and has even raised concerns about the morning-after pill. And the fetuses inside Lori Stodghill, 31, were four weeks past what’s generally considered viability.

    In the Colorado wrongful-death case, the hospital suddenly adopted the courts’, not the church’s, definition of life. Only now, with that argument already made, is Catholic Health Initiatives saying it made a moral error.

  22. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    How do you rationally argue with someone who believes in Santa Claus? Or the Easter Bunny?

    You’re better off beatin’ off. A much more effective usage of your time.