Sam Fields: Let’s Stop Senior Sex Orgies On Government Tab



sam fields


So I’m thinking that maybe our Republican Legislature got it right when they said we need to medically test those getting government checks.  Flunk the test, lose your benefits.

But I’m not just talking about pot.  I’m talking about these disease ridden bums that want you and me to underwrite their filthy sex habits that might best be compared to barnyard animals.

I’m talking about sex crazed seniors living on Social Security and enjoying Medicare!

And who surely is part of the parade?

It’s those government leeches living in the GOP stronghold known as The Villages. This community near Wildwood might better be known as Florida’s Sodom and Gomorrah.

It has been reported that seniors like the Republicans from The Villages have had a record breaking double-digit increase in some Sexually Transmitted Diseases! It’s among the nation’s highest growth area for STDs.

That means that you and I are taking it up the fiscal wazoo to pay for these folks getting Viagra and penicillin so they can put it up someone else’s wazoo.

Now I know what they mean when they call The Villages “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.”  A little too friendly for my taste.  It’s a place where Chlamydia is not necessarily the name of a woman who lives in Phase IV.

Nevertheless, Republican politicians like Rick Scott, Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin make it a “don’t miss” opportunity to campaign for the votes of these GOP sybarites with syphilitic racked brains. Though these GOP politicians love to moralize about the rest of the nation, are totally silent about this conservative Caucasian (98.4%) den of inequity.

It seems to me, if we are going to drug test welfare recipients, we also need to test Social Security and Medicare recipients for STDs.

It would work like this: If welfare recipients flunk the drug test, they lose their government benefits.  If seniors flunk their STD test, they lose their Washington moola.

Hey, Governor Rick.  Maybe we should even consider requiring STD testing to vote?

9 Responses to “Sam Fields: Let’s Stop Senior Sex Orgies On Government Tab”

  1. Bob Bekff says:

    Sam, I would say you’re a sick fxxk but I know you’re just stupid.

  2. No Comedian says:

    Sam Fields, a senior citizen, is trying to be funny here. Instead, he is sad because he is an empty, sad person who has no life except to attack Republicans, people of faith and anyone else who disagrees with his “progressive” view of society. Get a life, Fields, and stop trying to tear down everybody else’s.

  3. Ryan S. says:

    the difference is that smoking pot is illegal and f**king isn’t.

  4. Liar says:

    A dishonest article. He could have just as easily said Century Village, however, that’s Democratic.

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    Sam Fields is just jealous because he isn’t getting any.

  6. Terry Snowden says:

    This is quintessentially trite. So unoriginal. A great example of how someone haplessly inept at being funny should stay away from comedic writing efforts.

  7. ziggy says:

    sam are u reallllly a virgin tough maybe u should try a 3 day stay at the village or do they let new Yorkers in hmmmmmmmm

  8. jack latona says:

    hey Sam, you got something right for a change. regards, Jack

  9. Abolish the BOCC says:

    I guess all the democratic crooks in Dade and Broward are OK. At least the Villages folks have at least “paid their dues” and not leeched off the working folks for free guvmint cheese. Hypocrite.