Sam Fields: A Blue Wall Of Silence Incites Injustice






In the last week or so I have read or listened to at least a hundred stories about the George Floyd killing.

As far as I am concerned not one of of them has identified the real problem with law enforcement.

The stupidest explanation is the “few bad apples” crap. There are always a “few bad apples” in any large group

The real problem for law enforcement is with the many “good apples” and their adherence to the “Blue Wall of Silence”.

The police culture of not snitching on fellow officers is not much different than the Mafia code of Omerta except, when compared to the Blue Wall, Omerta is a public Twitter account. If he was still alive, John Gotti could attest to it.

One thing they both have in common is that murder is on the table when it comes to retribution for snitches.

In July of 1915 an NYPD Lt. Charles Becker went to the electric chair for arranging the murder of a gambler named Herman Rosenthal. Rosenthal was cooperating with the investigation of police corruption. Becker might have saved his own life by naming names in the department. Old Sparky was a better choice.

Ever heard of Frank Serpico? He was an honest cop who earned the ire of corrupt cops for refusing to join a payoff scheme with Brooklyn drug dealers. Fearful of Serpico ratting them out, they invited him to participate in a dangerous arrest. The cops broke open the door and Serpico went in first only to find that his fellow cops had melted away like ice in August.  Drug dealers repeatedly shot him and it was miracle he survived.

Thirty five years of criminal defense work is not my only source of understanding the police culture. As many of my readers know my father was a Detective in the NYPD. He was in the 101 Precinct in Far Rockaway.

I’m not sure he had a friend who was not a cop…even after he retired in 1958.  They freely talked about “side jobs” that made them a few extra bucks. My father did collections work for local businessmen who were stuck with bad checks.  Even I benefited from the corruption. We didn’t pay to go to the movies in Far Rockaway.  And if we went to Rockaways Playland or Coney Island his badge meant a free pass.

But that was not the worst of it. Racist enforcement of the law was the order of the day. Stories of beating inflicted on Black suspects ended with a big laugh.

I suspect all of this conduct appalled at least one of these cops. But the Blue Wall of Silence made it certain that no one reported any of this.


25 Responses to “Sam Fields: A Blue Wall Of Silence Incites Injustice”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    As far as this “Blue Code” it does exist.However, what these Police officers are going through of course they want to trust their partners,other police officers- their lives depend on it.

    Yes,there r a few bad apples in the bunch, reference to the officer in Minneapolis.What the problem is and major issue ( w/ the cops I have spoken to) is the police state ( u agree) it is impossible to distinguish ( key) who is a good protester,from the bad ones who for no other purpose is to cause looting, vandalism and to steal from businesses that they break into,before they set them on fire.

    Again they( police) cannot seperate the two.

    Also when these mayors ( ft.lau Inc) when impose and set in stone curvew and these mayors,city managers direct order for curvew then these protesters need to get off the streets.This is for their safety as well as yours.When the protesters refuse to comply then order orders) command the police must follow this direction and enforce the curvew.

    Also alot of these attorneys representing the protesters and their families are only involved for one reason and one reason only- the money(yes).This police officers think about it.

    What would u do if u had 500 to 1000 protesters surrounding u calling u names, threatening u etc,throwing bricks at u,setting your vechiles on fire etc.So it is completely understandable if a protester gets shoved to clear a path for the officer or if they addminster tear gas canisters and or rubber bullets and a protester gets hit/ hurt.Remendy when curvew time comes get off the street and reassemble the following day.

  2. Simon Says says:

    Fields denounces all police officers because his father was a crook eighty years ago. What a load.

  3. mosh says:

    Didn’t the three cops in the Minneapolis case quickly turn on the fourth who put his knee on George Floyd’s neck?

  4. Bob says:

    Aside from the very real need to trust and rely on fellow officers, hence the Blue Wall, there is another reason there are so many reports of police misconduct: the officers literally are not part of the community that they police. Many live far from the cities they patrol. They don’t know the locals like a neighbor would. They don’t spend their days off interacting with local businesses or witnessing local situations. It’s easy to develop an Us v Them mentality when you only interact with the Uses and don’t know the Thems. To these officers the city becomes simply an employer — in some ways they are mercenaries hired from outside. City policies promote this by giving officers “take home” vehicles — many times those vehicles are driven to other counties — some on the other side of the state. It’s ludicrous on its face to spend taxpayer dollars this way, but shows the power of police unions to look out for themselves, which brings us back to the Blue Wall.

  5. Patti Lynn says:

    Let’s not point fingers at law enforcement. We’re speaking about racial discrimination here, the implicit bias that the white world has, that they, white people, are the chosen people…Black folks are “less than.” It is not exclusive to law enforcement. The bias is BUILT into our system of education, employment, housing, the judicial system, etc., etc., etc. People were TAUGHT and TRAINED to discriminate, so now, we need to re-program our populace. It not only can happen, it must happen. If YOU as an individual don’t believe it, I have some reading that you can do. We have NO CHOICE. Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhism, they tell you, “Love one another as you love me..” It is going to take work, but it WILL happen. Start by NOT KEEPING QUIET when you see someone being mistreated. Rethink Colin Kaepernick. He had it right. He was peacefully protesting. It cost him his career, his teammates,his livelihood…yet, he persisted. As we, also, must do.

  6. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    Looters need to be held accountable.

    Cops, even more so, as we grant them extraordinary power and trust.


    When you’re pulled over, do you worry about your safety? Are you concerned you might be shot dead? Yeah, me neither.

    Imagine though if that was your daily experience….the cops the look the other way, silence is consent.

  7. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    Just a few bad eggs…

    Countless pictures and videos of rampant police brutality and we’re supposed to believe it’s just a few bad fucking eggs?

    Blow me.

  8. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    All of this shit is captured on film and video.

    Imagine what police do to brown/black people when there’s not a tape rolling.

  9. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    Buffalo police officers applauded by their colleagues as they leave the courthouse…

    What would they have done if they killed the peaceful 75-year old protester?

    Thrown a parade?

  10. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    What does it take to be a cop? A high-school diploma and 5 months of training.

    And for that, we provide a lavish salary, take home car, great benefits, and military gear.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    One last point.

    Why is ending racism a debate?

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    …a strong Police n Law n Order supporter SEE CLEARLY.MR FIELDS IS 1000 % RIGHT. You CANT have Police standing by as CRIMINAL ACTS INCLUDING MURDER are committed. The 74 year old

  13. A reader says:

    There must be something in human nature that builds a “wall of silence” in many organizations. Imagine the brutality that ensues if a gang member snitches. What would happen to an Antifa member who does not follow the plan? People who work for corporations, stores, restaurants, schools often develop a blind eye to misdeeds so they can keep their jobs.
    Life is a series of choices and consequences.

  14. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    One last last point.

    We’re told it’s also Antifa.

    Guess what? My uncles belonged to an Antifa organization. It was called the US Army and during WWII they went and kicked some major fascist ass.

    If they were alive today, they’d kick your ass for suggesting not being against fascism is a bad thing.

    They’d kick your ass from here to Bastille and back again.

    I’m against fascism. I guess that makes me, rather proudly, Antifa.

    If you’re anti anti-fascism, well, you do the fucking math.

  15. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    I can’t believe I agree with Mr. Fields on anything. This time he is right. The Blue Wall must be dismantled.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Another wall of silence is erected by an organization that Fields presumably belongs to called The Florida Bar. It covers up and excuses the wrong conduct of lawyers.

  17. Honest Taxpayer says:

    #16 is the only comment worth reading. The blue wall of silence is extremely overrated. But, I guess special people need something to blame the cops for so they can think they have done something..

  18. Al says:

    Looking back 50 years to confirm a problem is ridiculous. The reality is that police have made massive efforts to remove the veil. The use of body cameras during all interaction is a huge move forward. These are public record What other high liability professions would allow this? Especially the public record part. Things have come a long way.

  19. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    One final point.

    The Fort Lauderdale cop who forcefully shoved a kneeling woman at a protest has been reviewed by internal affairs for using force 79 times (!!!) in just three and a half years.

    This is why the “few bad apples” thing doesn’t land. The system is really broken.

  20. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Last Friday June 5 atttys Ben Kuehne and Mike Davis sent letter of reprensation to Ft.lau city atty office stating they represent subject who was hit by rubber bullet etc.Also to discover Mayor Trantalis initially stated subject shouldn’t have been at the scene and went on to state ” there would be no reason why I would stay there if I saw tear gas and rocks being thrown( own choice to stay- key).Then Trantalis walked back that comment( why) and then went on to state the incident was reprensible”.To complicate matters even more his Police Chief stated that shooting the rubber bullets etc could be potentially a violation of policy( huh- it was from command/ direction from u).Less is more guys before u dig us into a hole we can’t t get out of from leadership from both of them…

  21. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Now for a solution to this mess.First on your next meeting Mayor Trantalis.1.create a committee,board etc.Put city redident and former police chief Frank Adderley as chair( he is easy on the eyes and will relate to the black community).Also put former mayor Jack Seiler,Bruce Roberts,FOP big wig Sgt Tucker for his input.Also NAACP director.Also for the ladies put on Peaches that ran against Mckinzie.Abd black lives matter activist coordinator ( local chapter rep).Take their input and implement.But no refunding the police Dept.And get new safety director to supervise PD.Lastly to police chief “Back the Badge”..

  22. John Murphy says:

    When terrorists create dangerthen they need to be dealt with strongly. My suggestion to all the Chiefs of Police in Broward is very simple. If you have water cannons load them up with skunk water used with 100% sucess in Isrreal it comes with a special soap for use by the police. However the Blue Wall exists everywhere so stop blaming the cops you are part of the problem. Ever walk thru Walmart or Publix an see someone take a bite out of something and drop it on the floor? Did you report it? Of course not thats someone elses job….BS say I we are all part of the Blue Wall…The PBA screws its own members by not saying a word about cities that are run so bad the commissioners belong in a unemployment line force furloughs on emer gency responders an vote themselves a raise at the same time. Great job PBA an furthermore get the cops out of the bastions of cars an put them on bicycles it worked for 1 Police Chief why not all depts. NYC requires any enrolee who wants to go to be a police officer to live within the 5 counties of NY. Start doing that in Broward County. You want to be a Miramat cop live there an see what its like watching police cars rush thru there 1 time per shift drive thru with 2 radios going and the air conditioning going exactly what is that a joke to me. The Police drive by all the offenders an dont even slow down great job….Police are people but until you clean up your house this Minnesapolis crap goes on. BTW in closing exactly who hired this person to be a cop, who approved his tenure to go to the Police Academy…Nobaody wants to say boo? Why is that oh I see the Blue Wall thats a crock we aall are part of the blue wall….

  23. Chaz Stevens, Doubter says:

    Virginia trooper who texted to his brother that he coughed on Mennonite driver “so he would spread Corona to the wedding they were going too. lol.” has resigned.

    Brother is on trial for the murder of a Mennonite woman which is how the text came to light.

  24. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Racist “Confederate Monument”, standing tall since 1898 in the very center of downtown Jacksonville, finally starts to come down:

    Jacksonville, Florida had flatly refused to remove this notorious symbol of racist pride after 2017’s white nationalist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    Recall that Jacksonville is the same bigoted community which for decades proudly operated Nathan B. Forrest High School – named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general and the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

  25. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    To note I have complete faith in our police chief.

    With the shooting in Victoria Park where subject was shooting at his officers,to the protest causing major chaos in the city,to a double murder on the beach is overwhelming.I am certain blue blood flows in his veins and I know he ” backs the badge”.

    The problem and issue that has surfaced w/ the protesters is although their cause has merit many elected officials have turned this political which the police chief cannot control.Sit tight because the majority of the city residents. Support the police chief and his officers.The city manager who is dictating dialogue etc to the police chief is concerning.

    Lastly,I am quite certain that once given the opportunity without interference esp from the city manager and emphasis on the mayor will get this chaos under control.