Update: Committee Admonishes Sen. Maria Sachs





Democratic state Sen. Maria Sachs was admonished by the Senate Rules Committee on Thursday for not properly registering her political committee.

A letter of admonishment will be sent to Sachs by Senate Rules Committee Chair John Thrasher.

Once notified about her failure to registered her Moving Florida Forward committee, Sachs immediately took steps to rectify the mistake, Thrasher told the Rules Committee members.

Thrasher recommended the admonishment.  It was agreed upon unanimously by the committee members without debate.

The Rules Committee had received a complaint about Sachs from Broward blogger Chaz Stevens, who bills himself as a “professional troublemaker”.

In a Jan. 23 letter to the Rule Committee, Stevens alleged that “Senator Sachs violated Senate Rule 1.361, relating to Solicitation or acceptance of contributions; registration and disclosure requirements, by not registering her affiliated political committee, Moving Florida Forward PC, with the Senate Committee on Rules. I am requesting you promptly investigate this matter, and where appropriate, apply the applicable sanctions outlined in Senate Rule 1.361.”

Sachs also has been dogged by allegations that she doesn’t live in her east Broward-Palm Beach County district. She recently claimed to have moved into the district.

In response to the controversy about Sachs and other Broward lawmakers, the Legislature just passed a measure that would toughen the residency rules for lawmakers.

Rules Committee complaint is the latest of several that Stevens has filed with various authorities.  Most have have been treated seriously.

Stevens recently revamped his MyActsofSedition.com website, which specializes in exposing government and political wrongdoing. He e-mailed Browardbeat.com that he recently “started a reputation enhancement project aka no dick noses and less f-bombing” on the website.

Stevens website story on the Rules Committee is here. 

The Florida Senate



Senator Thrasher, Chair

Senator Smith, Vice Chair

Thursday, March 20, 2014
10:30 a.m.—12:00 noon
Toni Jennings Committee Room, 110 Senate Office Building

Senator Thrasher, Chair; Senator Smith, Vice Chair; Senators Benacquisto, Diaz de la Portilla, Galvano, Gardiner, Latvala, Lee, Margolis, Montford, Negron, 



Consideration of Ethics Commission report relating to Senator Soto

Consideration of complaint relating to Senator Sachs

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4 Responses to “Update: Committee Admonishes Sen. Maria Sachs”

  1. Chaz Fan says:

    I will miss the dicknoses and F’bombs.

    I hope Chaz isn’t trying to make himself too establishment.

    Part of his charm is that he is one guy that doesn’t give a F&CK and other than exposing and taking down the overblown hypocrites in government, and didn’t have any other real goal. He wasn’t looking to be part of the machine — he just wanted to watch it burn.

    Sad that he now wants to become “respectable”. Like he’ll start wearing a blazer with a mock turtleneck or something.

  2. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    Dear Chaz Fan;

    In 2014, I’m aiming to become a much bigger media player, thereby taking MAOS to the next level (financial, penetration, market presence). To accomplish this, the blog will need broader curbside appeal.

    Times have changed and nothing lasts forever.

    Which meant the Dick Nose’s death (the gag got old and needed to be retired anyway) and to stop writing like Tarantino.

    With Festivus Pole v3.0 around the corner, my goal is nothing short of national MSM talking head status. The reclamation of MAOS is just the first step.

  3. Chaz Fan says:

    Ok fine, you want to be the DICK Cavett of Blogs.

    I’m sad but will survive.

  4. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    WTH, they didn’t even take away the ‘vette privileges for 24 hours.

    All she got was an “admonished by the Senate Rules Committee”.

    At least strap her to a chair and force her to listen to Donna Summer’s “BAD GIRL” on repeat for an hour. Something!!! Anything!!!