Rubio Smeared By Tying Him To Che


In the pantheon of South Florida villians, only Fidel Castro is more evil than Che Guevara.

A Marxist and Castro’s second-in-command, Guevara has become an icon across the world…but not in South Florida.   His bearded vistage is featured on T-shirts and posters by those too young or too stupid to remember his role in murdering thousands of Castro opponents.

To put Guevara’s face on political literature circulated among South Florida Cuban-Americans is like putting Hitler’s face on brochures handed out at Broward condominiums.

That is exactly what was done this week to smear GOP U. S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio.  Which candidate?   I suspect someone who supports Gov. Charlie Crist.

Check out Che’s face over Rubio’s left shoulder.  You can click on the image to make it larger.

The literature, mailed to Republicans in South Florida by a Panhandle political committee, attacks Rubio for having “voted like a liberal” on immigration reform.

(Thanks to a reader for this flyer.  I welcome any other campaign material sent to  JPEGs are easiest to process.)

3 Responses to “Rubio Smeared By Tying Him To Che”

  1. Susie says:

    If, in fact, the Crist campaign is behind this particular piece, it has gone into the gutter with Alan Grayson. Hard hitting campaigns are one thing, but this trash is quite another. It portrays Rubio, as Grayson portrayed Webster, in a light which was precisely opposite the truth. Despicable.

  2. W.T.Williams says:

    It is good to see the Republicans getting some of their own medicine thrown back at them. They are the masters of the half-truths and slurs.

  3. Silly says:

    Tying Marco Rubio to Che is like tying Obama to Ronald Reagan. No way anybody is going to believe that. See you in St. Petersburg Charlie because you ain’t going to Washington.