Rubio Faces Billboard Assault Over Immigration


Anybody traveling in North Florida can see why Marco Rubio is in a bind.
A billboard along Interstate 75 near Ocala says in big, bold type: “Rubio-Obama Immigration Plan.”
Another billboard is near the Jaguars’ football stadium in Jacksonville.
Both signs — put up by the Tea Party-leaning Floridians For Immigration Enforcement” — encourages drivers to call the senator and tell him “No Way” he should vote for the legislation in the U.S. Senate he helped shape.
Running for president?
First he had better get his Florida Republicans in line!

8 Responses to “Rubio Faces Billboard Assault Over Immigration”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    But to get these North Florida knuckle-walkers to pipe down, Rubio would have to develop a sudden blindness to the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. In other words, become a typical Republican. Then his only remaining trick would be his ability to comically drink water on television.

    His immigration legislation isn’t going to pass. It isn’t xenophobic enough for Republicans. Same old Republican story.

  2. Take Your Blinders Off says:

    Rubio was once the rising star. Now he is yesterday’s news.

    Saying one thing to Spanish audiences (in Espanol) and another thing to everyone else, he sounds like what the Iranian mullahs do. He is trying to be the new front-runner for the Republican “establishment”. His immigration bill is nothing more than amnesty for anyone that says “I’m trying to learn English” but they never have to do anything more than “try”.

    Why do they create a bill of 800 to 1000 pages when anyone serious about immigration reform could sum it up on 2 or 3 pages? It is to fool the public and create loopholes big enough for a coyote to drive a bus through.

  3. Just one vote says:

    do not underestimate voters – will they turn out? will they be informed? will they vote with their head? what else will influence them?
    just as an example obama got elected. then re-elected.

  4. SAM FIELDS says:

    Marco Rubio has no real core beliefs and it now coming back to haunt him with this immigration issue.

    Complaints from the right are now pushing him to vote against his own bill and it is starting to hurt him on the character issue.

    A Quinnipiac June poll not only showed Hillary crushing him in Florida 53-41 but he looses to her with Hispanics 58-43!

    People are starting to see him as a total empty suit.

  5. West Davie Resident says:

    We Republicans welcome legal immigration. We tried to work with the Democrats in the 1980’S to legalize those hadn’t followed the rules in exchange for closing down our borders. Didn’t happen then and won’t happen in current bill which allows Napalitano to unilaterally declare borders secure and give provisional status to the 20 million current illegal aliens and eventually to their extended families. Rubio is only looking out for his best interests. This whole angle that the Reps need to appeal to the Hispanic voting block does not add up anyway. If Romney could have won 75% of Hispanic vote he still would have lost. At this point I would agree sonething needs to be done for the children brought illegally to this country but not for their parents.

  6. Real Deal says:

    Boy wonder steps on his Johnson. Imagine that. Didn’t take very long, did it?

  7. Diane says:

    Sorry Sam, but that’s Charlie Crist you must be thinking of.

  8. Ha Ha Ha says:

    At least Charlie Crist is supporting same-sex marriage now. Rubio just criticized the Supreme Court for striking down DOMA as unconstitutional! And Rick Scott did the very same thing! These two stooges are making Beavis & Butthead look like Ph.D.-toting geniuses…