Round One: Geller Wins


State Sen. Steve Geller was the director of some great political theater this week.

Those fancy-sounding awards handed to politicians at government meetings are usually non-events.
If you listened to the Broward County Commission during an award ceremony on Tuesday, you would have seen an event with subtle but real political significance.

It was a Lifetime Advocacy Award from the Florida Association of Counties.  It looked to me like round one in a 2010 race for Broward County Commission.

Geller walked away with all the praise and the prize.

Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, who Geller hopes to defeat, could do nothing.

In a stroke of political genius, Geller maneuvered to pick up the award in front of his opponent. In her home court.  At her county commission meeting.

This forced Gunzburger to sit and hear Geller repeatedly praised by John Wayne Smith of the association. 
Smith called Geller “a great debater.

Gunzburger could only sit and stare.

Geller was described as “known and well respected.

She could say nothing.

Geller was applauded for doing “outstanding work during his 20 years in the Legislature.

Gunzburger remained silent. 

By getting in Gunzburger’s face, Geller wanted to make his case: Running against him is a losing proposition.

His job during the next two years is to convince Gunzburger not to run for re-election. 

Call the award’s ceremony his first move. It was like launching a championship game of chess by moving a pawn.

He tweaked Gunzburger.  He showed he could bring the game to her house, the commission chambers.

I have no doubt it was all very annoying to her.

I’ve covered Geller for two decades. He is a determined, dedicated and driven campaigner.  

I wouldn’t want to be Sue Gunzburger during the next two years.


2 Responses to “Round One: Geller Wins”

  1. Sick of Sue says:

    Steve Geller has a proven record of accomplishments. Sue Gunzburger has done nothing while on the commission. Her own colleagues can’t stand her.

  2. Ouch -- Oedipus Complex Anyone? says:

    Wow “Sick of Sue” a/k/a Ronnie — what did Mommy do to you today to make you write such a harsh comment. Don’t worry, someday you’ll amount to something and get out of her shadow.