Rothstein’s Gift To Alex Sink–$241,000


Democrat Alex Sink filled her pocket book Thursday at a mansion more familiar to Republican candidates.

scott rothstein

Scott Rothstein


The scene was lawyer Scott Rothstein’s east Fort Lauderdale, waterfront estate, where GOP pols like Gov. Charlie Crist have raised $100,000s.

More than 150 high rollers, many of them Republicans, forked over $41,000 to Sink’s Democratic gubernatorial campaign.  They also wrote checks for $200,000 to the Florida Democratic Party. 

Also on Thursday, Sink attended another fund raiser, miles away from the glittery east Fort Lauderdale. This one was in Pembroke Pines, where a big home has four bedrooms, not 10 .

Thrown by Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis and city activist Henry Rose, this one was strickly plebian.  No word on how much was collected, but folks donated as little as $25.

Regardless, it was not a bad pay day for Sink.

2 Responses to “Rothstein’s Gift To Alex Sink–$241,000”

  1. Democrat says:

    When Republicans are flocking to Sink, Democrats know they have a winner.

  2. just bend over says:

    He Democrat (above):
    So you believe that since Rothstein threw a fundraiser and “many” Republicans attended that Republicans are “flocking” to Sink?
    I think that movers-and-shakers in the political arena go where they think that they can make a buck after the election.
    Do you really believe that those Republicans donors are philosophically aligned with Sink?
    They are trying plant business seeds now.
    Perhaps they are giving to Sink because they don’t think they can do business with McCollum.
    How do you explain McCollum being ahead in the polls?
    McCollum will win fairly easily and he will “Sink Sink”.