Rothstein’s All-White Ad A Disservice


I’m going to help high-rolling Republican lawyer Scott Rothstein.

From his ad in the recent South Florida Business Journal, you would think his firm is the White House, rather than Rothstein’s House.

The ad has been running in other outlets, too.  It misrepresents his firm, Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler.

If I was Rothstein, I’d fire whoever thought it up.  And yet, I wonder how it got through the higher-ups at the firm without anyone questioning it?

A reader, who called the ad to my attention, says it was produced because RRA is a Republican-leaning firm, thus insensitive to minorities.

That is not based on the evidence.

If you look at RRA’s website, at least 20 percent of the attorneys are women and blacks. If you add the support staff, the percentage of women and blacks is much larger.

Diverse employees only make sense in diverse, urban Browad County.  Rothstein is no fool.  He knows this.

But do you see that diversity reflected in their ad.  Nooooo.

All middle-aged and older white guys. 

So I’m going to do RRA and Rothstein a favor.  Here are just some of their partners and associates from the firm’s website not portrayed in their ad.  It will give you a better idea of what the firm is all about than whoever authored the ad:



Pedro Dijols

Anna Yarovich Lenchus

Brianne Strohsahl

Johnny Williams Jr.

Ellie Levy

(I have met former Judge Pedro Dijols, but I don’t remember meeting any of the other above lawyers.  And before you write complaining to me, I know you want to be known as more than female lawyers or black lawyers.  But I’m making a point about the ad.

And for those cynics out there, I have no business or personal relationship with Scott Rothstein.) 



14 Responses to “Rothstein’s All-White Ad A Disservice”

  1. paddy o'leary says:

    in the emerald society event book the guys in the photo were all green, diverse?

  2. Yea But says:

    Buddy, yea but everybody knows that Democrats don’t read South Florida Business Journal.

  3. Steppin' Fetchit says:

    Lordi, I waz in da picture. I brushed off dem coats and shined dem shoes before da snapped it.

  4. S only says:

    Give me a break Nevins—“If you add the SUPPORT staff” then it is a more diverse place. Yippee. And I wonder if the 20 per cent women and black men lawyers get 20 per cent of the income? Why don’t you check that out? That ad is so uncool.

  5. observer says:

    Buddy, FYI earlier copies of this photo did not have the guys in the back row. One or two of them were photo-shopped into the picture later. Why couldn’t they photoshop Dijols or a women? The guy in the back on the right side, Steven Lippman, was not in the original photo that initially circulated. Look closely he is out of proportion for the photo and where are his legs? Rothstein should photoshop a women into to this ad.

  6. Gimme A Break says:

    Obviously a book is being judged by its cover, which speaks volumes for the reader that thought to bring this to your attention. There is a REASON for these specific people being in the add, one of whom is a prominent Hispanic attorney. I’m sure the reader that brought the add to your attention didn’t do their homework before they thought to bring the “incensitive to minorities” comment to the table.

  7. Tyronne Steele says:

    I be offended that Scott didn’t have more brothers in the picture.

  8. Floridan says:

    “Diverse employees only make sense in diverse, urban Browad County. Rothstein is no fool. He knows this.”

    What does this mean? That Rothstein doesn’t want to shock upstate clients with images of blacks and women, or that Rothstein hires enough blacks and women to give him cover in Broward County?

  9. alert says:


  10. frank icanosty says:

    In the spirit of “Outrage” and also in defense of RRA–it’s time to set the record straight.

    Back right of the picture–partner Les Stracher–Les is a black man–he’s been passing for years

  11. le chiste says:

    Scott Rothstein is the man! The GOP should draft Rothstein for Attorney General. He’s rich. He’s successful. He’s eloquent. His wife is hot. The GOP needs greater diversity on their ticket, in other words – a Jewish lawyer respected in his community – draft Rothstein!

  12. zanadu says:

    Why didn’t someone straighten Adler’s tie out before taking the pic????

  13. DSCN2258 says:

    If your house is beyond repair your case becomes weak.;

  14. Robert says:

    Scott: here is your Survival Guide.
    Call your Bud Charlie for tips on the gay lifestyle and what lube he usudf