Rothstein Was All Over Ft. Lauderdale Elections


Feds looking at campaign contributions by scamster Scott Rothstein’s old law firm should not ignore last March’s Fort Lauderdale elections.

Rothstein and his crew were all over the campaigns of Mayor Jack Seiler and Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom.

jack seiler

Seiler: Benefitted From Rothstein

Seiler got some of his very early money from inside the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm.

A year before the election, Seiler got $250 checks — the maximum in Fort Lauderdale — from partners Stuart Rosenfeldt, Russell Adler, Grant Smith, Rothstein and several others at the firm. 

It looks like the money was gathered at a very early Seiler fundraiser.

By June of 2008, Seiler had more money from Rothstein associates like David Boden.

Rodstrom benefitted from a fund raiser thrown by Rothstein on January 7.  It appears that around $7,000 was raised.  Some of the money seems to come from legal support staff like secretaries. 

Most of the Rothstein folks giving money did not live in Fort Lauderdale.

Seiler and Rodstrom are not bad people for accepting money from Rothstein and his minions.  Please remember that Rothstein’s House of Cards was months from collapsing when he was pouring money into the Fort Lauderdale city election.

But if the Feds believe Rothstein was making campaign contributions a requirement of employment (that’s what the Miami Herald said today), they need to look at Fort Lauderdale City Hall, too.

Want to see more:  Here is the link to the Fort Lauderdale contributions.

23 Responses to “Rothstein Was All Over Ft. Lauderdale Elections”

  1. Fish or Cut Bait says:

    Either we reform how we finance campaigns or we stop bellyaching about the one we have. It is a waste of time dredge up what campaign contributions were made by which future felons to what policial campaigns.

    During the time in question, there were absolutely no reasons to reject RRA campaign checks. It was perfectly legitimate to accept those contributions, indeed to welcome them, given what was known about RRA at the time and the rules that govern our campaign financing system. Period.

    People in the business community make campaign contributions in order to get access or curry favor with elected officials. It’s been that way in Florida forever. Let’s not pretend that doesn’t happen as if we were children.

    Don’t like that system, then change it. Don’t want to change, then live with it and shut up.

    Only decide already, either you put up or shut up. Fish or cut bait. Bellyaching without action is for pussies.

    FROM BUDDY: I agree with much of what you say here.
    The acceptance of campaign contributions does not mean a politician is corrupt.

    Contributions from Rothstein and his associates are under investigation because of allegations that the group was breaking campaign laws. One claim is that the donors were repaid, which is a violation because they are not really giving their own money. The Feds should examine these allegations, especially since many of the donors were lawyers who should know the law.

  2. No Saint says:

    Seiler may not be a sinner for accepting all this money, yet he’s no saint, either. He is like every politician, who will take from anybody to stay in office. After looking at the link, I am much more disturbed by all the money he got from developers then I am the money he got from Rothstein. Rothstein won’t need anything except maybe a pardon which Seiler can’t give. The developers want to turn Fort Lauderdale into high rise city and Seiler gets to vote on that.

  3. Michael G. Ahearn, Esq says:

    It should be noted that if there were even 10 members of the firm (which I dont think there was that many) who gave money that would account for less than 5% of the of what was raised. As well there were no ECO’s or PAC’s involved in this race, where members of RRA usually donated large sums of money in prior elections.

    In response to “No Saint” considering how bad the housing market is right now, I dont see a whole lot of developers coming around looking to build high rises.

  4. To No Saint says:

    My bet is you’re no bargain either. Nobody is perfect. But some are better than others when it comes to offering themselves up to do some good in this world.

    Even in the midst of scandal in government AND also in the private sector it makes some sense to reinforce the following fact: Most people are not crooks.

    And that absolutely applies to most elected officials who are honorable people and don’t take payoffs. There is much, tons more corruption in the private sector than there has ever been in government. Payoffs in the private sector are rampant and vastly increase the cost of goods and services. Certainly way more than taxes are corruptly increased.

    So if we’re going to go after corruption, let’s not just focus on government. There is plenty in the private sector to keep us busy as well. Let’s clean it all up.

  5. Investigate Others says:

    If you want a meaningful investigation, then Chief Judge Victor Tobin’ conduct must be looked into by the FBI. Tobin needs to remove himself from the position of Presiding Judge of the Statewide Grand Jury on Corruption.

    1- Tobin had ex parte communication with his very good friend Attorney Stuart Rosenfeldt the evening BEFORE the RRA case was filed in Broward Circuit Court. Tobin then instructed the Broward judges how to rule and in fact gave them specifics as to the status of RRA as told to Tobin by Rosenfeldt. Look at Tobin and Rosenfeldt’s phone records. It happened.

    2- Why did Tobin assign all RRA cases to Judge Streitfeldt BEFORE Judge Robert Rosenberg recused himself from the cases. In otherwords, the recusal mysteriously took place after Tobin suspiciously moved the cases into his selected division.

    3- Who paid for Tobin’s dinners at Bova. Tobin was seen dining there on a number of occasions, by himself.

    4- Tobin has allowed former RRA Attorney Julio Gonzalez access to the high security area where only judges are permitted.

    5- Tobin’s right hand man, Judge Jack Tuter has always been connected to Republican politics as is his other right hand man Judge Damoorgian, who is personal friends with Governor Crist.

    6- Tobin and Damoorgian confer daily on the running of the Broward County courthouse.

    7- Tobin had a second ex parte communication with RRA Attorney Rosenfeldt during the weekend of November 21 and 22. This communication took place while Rosenfeldt had his own case pending in Broward County and while Rosenfeldt is being investigated by the FEDS. Ask Tuter or Streitfeldt about both ex parte communications.

    8,9,10…..much, much more. Fess up Vic.

  6. Hardly Much of a Story says:

    1. Come on, $250 contributions. Think that was SR trying to dominate Fort Lauderderal politics. Seiler is a popular lawyer in town and many would support him no and certainly this level of support hardly requires a billion dollar ponzi scheme.

    2. Are you really suggesting that the Fed need to spend precious resources on this level of contribution. Seriously? Either you honestly believe that in the scope of what they are investigating they should investigate EVERYONE who got a $ contribution OR you are just floating this out there as a straw man to smear Seiler. Illogical otherwise.

    3. Why not spend some time and look at the contributions people like Phyllis Hope has received from developers and contractors and the who’s who of those looking for contracts with the district. That is a REAL story with real investigative potential.

    FROM BUDDY: I am suggesting that the Feds look at Rothstein’s entire web of political connections, from city hall to Tallahassee to Washington.

  7. Seiler's Puppy says:

    Michael Ahearn is Seiler’s mouthpiece. When the mayor needs dirty political tricks done or defending on blogs, Ahearn is the one who does it. In return, Seiler throws him legal work. When Ahearn talks, you are hearing Seiler.

  8. Jack Seiler says:


    I am disappointed that you did not question me or even contact me before publishing a misleading article. I did receive campaign contributions from attorneys with the RRA law firm and from numerous attorneys with many other law firms. However, I knew most of those RRA attorneys long before they joined the RRA firm. In fact, most of those attorneys know me from the Courthouse, from local politics in the 1990’s, from Tallahassee this decade, from Bar functions since the 1980’s, from cases and lawsuits since 1988, from volunteer organizations, etc. Finally, other than mailing me a $250.00 check in 2008, Scott Rothstein had no involvement in my mayoral campaign at all. In fact, I can not even recall discussing my mayoral campaign with him at any time.

  9. Chaz Stevens says:


    Thank you for providing me with a free lesson in the “Art of Advanced Obfuscation”.

    As Oscar Wilde once opined,

    I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world.

  10. Pardon My Chaz says:

    I know Jack Seiler. He is a quality human being. Forgive the suggestion there Chaz, but that last comment of yours is lost on Jack Seiler.

    Jack doesn’t need to be an elected official. He makes plenty of money on his own, he takes time away from his practice, which has to cost him a bundle, in order to do a great job for the community and for that we should be thankful and not so unjustifyably unkind in our statements.

    Even in this mad, crazy, often f-ed up world we still would benefit from showing respect and some restraint on uncivil behavior from people.

  11. Acewaste says:

    Don’t forget the sunrise election. Alot of money was sent into that race, Rothsteing slipped in part of it as well did Developers and Solid Waste firms.

  12. hello there ! says:

    I know both Charlotte Rodstrom and Jack Seiler to be quality individuals AND of high moral ethics. They are the kind of people we want involved in the political process, mostly because, the rest of us are too smart to wade in. Although we have a long list of fraudulent so called “public servants” in South Florida, and MANY MORE in DC (Unfortunately), these two possess the character and commitment that makes Broward a better place. Keep up the good work !!!!!!!

  13. Easier to Criticize EVERYTHING than to Understand says:


    Love your energy and your work elsewhere (even if the noise you generate isnt always productive or on point). But, you are off on this one. Whatever criticisms you may have, this is a silly story. Really, $250 contribution is the indictment of Seiler.

    Where are you on the School Board contributions or what Acewaste says about Sunrise or other cities where developers pour REAL money into campaigns?

  14. Chaz Stevens says:

    Pardon My Chaz…

    And I offer to you that Mussolini’s mom thought her son was a terrific boy.

    Everything in life is relative. Including relativity.

  15. Chaz Stevens says:


    Thanks for the props.

    I am *focused*, at the moment on Deerfield Beach, and in particular Commissioner Sylvia Poitier.

    That has 80-90% of my bandwidth.

    I smell blood in the water and I am circling.

    See, I might be in the small minority, but corruption is corruption. Regardless of the dollar amount involved. The first time you are caught stealing isn’t usually the first time you stole.

    I get it that compared to the BCSB, local DFB items are chump change. Millions compared to hundreds of thousands, or in the case of Arlington Park, $30,000.

    I don’t draw a line at say, if it ain’t 6 figures, then it ain’t worth the time. Moral relativism at best.

    All that said…

    I have other plans, let’s say future aspirations, that would greatly benefit if I was able to “personally” knock Poitier off her dais pedestal.

    I do that, and I would be nearly unbeatable in a local DFB election. Let me just say that point does not go unnoticed around the Chaz HQ.

    Happy Holidays.

  16. Charley Varrick says:

    I don’t know Jack but having gone through every page of his filings it seems that every lawyer in Ft lauderdale and beyond contributed to his campaign. Indeed one famous lawyer Bill Scherer appears to have overcontributed; donating $100 on 6/26/08 (ref.31) and $250 on 9/15/08 (ref.115). I apologize if he was refunded the extra $100 but I could not see that in the expenditure reports.

    He received so much contributions that he was able to make many charitable donations. Several of these were to local non-profits which is indeed laudable but did he really have to give $2000 to Notre Dame . I am not sure that his contributors would have supported this use of excess funds but as I said at the beginning, I don’t know Jack.

  17. Hey Charley says:

    You say that you don’t know Jack, but I very much respect that at least you did some homework, unlike so many jerks that write serious things about people without doing any homework — and therefore indeed don’t know Jack.

    And as a result, you actually do know Jack a little better than you might think.

  18. Easier says:

    Chaz: But this is NOT a story about corruption. Buddy packages it that way, but it is a non story. The fact that a crook gave $250 to a candidate doesnt warrant the federal resources or frankly your intellectual efforts — not because of moral relativism but because it is a non-story. $250 contribution is NOT corruption and as CV says, every lawyer in town gave to him. Some are probably cheaters at something or another but does that mean Seiler should be the target of such a lame story like this. Looks at the contributions to Phyllis Hope … that will make you scratch your head. Buddy, very disappointed.

  19. Chaz Stevens says:

    Look at Phyllis Hope’s cellular phone bill paid for by county tax dollars.

    She talks more than the Can You Hear Me Now guy.

  20. double check says:

    See this is the kinda bullsheet that Barbra Stern aka bs is doing..accepting bundled contributions from one source under different names. Stern was all over the Seiler, Rodstrom, Jenne, and now BS campaigns and that is the reason these politicos are so corrupt now.

    I can’t wait for the surprise rematch between Stevens and Jenne. Remember in the game of chess, in case you did not realize it we changed the came a few months ago…it is not the position but the move. Remember that kidzz.. We are playing chess this time. Translation: We be takin out kings and kingmakers. So all you idiots running around trying to be kinged, STFU and recognize we are playing a NEW GAME in broward politics. Wait for the surprise contest against BS. Wait for the opening of the Stevens Jenne rematch-I believe it has already started. Remember I said we are playing chess. Learn about the OPENING of the game. It is not what you see it is what you don’t see until it is too late.

  21. Seiler: I Hardly Know Rothstein : says:

    […] The money that the mayor’s campaign got from Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler had nothing to do with Rothstein. My post about the money is here. […]

  22. the cat ate the canery says:

    Seiler says: “I hardly know Rothestein”

    crackle lackle bullsheet

    just plain ole sheet

    my sheet-o-meter just exploded

  23. hummmmmmmmmmmm says:

    Who is the lady from Dania Beach that just filed to run against Evan Jenne next year?
    Who is the guy that is active in the DEC-he supposedly filed to run against Barbra Stern?
    Who are they? They are supposed to be people that were waiting in the wings to file. Supposedly there was a plan to move people and then file on or about the same date. It is supposed to be a surprised because they are people that you would LEAST expect…Hummmmm