Rothstein Victim Helping Judge’s Campaign





When Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Anne Scherer asks Doug and Linda Von Allmen for a $500 contribution to her campaign, its like asking you and me for a penny.


doug and linda von allmen

Doug and Linda Von Allmen


That kind of money means little to the Von Allmens, since he is worth several hundred million dollars. A beauty supply firm named Beauty Alliance, just one of the 50 or so businesses he has purchased, was sold for $400 million in 2007.

So the Von Allmens are doing something only the successful venture capitalist and his wife Linda can do. Invite Scherer to raise money at their six bedroom, 11 bath, 18,000-plus square feet estate on the Intracoastal Waterway in east Fort Lauderdale.

With the Von Allmens as hosts, expect Rolls and Bentleys to clog the streets.

Von Allmen has reasons for helping out Scherer – more than $100 million of them.

That’s the amount he lost in crooked lawyer Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme. Daddy Scherer – legal gunslinger Bill Scherer —  won a $170 million settlement from TD Bank for Von Allmen and others who had money stolen by Rothstein.

Bill Scherer got a fee of $50 million, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

In addition to his law practice, Bill Scherer is a Republican activist  and an acquaintance of Rick Scott from before he was governor.

Judge Scherer, 37, was a prosecutor from 2001 until her appointment by Scott in December 2012.

She is currently unopposed.

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Liz Scherer


3 Responses to “Rothstein Victim Helping Judge’s Campaign”

  1. All Rise says:

    Security will be provided by Chief Adderley & Fort Lauderdale Police command staff & officers to insure they are allowed to keep the hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen money they were plied with by Scott Rothstein’s Criminal Empire,LLC.


    Please contact Chief Adderley ascertain why the the command staff & officers are allowed to keep the stolen money yet all charities had to give the stolen funds back, some thru court orders others volunteered to return the “fruits of the crime” are LEO’s above the law?

  2. modeengunch says:

    I don’t know any of the Scherers or the Van Allmens. To a disassociated person such as myself, this article has a bad smell to it. Too much conjecture, speculation and innuendo. Comes off like penis envy IMO.

  3. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    In defense of the Ft.Lau police dept. they had no idea what Rothstein was up to. I mean the police provided a service to guard his fat ass etc so I mean why would they have to pay the money back. Services paid for services rendered. On the other hand it still boggles my mind what Chief Adderley saw in Rothstein. I mean the chief certainly didn’t need Rothstein to chase some tail. Now did he….