Rothstein Returns, But Where Is He?


Scott Rothstein has flown back to Fort Lauderdale in a private plane and sources say he may have plans to return some of the money missing from investments that were formally under his control.

“We think he is going to try and trade money for his freedom,” said a source.

Rothstein has not been charged with any crime, but is under investigation by the feds in the alleged disappearance of money from various investments.

My sources don’t know where the lawyer has gone.

One source said that police have Rothstein under surveillance.

Bunches of burley men in t-shirts the word “Police” emblazoned across the backs are standing around the entrances to the downtown Las Olas Boulevard office building housing Rothstein Rosenfedlt and Adler.

Another overkill by the Fort Lauderdale cops?  Do they really need a dozen or more armed cops, some with bulletproof vests, to deal with one middle-aged, portly lawyer?

By mid afternoon,  Las Olas Boulevard filled with media and office workers.

The other offices and stores in the building were open for business.

 The Sun-Sentinel quotes Rothstein’s attorney Marc Nurik as saying his client is not planning on attending the 4:30 p.m. hearing in Broward Circuit Court concerning the alleged scam.

4 Responses to “Rothstein Returns, But Where Is He?”

  1. Law firm man says:

    You are right about the Fort Lauderdale cops. One has motorcycle gloves with his fingers sticking out the ends, like a Hells Angel.

  2. Got my ticket to the show says:

    A very SHORT middle aged portly lawyer at that.

  3. Chaz Stevens says:

    Who’s got a really fine looking wife…

    Don’t be hating the player. Hate the game.

  4. I. P. Auphen says:

    Do the jail jumpsuits come in “portly”?