Rothstein–Life In The Fast Lane


You can’t get away from uber-lawyer Scott Rothstein of Fort Lauderdale, even at a concert for The Eagles.

Eagles founding member Don Henley, playing last month at the Bank Atlantic Center, dedicated the song Life In The Fast Lane to Rothstein and his wife Kim.

Interesting choice of music.

Rothstein burst on the legal scene in Broward in the last few years amid a shower of spending

His purchases include a bar on Las Olas Boulevard bought in the middle of a recession, a garage full of fancy cars and $20 million for seven homes, including four in the pricy Castilla Isle’s section on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Not only does Rothstein live a lavish lifestyle, but he also has given millions of dollars in donations.  He gives to charity and candidates — mostly Republicans.

Word is that Rothstein gave beaucoup bucks to a Henley charity.

When asked about the shout out by Henley, Rothstein said: “He’s a friend.

Henley is a major contributor to Democrats.  Rothstein is by far one of Florida’s biggest contributor to Republicans.

4 Responses to “Rothstein–Life In The Fast Lane”

  1. Mister Courthouse says:

    Scott Rothstein has been a asset to this community with all his charitable gifts. He’s a pretty good lawyer, too.

  2. Scott W. Rothstein says:

    Hey Buddy,
    Hope all is going great……sorry that i did not get a chance to speak to you at length before you wrote but my 15 year old daughter was acting like a 15 year old daughter :-)ah yes, the teen years…….to answer the questions you sent me, the shout out was for my one year wedding anniversary and it was a surprise for my wife. Don Henley is a friend and the shout out was not “paid for” through charity or otherwise.
    We are of different political parties but… believe it or not… democrats and republicans can find common ground 🙂 we do support many of the same charities and have developed a friendship. as for the song choice lets not go down the nasty path… “ie. interesting choice of music”….given many of the words to the song that would be insulting to me and more importantly insulting to my wife and it is not your style to hurt for the sake of hurting. I chose the song because kimmy and i always joke that my fast paced business and personal life have caused me to suffer the early onset of what we call marital dimentia….you know…selective recall :-)….so it was a lot of fun for us. Lets not read any more into it and spoil the fun 🙂
    Take care and be well,

  3. Law 45 says:

    I have taken depos for Mr. Rothstein. He is one of the nicest, kindest lawyers around and that is a rare thing. I have never seen evidence that the money went to his head. I wish him the best of luck.

  4. Hindsight Twenty-Twenty says:

    Nice job, Buddy. You were obviously 100% correct in what you wrote earlier this year.

    I hope this message is seen by those that posted comments above. I guess you were ALL wrong, especially YOU, Mr. Rothstein. What a bunch of liars. You’re all full of crap and the