Rothstein and Firm Gave $481,400 To Pols This Year



How did lawyer Scott Rothstein become such a big deal in politics.


$377,500 in state races and $103,900 in federal races.

That’s the amazing amount Rothstein and his Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm gave in federal and state races during the just completed election cycle. 

That doesn’t include any money that Rothstein bundled from his law partners and associates.

The bulk of the money went to state Republican party organizations around the country, including Florida, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Colorado.

The rest went to Republican candidates, with the exception of a few grand for Democrats like State Attorney Mike Satz and state Rep. Martin Kiar.

To put this in perspective, AutoNation is a big national vehicle dealer based in Fort Lauderdale.  This is a New York Stock Exchange company which traditionally spreads money around Florida politics. 

With dealerships all over the state and businesses to protect, AutoNation  gave $331,718 in Florida politics in the past cycle —  around $46,000 less than Rothstein and his firm.

The money from Rothstein and his law firm is more startling when you look at what they gave in 2006 around $76,000.

Or in 2004, when I could only find $500 on the state website from Rothstein to Republican state Sen. Jeff Atwater, who today is the incoming Senate president.

Five hundred dollars to almost a half million in four years.

All I can say is, WOW!  


5 Responses to “Rothstein and Firm Gave $481,400 To Pols This Year”

  1. Hoofa says:

    Is Wilford Brimley the chief of security at that law firm? Hoofa.

  2. The Man says:

    All I can say–The MOB.

  3. The Barrister 2 says:

    Scott Rothstein is an honorable guy who wants to make a difference in society.

  4. browardcourtgal says:

    Beam it up to me, Scotty. In fifties and hundreds.

  5. Say What says:

    What is going on here and where are these numbers coming from? You say: “The rest went to Republican candidates, with the exception of a few grand for Democrats like State Attorney Mike Satz and state Rep. Martin Kiar.”

    However your previously posted:

    “Israel Gets Pile Of Last-Minute Money, While Rothstein Partner Plays Both Sides of Race


    … Stuart Rosenfeldt, of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler downtown Fort Lauderdale law firm, gave $90,000 to the pro-Scott Israel committee. Healthscreendirect LLC at the same address as the law firm gave another $5,000….”

    $90k is NOT a few grand for Democrates, is it? If the numbers you are reporting are true (if we are to believe what you say), 90k is a substantial portion of the total given. Please explain:

    FROM BUDDY: Technically, different pots of money.
    As the first post you mentioned points out, the money to Israel came from a Rothstein partner. The money I discussed in this post came from Rothstein and his law firm. As it specifically says, the figure does not include money from the partners.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify it.