Rothstein: A Christmas Fable

Guest Columnist

I am working on a script for a remake of the old Jimmy Stewart Christmas classic that I am calling: It’s A Not So Wonderful Life.

It will star Scott Rothstein.


Right now I am up to the scene where Rothstein is getting ready to leap off the 17th Street Bridge.
Just then, Clarence, his Guardian Angel Second Class, appears.  God has sent Clarence back to Earth to do one more good deed so he can be promoted to Angel First Class and get his wings.
Clarence confronts Rothstein.  He asks him what could be so bad that he would want to kill himself.
At that point Rothstein tells Clarence of his sociopathic greed.  He tells him of his avarice and gluttony which has led to the destruction of hundreds of families, lives and careers.

He details his infidelities to his wife, buying cars, homes, watches and vacations.  He admits that it was all done with money stolen from clients, friends, neighbors and partners whose trust he wantonly betrayed.
Using the time device of a spinning clock we see it has taken hours for Rothstein to tell it all.
It is here that I am stuck and need the reader’s help.
I can’t decide if Clarence should tell him to “jump or if he pushes him off the bridge.
Either way, at that point, we hear a bell ring. 
And as we learned from George Bailey’s youngest daughter Zuzu:  “Teacher says, every time a bell rings it means an angel gets his wings.

52 Responses to “Rothstein: A Christmas Fable”

  1. Sam's Fan says:

    Would Kim Rothstein play Mary Bailey instead of Donna Reed?
    Rothstein’s guardian angel Clarence obviously should be played by Charlie Crist.

  2. Chaz Stevens says:

    I am going for option C.

    Clarence rears back and punts SR right in the nuts.

  3. Charley Varrick says:

    He better not jump off the 17th Street bridge. The ensuing tidal surge would lead to massive flooding and Rothstein has already done enough damage to Fort Lauderdale

  4. Scott W. Rothstein says:

    its scott. i have parents and children and a sister and nieces and nephews just like the rest of you. have i not done enough to hurt them that you feel the need to write about me killing myself. i know what i did. and i will pay for it dearly just as i should. but to write that i should kill myself knowing my children are going to read that—
    and buddy, what purpose does it serve to allow this.
    i made my bed….i came back to sleep in it. but what is the purpose of hurting my family more than i have already hurt them.

  5. Maria Peddington says:

    I’m assuming that the comment above is from the real Scott Rothstein.
    Yoy don’t know me, Scott, but I called you office numerous times in an attempt to get you to handle my case. Nobody even returned my call.
    You are in the middle of your 15 minutes of fame. In a few months, people will forget about Scott Rothstein and you will be in jail. The rest of us, who are neither victims nor involoved in your problems, will have to pay for you for many years.
    When you are in jail for all those years, maybe you will decide that you should have followed Sam Field’s advice.

  6. admin says:

    The comment above signed Scott Rothstein appears to be from the real Scott Rothstein.
    I allow Sam Fields to write pretty much what he wants.
    Sometimes his ideas are brilliant. Other times they are foolish.
    He is always provocative and thought-provoking.
    I also seldom agree with his musings. I also seldom censor them.
    I have the same attitude towards most of the comments. I seldom censor them, unless they are racist or sexist. Or if they become terminally boring.
    You are welcome to write anything you want or call me for an interview at any time.

  7. mustbecrazy says:

    I for one feel that Sam can and should expound upon the thoughts that are rattling around in his head. Like Buddy says, sometimes he is brilliant and I say sometimes he is a duffus, like maybe in this case. But whichever it is, Sam has the intestinal fortitude to say what many only think. So Scott, as much as it may hurt your loved ones to read what Sam has written, stop and really, really think about how your actions have affected other people’s loved ones too. I truly believe that what is keeping you up at night now is the predicament you have put yourself and your loved ones in, not someone else’s loved ones. Did you care about how your victims would feel while you were reportedly taking their money. Unfortunately, we may read about other people’s loved ones in the obituaries for having jumped off 17th street causeway because of the predicament you put them in. That would truly be a tragedy.

  8. Sam Fields says:

    Mr. Rothstein:

    In “It’s A Wonderful Life” a horrible mistake befalls George Bailey and he convinces himself that the world would have been better off without him.

    Clarence shows him that without him Bedford Falls would have been a slum. Without him he would not have been there to save his brother’s life and his would not have been their to save hundreds of shipmates during WWII.

    What about you? Why is the world better off with you?

    I know that I can see thousands of reasons that the world would have been better off without you.

    Your “mini-Madoff” actions have damaged hundreds if not thousands of lives.

    You have become Exhibit A for every anti-Semite.

    You have disgraced the legal community and undermined client confidence in lawyers.

    Every lawyer that was with your firm is cringing that your name is on their resume. Don‘t they have spouses, children and parents?

    And what have you been doing since the damn broke? You have been making a public spectacle of yourself by eating at expensive restaurants, smoking cigars while you suck back $10 martinis– undoubtedly using ill-gotten gains.

    It took eighty years for the name Rothstein to recover from Arnold Rothstein. Anyone in this town with the name Rothstein will raise eyebrows and doubts.

    I would not be surprised if you are already negotiating a book deal with a plan to conceal the proceeds from your victims. It’s O.J. redux

    The more people became suspicious of you the worse you got in your criminal enterprise; the more vitriolic you got in threatening to sue anyone who wrote a negative word about you.

    So what to do you now—cry? “Be kind to me I have children and a family.” That they are willing to stick by you is a tribute to them and not a defense for you. You knowingly and willfully dragged them into your world of evil without once thinking about how this would disgrace them.

    Bringing them into this equation is the last refuge of a scoundrel …and you are a scoundrel.

    Have you, after all, no sense of shame? Let me answer that with a resounding NO!

    Would the world have been better off without you? Let me answer that with a resounding YES!

  9. Nico says:

    Wow!! Again a sad commentary to have zero compassion as a human being… and to coax some one to suicide….really? SR defintely hurt alot of people, and from what has been accused and vaguely admitted, unthinkable acts against people…His family will get all of his enemies that is just an unfair reality..I feel sorry for them as you should as well. GOd forbid a family member of yours ever has trouble public trouble in life… I think his children need him, your Dad is always your Dad… I have to agree with SR that you wishing any childs Dad kills himself and loathe in it, is sick. And I also think what SR did is sick.. Unfortunately, this whole incident seems to be continuing to bring out the worst in more and more people everyday…. and to Scott do what you can, to be a good man that helps your family, your victims, and random strangers when ever it is you get out of prison. Show your life still has great value by your actions, as you know words at the end of the day are cheap, including the ones by this blogger!!!

  10. get real says:

    Sam, you’re a Jackass ! what you wrote is not only extremely irresponsible its just plain inhuman. So the guy stole some money from some greedmongers. Big deal. It happens everyday. Most of the people involved are nuts. They are buying into this scheme when the lawyer from NY and Madoff are in the paper almost everyday. He sure had a lot of friends when he was doling out the CASH.

  11. get real says:

    Sam, reading your blog entry now, you really are NUTS !

    Buddy, you should probably be looking for some NEW guest authors. Good Luck, you’re going to need it.

  12. Charley Varrick says:

    As I understand it Rothstein has only 1 daughter so why would the person purporting to be Rothstein say he has children. Maybe I am wrong but it seems to me you have been taken in by an impostor


    Charley Varrick (last of the independents)

    FROM BUDDY: It could be a phony, but it sparked a debate anyway.
    It appears to be real to me because (1) it is the style he writes in, (2) he called me just before the letter appeared and (3) it contained other identifying information.

    Also, read this sentence from an October 23, 2008 Rothstein comment to
    “I invest in real estate and people–businesses. While it does not always work out, it brings the greatest rewards more often than not and it is something i can pass on to my children that i am confident will avoid the far too frequent fluctuations of the stock market.”

    There are allegations on the Internet that he had a child out of wedlock, in addition to the one he had with his second wife, Kimberly.

    Bottom line: It looks legit, but would I bet my life on it? No. There are too many clever people out there who can fake anything.

  13. Sad Onlooker says:

    Dear Mr. Rothstein,
    I didn’t invest with you, so I lost no $$$. I didn’t party with you, so, I’ll not miss the “good times.”
    Unfortunately, I live in Broward County. You have contributed to politicians who are as greedy as you are. You may have helped elect a few who feel that it is their right to slurp at the public trough. Even worse, you have compromised the truly philanthropic efforts of people such as Footy and Dan Marino. I never had anything to do with you, Mr. Rothstein, however,I don’t like the slurs, snide comments, and nastiness of some of those who comment on the blogs.Unfortunately, this is Broward County. Corruption is rampant. Your problems have diverted attention from those who have been diverting taxpayer funds into their own pockets. Hopefully, folks will remember: Eggeletion and Prestige Builders; Gallagher and School Board Construction; Eggeletion and off-shore banking; Salesman and Miramar contracts. What you have done is devastating, but, those who chose to get involved with you were greedy. Those other folks, Salesman, Gallagher, Eggeletion…they (allegedly) stole from the unsuspecting public. The public had no choice.

  14. Collateral Damage says:

    Scott – if that’s really you, please answer me this. I’ve seen you apologize to your investors and your family – but never once to your former employees. Do you realize that some of them live paycheck to paycheck? What about your former attorneys whose life’s work you used on some of your ponzi scheme. You took the accomplishments of others and passed them off as your own to perpetrate a huge fraud. You tainted all the good they did. And for what? You ruined people’s good reputations. You stole money our payroll money and the trust account money. What about the two girls who scraped up enough money to buy homes and put money in your escrow accounts? You had to steal that to? You stole from single mother’s who have children to feed. You stole people’s faith. Faith in the goodness of human beings and faith in the legal profession. Your more concerned about millionaires getting back their millions than the people you called your family. What do you have to say to your RRA “family”?

  15. Schmuley says:

    I don’t disagree at all with Sam’s sentiments. Scott is a worthless pile of excrement. But, in my opinion, suicide or the death penalty is much too lenient a punishment for him. He definitely should be stripped of every dime and his freedom. He should have to sit in prison for the rest of his miserable life and get schtupped in the butt on a daily basis by his fellow inmates. He f*cked over so many people. Let him find out how it feels literally to get f*cked. I love when he said “sorry, guys, I found God 40 years ago.” Hey Scott, did God tell you to be a goniff? Did God give you the chutzpah to blatantly lie, cheat, and steal from those poor rich people who placed their trust in you? Were you thinking about God when you drafted those fake court orders you used to steal from the Morses?

  16. Stop Suicidal Talk says:


    You can be held liable for the comments made by Maria Peddington and Sam, for allowing them to remain on this forum. They are despicable.

    There is no question that SR alleged actions were wrong. There is no question that there are accomplices. There is no question that there are other ponzi schemes going on right now that the public is yet to hear about..

    But, to suggest any human being should commit suicide is reprehensible.

    The posts should be removed immmediately.

  17. Charley Varrick says:


    I take your point about his constant abuse of grammar and the English language but the only child that we know of is the one that he had out of wedlock and even in that case he had to be taken to paternity court before he finally fessed up. He has not had any children with either his current or previous wife both named Kim. Such was his voracity for tacky PR if he had a child with his current wife the actual birth would no doubt have been pictured in the Ft Lauderdale society mags.



  18. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Collateral Damage


  19. Schmuley says:

    Dear Stop Suicidal Talk, No, Buddy cannot be held legally liable for the comments made by Sam and Maria Paddington. If you suggest to someone they should commit suicide and then they do it, you are in no way legally responsible for their act. Where did you go to law school? The Scott Rothstein School of Law? Moron!

  20. Sam Field's Groupie says:

    Sort of ironic that today is National Survivors of Suicide Day; however, I think Sam and the rest of us who have been exposed, up close and personal, to people with Scott Rothstein’s flavor of crazy understand that they do not have a suicidal bone in their bodies. They worship themselves. They are their own religion. I think the chances of SR committing suicide are roughly the same as the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl this year. It COULD happen, but it’s not going to happen, because SR doesn’t have a conscience. He is, has been, and will continue to manipulate this situation. He is writing his own story and probably already knows it’s going to have a happy ending, or he wouldn’t have returned to the U.S. I suspect there is a ghost writer already working on a book or screenplay that will come out with Kim’s or the kid’s name on it, so they can keep the profits.

  21. frank icanosty says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Varrick–Scott does have only one biological daughter, but he had also become very close with a young boy who was orphaned–a son of one of the Blades brothers if I am not mistaken. I had heard that Scott was going to adopt the young man, and while I’m not sure if that happened, I do know he was extremely close to the boy and would probably consider him as a son. The reason I mention this is because I am positive the above comment does come from the “real” Scott Rothstein.


    As one would expect, my real name is not Frank–but we have known one another for nearly twelve years–in total volume I can’t imagine we have spent more than twelve total hours together, but throughout the years our associates, friends, and societal connections have overlapped numerous times. In my position, it pays for me to observe and to be as familiar as possible with those around me. I can attest to your magnetism, your charisma, and your intelligance–I won’t comment on your legal prowess or lack thereof because I have no direct association to it. I have seen your generosity [long before the beginning of your ludicrous con], your personal kindness, and your excellent sense of humor. I have also seen you be loud, obnoxious, vulgar, and over the top to the point of caricature–but then again who among us is not heavily flawed? No one, of course.

    I don’t want you to hurt or kill yourself. To be honest with you, when the calls first started coming to me that you had fled and the story started to unravel, I thought there might even be a slight [tiny actually] chance you would roll back into town on the following Tuesday, charge up to the 16th floor conference room with four big trunks and start handing out blocks of cash to your investors while telling them to go fuck themselves.

    Because I like you, and I like your family, and I simply didn’t think that someone who was, in my experience, hard-working throughout most of his life and ostensibly self-made would let so many people down.

    Did I think you were legit–no, because I’m not a moron. No one goes from sharing a boat with Ted and borrowing from friends five years ago to where you were a month ago without a lottery win or a record-breaking ten-year contract from the Texas Rangers-not in five years. I thought it was internet sex business with Marc Bell, or maybe even some money laundering–I never thought that you would steal from friends and neighbors. Who steals from friends, and from neighbors?

    The only silver lining in this is that Doug Von Allmen is a giant douchebag crying out for public humiliation, Ted Morse has done enough slimy crap throughout his life to deserve this, and the “Le Vin” family [Levin, to normal people] are such a fetid genetic pond as a whole to all be more than viable targets for such huge losses–not because of their religion, but because of their total lack of moral fiber. And Ovi–well, all anyone needs to do is spend three minutes with him to know he deserves far worse than what he has gotten. I don’t care about any of them.

    I care about what you have done to your parents, to Kim [who I believe to be basically blameless and wholly undeserving of three weeks of anonymous internet savaging], to the secretaries, the innocent families, the waiters and the bartenders and the prep cooks, Ingrid, Christine, Wolfgang, Les, Tony, Jack, Patty, Erica, Ed Sr. and countless others too numerous to name. You even got me a little, though not nearly as bad as most–but I’ll recover, and every morning I can look at my reflection in the mirror and know not one moment of shame or guilt–a point on which I think the two of us are most different.
    There is more to this story still to come, that is plainly obvious–the allstaff about non-extradition countries makes no sense, as do many other details–but I am relatively confident you will be going to prison for a very long time, and your life is inexorably damaged and changed.

    Don’t hurt yourself–find your self-respect, admit what you have done, do what you can to make restitution, get help for what is, tragically, almost assuredly a sociopathic disorder–and when you go away, try to help people somehow. I would have expected better from you, my friend.

  22. Pro Hac Vice says:

    SFG is spot on about the likelihood of suicide being committed by a narcissist. I represented a company whose CFO embezzled millions. When he was found out, his first threat was suicide and apologies to those he “hurt.” It only got him a night or two in a psych ward.

    In the ensuing cases, he exhibited the other traits, namely, hunger for attention and sense of entitlement. Of course, in any attempt to “help” us (and thereby receive more attention), there were 20 lies for every kernel of truth.

    For people without empathy or conscience, it is ironic that the narcissist is the biggest drama queen you’ll ever meet.

    I would imagine those with a criminal defense practice see this daily and thus have no worries that one of these characters would act on another’s suicide suggestion.

  23. Nico says:

    Let me ask you all a question, is it worse to committ a white collar crimes/ of stealing money from someone or the crime against humanity of instigating the suicide of another human being… I will wait for your answer…… I guess it would be an opinionated personal choice…And I am sure debatable legally..but worth noting…
    All you people holding harsh judgement of SR, acting like your are holier then though and condoning the type of actions stated by others in this blog, are exactly what is wrong with this town…Look in the mirror… We are all mere sinners, let the one with out sin cast the first stone…. But instead we will anxiously await the mis step or horrid acts of another, to prounce on them publicly, lashing out trying to run from our own shortcomings, failures and insecurities… I believe at the end of the day SR will get what he deserves, everyone else is just looking foolish… You project on to others alot of what greatly bothers a person about oneself… Just a reality when life is only lived or typed through the eye of the beholder, oneself..

  24. Charley Varrick says:

    Excellent and informative post Frank. As regards the “with all due respect” line, that is as belevable nowadays a “no pun intended” 🙂



  25. Liberally Conservative says:

    Wow, you are clearly out of touch with reality. $10 for a martini at Cap Grille? Get with it. Including tax and a modest tip, a Stoley Doley Martini (as scott was drinking in the infamous video) costs more than $20. Have some credibility Sam.

    Other than the foregoing, your comments are right on point. SR didjjt hav the balls to do himself in or live on the lamm. He will be safe in a federal prison. Based upon his recent suit selections, he obviously thinks he looks good in stripes. The only difference will be over the past 5 years, he’s been the f_cker and in prison he’ll surely be the F_ckee.

    Enjoy the next 15 years SR. You deserve it.

    Regards from a Broward attorney that shares the feelings of an overwhelming majority of attorneys in Broward and elsewhere.

  26. Stop Suicide talk says:

    Schmuley- go fuck yourself. You are the moron.

    Buddy can be held liable for allowing posts that instigate suicide to remain.. What if SR did kill himself as a result of these posts? asshole..his family would have cause, not to mention it is plain old poor taste to make such irresponsible comments. What about his children? what about other young people who maybe reading these posts and thinking about suicide for something the public has not heard about? In this day and age, with the economi crisis and everything else going on, you cannot be that irresponsible.
    I do not know SR. I am not a fan of his. I never even met him personally.
    But, the fact remains promoting suicide is socially irresponsible and possibly grounds for a complaint.
    At the end of the day he is still a human being. This is not a game or television show.

  27. To Stop Suicide Talk says:

    Buddy cannot be held liable if Scott kills himself – exactly what cause of action would his family have? If you believe they have one – you’re the moron. SR is not a 12 year old girl being taunted and tortured on myspace. He is a grown man who ruined many people’s lives and you have the nerve to talk about Buddy’s responsibility “in this day and age and economic crisis?” Let’s hope none of the innocent people whose lives were devastated by SR don’t kill themselves because they can’t pay their mortgage or find another job. And if you’re so worried about children reading this – perhaps you shouldn’t be dropping the “f” bomb. Stop reading the blog if you are so bothered by it.

  28. stop suicide talk says:

    Betcha. If SR kills himself his family will have a case against Buddy/browardbeat for allowing posts to remain that instigate suicide. He does not have to be a child. In fact, if any child commits suicide and so much as leaves a note referencing this blog then Buddy can be held liable. On top of these facts it is downright poor taste to promote the death of any human being by their own hands or someone else. You are the one who should not only stop reading this blog but stop posting comments- f…tard.

  29. To Stop Suicide Talk says:

    Do you know anything about the law? What CAUSE OF ACTION would his family have? Can you tell me that? Have you ever heard of the 1st Amendment? You are such an IDIOT!!! You’re probably a Rothstein sycophant, based on your absoulute ignorance of the law, lack of common sense and class, I’m pretty sure of ir. F-tard? Is that really the best you can do? Not that I’m surprised – people with limited intelligence and vocabulary usually resort to name calling, but f-tard?? Really?

  30. Stop the Suicide Talk says:

    you are the moron and f…tard…you started this debate..
    All I am saying is have some human decency. SR is a person. I do not know him. I am not his fan. The bottom line and for the last time: YOU CAN NOT PROMOTE SUICIDE OR THE DEATH OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING-BY HOMICIDE OR SUICIDE AS A JOURNALIST. YOU CAN’T DO IT SHITBAG!
    And you shouldn’t do it as a self respecting human being not to mention responsible adult.
    SR alleged crimes are fair game. But, it is not fair game to suggest, taunt, promote or instigate someone’s death!
    Suicide is not a game. It is a real and increasingly prevalent problem in Broward County.
    You can not promote or instigate it for one second. Any person could read this blog on any given day, that person at any age could be on the verge of suicide and your studpid insensitivity and blatant disregard for human life could push them over the edge. Forget about SR. This would not be right regardless of who you were talking about.
    Talk about his clothes that don’t fit. Talk about his shit castle as bob norman’s blog calls it. Talk about the people he swindled or the politicians and corrupt lobbyists on his payroll.
    But, for the sake of human decency STOP M/F INSTIGATING SUICIDE.

  31. To Stop Suicide Talk says:

    Thank you for further revealing your absolute ignorance. If you read my entries, I NEVER once endorsed suicide, nor did I EVER suggest SR should commit suicide. I simply pointed out to you that that Buddy and the blog cannot be held liable for SR or anyone else who commits suicide. I never started a debate as to whether it was even right or wrong to suggest SR should commit suicide, I simply asked you TWICE exactly what cause of action his family or anyone would have against Buddy or his blog? You still haven’t answered. Because there is isn’t one. You obvious have no knowledge of the law. You say there are grounds for a complaint – what exactly would that complaint allege? If you want to continue to embarass yourself with maniacal rants and name calling – then have at it. It’s your right to do so. But don’t try to censor people from talking by threatening them with a lawsuit. Don’t talk about things you know NOTHING about. On another note: Consider yourself lucky you don’t know SR, because that means you haven’t been hurt by him. I have friends who have been hurt by him and I have the burden of worrying about DECENT people who might hurt themselves. So I ask you for the third time WHAT CAUSE OF ACTION WOULD ANYONE HAVE AGAINST THIS BLOG OR BUDDY??? And if you choose to respond, try to sound slightly coherent leave out the foul language and name calling. Why don’t you try to act like a self respecting human being and show some human decency – or at least a modicum of class.

  32. VM says:

    Why would anyone care if that piece of shit lives or dies?? Surely, there must be better causes than “save the crook from suicide?” The world is going crazy..The banks are taking our money then turning around and punishing the small person with 20-30% big business is stealing as fast as they can. No health care plan. I’m glad to be going out rather than comign in

  33. nico says:

    I think all that would have to be proved would be Malice or Malicious intent..
    1.the desire to do harm or mischief
    2. evil intent
    3. (Law) Law the state of mind with which an act is committed and from which the intent to do wrong may be inferred

  34. Buddy Nevins says:

    Hey folks,
    While everybody is discussing my liability in a lawsuit, why don’t you consider the liability of the author of the piece? Sam Fields, a lawyer, is the one who wrote about Rothstein killing himself.
    Buddy Nevins

  35. nico says:

    I dont’t think Buddy showed malice but Sam…sorry Buddy for not clarifying

  36. nico says:

    but Buddy, you should be aware that when you choose to sleep with dogs, you might get flees

  37. Stop the Suicide talk says:


    The point is if you allow the post to remain ie you refuse to take it down then you are liable, too. Yes, Sam is very liable for his actions in this case. You cannot promote a person’s death by suicide or otherwise. That is my only point.

  38. To Stop Suicide Talk and Nico says:


  39. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Buddy
    Thanks a heap for ratting me out.

    In a previous life did you tell the Nazi’s that Anne Frank was in the attic?

    To all of the litigation promoters– I am quaking in my boots. Even if their was such a cause of action, which I doubt there is, rather than award the Rothscam estate money the jury would award me a medal.

  40. Stop the Suicide talk says:

    We are going to put the wheels in motion tomorrow to shut this down! Buddy the asshole-Sam Fields will be your downfall.

    You will hear from us soon.

  41. To Stop Suicide Talk and Nico says:

    OOOOHHHHH!!!! Who’d you call for legal advice – Rothstein? I hope that’s what you’re referring to! I hope you’re not threatening Buddy or Sam with anything more than a BS lawsuit – because THAT would be illegal!!! btw, no lawyer in their right mind would take your “case.” You heard Buddy – he only removes racist or sexist blogs. If you don’t like the terms and conditions of the use of blog – THEN STAY OFF OF IT – SIMPLE!

  42. Clarence, Angel Second Class says:

    the only legal action i see here, is my own suit for libel defamation….insinuating that i would commit murder by forcing or pushing him off the bridge. the outrage! i will own your house………(ooops sorry, wrong blog)


  43. Robert says:

    Here is your Survival Guide:
    Call up your bud Charlie and ask him for pointers on the gay lifestyle and what lube he uses;
    Call up Mark Dreier-a fellow lawyer –and ask him how he is doing with the 20 year sentence he pled to 2 m5f\

  44. Collateral Damage2 says:

    To Scott:
    Think about everything Collateral Damage said and then ponder this: What about the people that you called “friends”? In all the years that I thought I knew you, I never thought you would leave your friends out to hang dry. And I understand that you don’t want your family hurt anymore by all of this, but YOU brought this down on them. YOU did. The media will always have their job to do. The bloggers will always have their opinions, as perverse as some may be. But you have to put the blame on the harm and shame brought to your family solely upon your shoulders. Your former employees are putting all the blame on you as well, especially when they have to put off a mortgage payment or not be able to buy their first house because you called them “family” but ended up treating them like crap. Imagine how those that you called “brother” feel? Think about how all your former employees feel that had to scramble for another job when they had the rug ripped from under them? And then to find out that it was all a lie! Every thought, every sentiment about what an amazing staff you had and what an amazing group of attorneys you had was all a lie. The sad part is that even through all of this your even believing in your own lies. You honestly think you can “make it right”???? Nothing you ever do or say will ever make it right with those that entrusted their careers and reputations to you.

  45. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Stop the suicide talk,

    I am soooo scared.

  46. Schmuley says:

    Yes, Scott you have done a lot to hurt your family. But what gives you the temerity to think you can control and censor what other people say about and your family? Fuck you! If people want to suggest that you commit suicide, that’s their prerogative. If your so-called children (one of whom had to sue you to get you to acknowledge your paternity) and family are hurt by what other people say about you, then that’s on you pal! You’re the one who sought the limelight, you’re the one who stole from and cheated every one of your so-called friends and family, you heartless, spineless prick! I hope you get cancer and die a slow, horrible painful death. No one deserves it more than you!

  47. larryboy says:

    I dont know, a remake of “on the road to Morocco” might make a better play.

    Dont worry about Scott. Unfortunately, those narcissistic personality disorder people that plague our lives rarely, if ever, commit suicide–unless they are a klutz and screw up a hystrionic “suicide attempt”.

    Idiot–this blog stuff doesnt hurt your family — your narcissism and thievery are what hurt your family.

  48. simplesolution says:

    Hey Scott,
    Great idea. I know you are thinking about all the embarassment you and your family will face when they see you in handcuffs or jumpssuit or with your gands over your mug all over the press when you are arrested.
    Over the next several days before you get arrested on Monday, go to a tattoo parlor and have your slogan, “Fuck You” tattoed on your forehead. That way no one will photograph you again.

  49. Collateral Damage to Collateral Damage 2 says:

    I guess Scott Rothstein doesn’t think his former employees and friends are worthy of an apology or even a reply. We are of no use to him anymore – we can’t help him and he’s not scared of us because he knows we would never try to do him any harm him. So why would he waste time on anyone he can’t use to his advantage? At least that’s the way I see it. Yet again it is all about him. Even when he was being so charitable, I see now that it didn’t come from a place of caring or giving. It was calculated as a ticket in to mingle with the “uppercrust” to gain their trust and then their money. I’m not holding my breath for an apology or even an acknowledgement of our pain or OUR FAMILY’s pain. I suggest you do the same. I’m sorry you were hurt. Don’t blame yourself – a lot of people believed in and trusted Scott. At least you can walk away from this knowing you did’t do anything wrong, you were just unlucky to cross his path. I hope you don’t become jaded and closed off to others – that is a natural reaction. Just remember there are still good people out there that mean what they say and want you around because of who you are – not what you can do for them.

  50. to to stop the suicide talk and Nico says:

    It is apparent you, Sam and Sr are all cut from the exact same moral fiber…Gosh you must be proud!!!!
    Go instigate some more killings and let me know how you feel about yourelf, probably no better then MR SR feels about himself… The sad things is, you would do the exact same thing as SR if given the chance, that is apparent…you are just jealous his lack of moral fiber got him much farther then you 2… SR moral fiber allowed him to rip of a billion, you 2 just some nasty trash talking on some blog… Keep trying maybe it will all click for you one day….
    However it is apparent you all are just SR in training without social skills… Thus lonely nights attacking others on the blogosphere…

  51. To Stop Suicide Talk and Nico says:

    So I guess you couldn’t find a lawyer as stupid as you to “put the wheels in motion.” Too bad 🙁 Have a nice day! 🙂

  52. Collateral Damage I to II says:

    Well, I guess since Scott will be arrested tomorrow afternoon, we most certainly won’t be getting a reply. Not even an, “I’m sorry.” He has had all this time to post comments on Bob Norman’s blog to threaten Moe and try to bring others down with him, but no time for his former colleagues and friends for an apology. On a positive note – I won’t bother checking the blog anymore and won’t have to read another idiotic Nico and Stop Suicide comment. Always a silver lining. 🙂