Rosen’s Past Blocks Him From Joining Volunteer Police


Is a guy who was fired from his last cop job for harassing two women a good choice to put back in a patrol car?

Apparently he is in Sunrise, where city officials actually considered it.

don rosen

Don Rosen

That’s because the request came from one of their own –Sunrise Commissioner Don Rosen.  

Instead of just dismissing Rosen out of hand, Sunrise actually mulled over his request. 

Never mind that Rosen is alleged to have harassed women when he was an actual cop.

Rosen wanted back into public safety.  He wanted to be a member of the Citizen’s Volunteer Patrol.

So the city went to the trouble and expense of asking for an ethic’s opinion on Rosen’s request.

What a waste.  All they would have had to read is the Sun-Sentinel article about Rosen’s tenure on the Hacienda Village police department.

Here it is:

“Rosen was fired in 1981, after less than a year on the job, after two women accused him of sexually harassing them during traffic stops, according to Rosen’s personnel file.. . Rosen reacted with anger when he learned news had spread about his time in Hacienda Village . He and his wife, Evelyne, said his career there was marred by a personal conflict with a supervisor.

Okay, let’s say Rosen is right.  He was smeared by a hostile supervisor.

Why take the chance?

The good news is that two city commissioners saw Rosen request for what it was — wrong.

Commissioners Joey Scuotto and Sheila Alu called a halt to Rosen’s attempts. 

Scuotto told the Sun-Sentinel: “I don’t think he’s thinking about his past and how other people are going to look at this. We don’t want to put the city in a bad position.”

Alu is quoted: “With his prior allegations, I am shocked that he would put himself in such a position to open himself up to ridicule and criticism. If he got on there, I would ask the chief to dismantle the program.”

Finally, somebody makes sense in Sunrise.

Faced with opposition from Scuotto and Alu, Rosen is giving up his dream of wearing a uniform again in a city patrol car. 

But all is not lost, Don.

Halloween is only two months away. You can always dress up like a cop.

Read Susannah Bryan’s Sun-Sentinel story on Rosen here.

7 Responses to “Rosen’s Past Blocks Him From Joining Volunteer Police”

  1. Roger That says:

    Just seeing that face in a patrol would scare women and men all over Sunrise!

  2. sunrise resident says:

    The Sunrise city commission is a joke. Scuotto and Rosen are morons, Alu is a striving bitch and Wishner has his hand out to everyone. What does anybody expect from them.

  3. Commissioner Alu says:

    I know I’m doing a good job when called a “striving bitch.” Thanks for the complement!

    You didn’t get this story totally right. There were no City officials trying to aid Rosen in gaining this position. They tried to warn him that it was a bad idea. He apparently didn’t heed the advice of the City Attorney, city manager, and the police chief and requested an ethic’s opinion. I mean Rosen no ill will. It was just a dumb idea and one that is now hopefully over.

    Take Care!
    “Striving Bitch and loving it”

  4. Barney Fife says:

    Don Rosen in a squad car and on the prowl would give the phrase “screwing the citizens of Sunrise” a whole new meaning.

  5. ALERT says:

    why is commissioner soffield not commenting????

  6. That Entire City Is a Joke says:

    Good people live in Sunrise and they deserve better than the long litany of jokers that have represented them in city hall. It is fair to say that most of the good things in Sunrise, and in fairness a few of the bad, are due to Pat Salerno and had nothing to do with the city’s elected leadership. The current group is a collection of odd individuals who hate one another. Nothing good for Sunrise can come of this. Residents had better sit up and take notice before the dysfunction at city hall comes calling at their front doors.

  7. Randy says:

    What kind of Commissioner Would go onto a web site and say something like “Striving Bitch and loving it”??
    There is a reason the south is the brunt of the Nations hillbilly jokes! Was this guy CONVICTED? or CHARGED? I mean If he was charged was not convicted was he not found guilty? Or does or was he never even charged with anything? And if he was not charged that speaks plenty about the Department itself. Without a conviction he is innocent. I don’t know anything about this story but what i read here leaves alot out.