Ron Klein Savaged In New TV Ads


A group associated with a Boca Raton GOP activist has begun running ads on television blaming U. S. Rep. Ron Klein for “wreaking our economy and bankrupting out country.”

The same group — We Love USA has placed 11 billboards throughout South Florida denouncing Klein. Some depict Klein as a puppet with U. S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulling the strings. 

Against pictures from the Great Depression, the new TV ad blame Klein, Pelosi and President Barack Obama for 11.7 percent unemployment in Florida and a huge national debt.  

“You can do something about this.  You can vote for Allen West,” the ad states.

West is Klein’s Republican opponent.

We Love USA is headquartered in Tampa, but the e-mail announcing its anti-Klein campaign comes from Republican activist Jack Furnari

The Palm Beach Post states that the group will be distributing a mailer in addition to the billboard and TV campaign.

Compared to other shadowy committees, We Love USA is small.  It has spent just over $80,000.

The biggest contributor is Renee Kaufman of Schenectady, N.Y., who is described on federal documents as a “homemaker and who gave $50,000. Boca Raton homemaker Marlene Aiello gave $13,000. Susie Aleshire, of Debonair Mechanical air conditioning  from Southwest Ranches, gave $2,500

Check out the website and the new ad here.

9 Responses to “Ron Klein Savaged In New TV Ads”

  1. Roy L. Fuchs says:

    It doesn’t appear that “We Love USA” has stated anything inaccurate, so what’s so “savaging?” I’m amazed that $80,000 will get you 11 billboards plus mailers and a tv campaign.

  2. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    I agree with Mr. Fuchs. This is meek material. “Savaging” would be a political ad claiming that George Bush was responsible for the dragging death of an African American man, James Byrd or that Republican rhetoric or conservative talk show hosts are responsible for the burning of black churches in the South. These are good examples of “savage” attacks you could rail against.

  3. Git R Done says:

    Klein think he’s so powerful and quite honest, he’s not at all! yuke…

  4. Rastas says:

    If you want to see savaging, check out the Democrats’ ridiculous claims against West as though he were some sort of biker gangster out of the Wild Bunch. They really must be desperate. Klein isn’t fit to tie this retired Army officer’s shoelaces. Let’s hope voters’ minds haven’t been so filled with hate propaganda that they won’t give the mama’s boy the bum’s rush on November 2nd.

  5. watcher says:

    the problew is the GOP has short memories and the Dems memories are too long….this is a GOP resession (from fight wars with borrowed money) and we dont need the Feds to overturn Jim Crow any more…problem is West is the wrong guy

  6. Electric man says:

    Dear Watcher: So in your opinion it is okay to mail out other peoples social security number to many people?
    Its okay to have a reporter shove civilians out of his way and get in peoples faces? Especially liberal newspaper people who are all liberal just read there tripe…Col West’s shoes are smarter than Kliens mind any day of the week and twice on Saturday. Why don’t liberals like you go back to France or some other failed nation we like America as is!

  7. watcher says:

    Oh we’re back to the “love or leave it” BS…I love the USA more than you nah nah nah booboo

  8. Lady Law says:

    West is clearly a phony who takes about the United States spending too much and living off borrowed money, but can’t handle his own finances! This is a guy with a huge pension, yet he is unable to pay his bills.

  9. Rastas says:

    Whatever Lady Law claims, the No. 1 problem isn’t how West spent his money. It’s how Klein misspent OUR money.