Ron Book Makes National News With An Apology



The e-mail from lobbyist Ronnie Book is a bit of promotion for himself and his daughter’s charity.

Nothing unusual with that.  Book is a great self-promoter.

ron book, lthe king of lobbyists Lobbyist Ron Book

But the Newsweek article that Book refers to clients and friends contains a rare public admission from the lobbyist king:  I made a mistake.  I was wrong.

 Book says the laws he pushed to restrict where sex offenders can live had an unintended and unwanted consequence:   Many ended up homeless, living under a bridge in Miami-Dade County.

This botched legislation is particularly hurtful to Book. As long as I’ve known Book, he’s had a soft spot for the homeless.

The only times I’ve seen him tear up yes, this hard-boiled lobbyist actually gets emotional at times — is when he was talking about his family. Or discussing the homeless.

He has donated millions in time and money to homeless projects in Miami-Dade and Broward.  

That’s why the unplanned results of Book’s work, which forced sex offenders to live homeless under bridges, must really bother him.

His inner-conflict has made national news. 

Book’s story can be found at here in Newsweek.  

It’s fascinating.

Here is the e-mail he send to clients and others:




From: Ron Book []
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2009 6:22 PM
To: Ron Book
Subject: The Lobbyist Who Put Sex Offenders Under a Bridge



As many of you know, my daughter, Lauren, was a victim of a long series of sexual assaults by a nanny that worked for me many years ago.  As you also know, she is now a “survivor and runs a foundation called Lauren’s Kids ( and currently runs a 24/7 hotline (1-877-LKids01) to help victims of sexual assault and teaches educational programs in schools throughout the state that help prevent abuse.


 Newsweek magazine has been working on a long story about Lauren and me and the predators/offenders living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway.  It is a 6-page story in this current edition of Newsweek, which you can pick up at your local newsstand, or go online to ( and view.  If you read the article online, you will need to type in “Julia Tuttle to find the article, which is titled “The Lobbyist Who Put Sex Offenders Under a Bridge.  Please feel free to comment as hundreds have already done.   I thought you would be interested in reading this.


Ronald L. Book               

Ronald L. Book, P.A.

Harbour Centre

18851 N.E. 29th Avenue

Suite 1010

Aventura, Florida 33180

Office:  305-935-1866

9 Responses to “Ron Book Makes National News With An Apology”

  1. Lobbyist, Too says:

    That Ron uses time that he could sell for thousands of dollars for homeless projects is a indication of how strongly he feels about this. He will figure out how to fine-tune the sex offender legislation.

  2. No Promotion says:

    Mr. Book seems to be promoting his daughter’s foundation more than he is himself. That is honorable.

  3. Legslative Staffer says:

    As someone who as watched Ron Book over the years, I know him to be passionate about all that he does – each client he represents – each cause he donates time and money to – and especially his family. In this instance Ron has not only demonstrated his ability to admit a mistake but tremendous courage. That is the same courage he demonstrated when he and his daughter came public with their personal crisis. I don’t think Ron is promoting his daughter’s charity as much living his personal commitments.

  4. Stanton Poole says:

    I agree with Legislative Staffer. Mr. Book has a dedication to his work beyond any other individual I have ever met. If he says he will fix the problem with the legislation concerning the sex offenders, he will. Period.

  5. Hmmm... says:

    Interesting that Mr. Book chose to campaign for and financially support Governor Rick Scott, whose policies are IN DIRECT OPPOSITION to causes that Mr. Book gets paid thousands of dollars to advocate for and promote. Now THAT’s what I call “job security”. Vote for the guy who puts your clients’ interests in jeopardy, help him get elected, and guarantee yourself a steady paycheck for the next four years. Damn…wish I’d thought of that.

  6. Brian Penick says:

    The most honorable man I have ever met.

  7. Really? says:

    Brian you must not know many people then. I am not impressed, first there is evidence showing the goals of the non proft were taken from another who never got credit for it. Second facts are most molested children are abused grossly by the system, that he would rather speak up for the moletstors instead of making issue with the treatments children and families get speak volumes.

  8. CapeCodEbayGirl says:

    As one of those nearly homeless back in 2001, Ron Book, in only ONE conversation with me, did not hesitate for one second to help me and my family in time of crisis. I was humbled and amazed. My own church turned me away, but not Ron. And the church, I asked for help. Ron, I did not ask for a thing. I was so blown away by his immediate response, and I’ll love him forever for it. I got to SEE HIS HEART FIRST HAND, and I still hear it beat for the homeless or the needy today. As for the fault finders who write against him, there will always be people who want to find the bad in anyone. But for me, I saw first hand, a man who gave of himself freely, publicly, and without regret. He’s a great friend whom I miss terribly since I had to move from South Florida back to Cape Cod. He’s a wonderful father too. What any of us girls would give to be his daughter! Just watch the Platinum Wedding show and you’ll see a FATHER, not the MOTHER, there, every minute, by Lauren’s side, lovingly devoted to her every heart’s desire. Gosh I love ya Ron! And this one’s for you. Forge on my dear friend, past contraversies that happen to ALL OF US in life! And for the nay-sayers, probably worse contraversy than they could ever point at you. Not that you ever needed me to tell you, “forge on”. But for what it’s worth, I say forge on anyway, because YOU ARE THE BEST, and the homeless need you as I needed help myself that time. And knowing what it feels like to nearly be homeless is scary enough. Imagine truly BEING HOMELESS! Walk a mile in their shoes, and you’ll be joining MR. Ronald L. Book, King of Lobbyists, in his quest for the best. I guarentee it.


    Ron and I sat on the 1st Homeless Commission – as well as the Later-Governor Jeb Bush . . .


    Ron’s Profound COURAGE | DEDICATION and GRACIOUS = GIVING as evidenced is Lauren’s Foundation Is An Inspiration For ALL Society ~And, Particularly The State of Florida ! ! !


    American Helping America ™ – 1988

    Hospitality * Entertainment * Travel International ™ – 1981