Ron Bergeron’s Latest: A Hamburger


Sometimes it seems like multi-millionaire Ron Bergeron has put his name on everything in Broward — at least three dozen corporations including that ubiquitous road building firm  that you see everywhere. 

There is the Bergeron Rodeo Arena.  The Bergeron Industrial Park. Bergeron Land Development. Bergeron Emergency Services, which does hurricane recovery.  Etc.  Etc. Etc.

Now Bergeron name has even reached into the food chain.   He has his name on a hamburger:

ron bergeron burger

Stop Burger in the Weston Town Center is calling their double big burger the Ron Bergeron.  It’s part of their celebrity burger-of-the-month promotion.

The burger joint is owned by entrepreneur James McDonnell, who owns magazines, restaurants and other businesses. 

There is a political angle to this.  McDonnell was co- host of a Broward fund raiser for Gov. Charlie Crist in December along with Bergeron, his attorney/girlfriend Aleida “Ali” Waldman and auto dealer Rick Case.

The event raised more than $80,000.

Bergeron joins a slew of other South Florida notables having Stop Burger’s named for them.  They include  auto dealer Case, Paul and Young Ron, the morning radio guys on 105.9 FM and other stations; Dan Marino and Jason Taylor.

No word on whether Paul and Young Ron, Marino or Taylor are Crist fans, too.

16 Responses to “Ron Bergeron’s Latest: A Hamburger”

  1. Resident says:

    How about a Buddy Burger? Just a plain lean burger with nothing added on a single piece of lettuce. Just a pure unvarnished no fat burger. Like the truth is supposed to be in a newspaper.

    Buddy? Do you like the metaphor?

    FROM BUDDY: Yes.

  2. Big Jose says:

    The Steve Geller burger has no beef, no lettuce, no sauce. Just two BIG buns.

  3. Out with the old says:

    Sue Gunzburger Burger. Over twenty years old, offers no substance until you consider getting a new burger.

  4. The Rothstein says:

    The Rothstein isn’t a burger. But after January 27th when he pleas his case out and goes to prison, the Rothstein sandwich will be a big hot dog with mayo shoved between two buns.

  5. Boys and Girls Club says:

    I looked at the ad. What is says is that half of the purchase of these Ron Bergeron hamburgers will go to help fund the Boys and Girls Club.

    Our county’s resident icon cowboy is lending his name to a burger in order to help raise money for charity.

    Sounds delicious to me. What’s the problem and why was that fact not reported?

    FROM BUDDY: I’m glad you pointed this out. It is my mistake not mentioning that half the money went to charity.

  6. GET REAL says:

    How about the Bergeron Emergency Services Rip-Off Burger ? Exclusive contract given by elected officals to clean up after hurricaines. This is a joke and a future rip-off to taxapayers (tough year for this brand new company as their havent been any hurricaines yet).

  7. The School Board Burger says:

    Meet, bunns and ketchip, all misspelled on the menu because the cook went to a Broward public school.

  8. Bev Gallagher Burger says:

    Buns stuffed with $2 thousand cash and a listening device.

  9. The GUNZburger says:

    Moldy meat, stale buns, sour pickle, all made from a 20-year-old recipe.

  10. Kevin says:

    What about the 2010 Sun-Sentinel Burger:

    Top bun is something reprinted from the Miami Herald and bottom bun is same thing from the Palm Beach Post.

  11. Bill Lewis says:

    I had the opportunity to enjoy the “Ron Bergeron Burger” over the weekend. I not only enjoyed the burger but am happy to see that businessman like Jamie McDonnell give so much to the community through various charity efforts. There are many jealous people in the community that will never have a burger named after them….

  12. Tiger Burger says:

    22 buns, dark meat, and special sauce.

  13. The Josephus Eggelletion Burger says:

    Two very young buns. Josephus brings his own meat.

  14. The Stacy Ritter Burger says:

    All left wings

  15. S only says:

    this actually, is pretty entertaining!

  16. Too Much says:

    Buddy, I’m laughing hysterically. I might open a lunch joint just to make up burger names. The Bev Gallagher burger is too funny. Great entertainment.