Roger Stone To Work Against Bogdanoff

Roger Stone


State Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff has a problem on her hands — famed political operative Roger Stone.


Stone told me he is supporting her Republican primary opponent Nick Loeb in the state Senate race to replace Jeff Atwater.

Watch out, Ellyn!

It was Stone who helped engineer the victory of Sheriff Al Lamberti last year.  He was behind the attack ads that eviscerated Democratic opponent Scott Israel.  

It was Stone who instigated a near riot which thwarted the 2000 presidential recount in Miami-Dade County. The incident was portrayed in the recent HBO movie Recount.

Stone explains why he is supporting Loeb:

“When I went to New York in 1979 to organize the state for Ronald Reagan, one of Governor Reagan’s first supporters was John L. Loeb, Jr. who Reagan would later appoint Ambassador to Denmark and later to the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations. Ambassador Loeb helped me raise money and recruit Reagan delelgate candidates.     
Given my longtime friendship with his father, I am going to be ‘helping’ Nick Loeb in the Senate race.

Stone says he isn’t sure about how much help he will offer.  He says he may just write a check.

No chance!

His work for Republicans started during Watergate and he has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. Knowing Stone’s history, he won’t stop at just writing a check.

When Stone joins a race, he goes all out.  

Stone believes in burying an opponent in a blizzard of attack ads. He will use every means at his disposal to win.

It won’t hurt that Loeb has bags full of money to fund a campaign. Loeb is the wealthy scion of a family of financiers living in Delray Beach.

Stone scorched earth brand of politics may not win the field for Loeb.  But Loeb’s opponents, which include Bogdanoff in the GOP primary, will be left damaged.

Currently Stone free lances extensively for candidates and referendums from Scott Rothstein’s Las Olas Boulevard law office.

“I have a very high regard for Ellen Bogdanoff,  but my friendship with the Loebs is antecedent, Stone says.

Loeb, along with help from Stone, might just accomplish what Democrats have been seeking for years bring Bogdanoff down.

Read a previous story about the race here. 

(My son Aaron Nevins is Bogdanoff’s district aide.) 

8 Responses to “Roger Stone To Work Against Bogdanoff”

  1. Scott W. Rothstein says:

    finally an opportunity to show you what happens when my dear friend roger and i end up on opposite sides of the fence…..
    Roger is my favorite assassin…but it looks like i am going to have to fight the battle for Ellyn with him on the other side….Stand back 🙂
    p.s. love ya roger…be nice to me….

  2. Beach Resident says:

    You forgot to mention Carl Domino, who has a record of victory. He already is building support in Broward. People are sick of getting nothing from Tallahassee and we need a change.

  3. Floridan says:

    Bogdanoff’s right-wing stance in Tallahassee has helped contribute to the sorry condition our state is in right now.

    She deserves to be thrown out.

  4. The Green Eyed Truth says:

    All of Scott’s money won’t save Ellyn. The friend of the cigarette and insurance industries deserves to be defeated.

  5. Another Lawyer says:

    Its time to stop giving attention to every move of Scott Rothstein and his firm. He is just law firm in Fort Lauderdale and far from the biggest at that. Just what has Rothstein done memorable except throw money around?

  6. i don't get it says:

    Scott Rothstein and Stone Zone have no idea the woman and street team they are picking a fight with. Why waste resources here Scott ?

  7. come on... says:


    You are too funny, werent you and Stone on the opposite sides of the Lamberti race? You know, Stone put together the ECO funded by that Politico Mr. Bova to go against Israel and later the ECO for Lamberti. Yet in the primary and general election you gave big money to Israel and Lamberti. Nothing wrong with it, but be honest for once and just call it what it is, playing both sides of the fence is good business.

  8. Sheriff Not Political says:

    Never again do I want to hear anyone, especially Al Lamberti, say that Sheriff should not be a political position when he had Stone as his doberman in his election and sold his soul to the PBA with money for raises that the county did not have just to get elected. Al Lamberti is a Republican operative now, they own him. That’s all there is to it.